(Closed) I am One Stressed Out Bee! Kind Words and Thoughts, Please?

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@kkish3:  Oh honey breathe!! You are NOT worthless. There is NOTHING wrong with you. It’s just a really tough job market out there is all and not at all a reflection on you or your worth. That’s actually so amazing to me that an interviewer would call you and let you know that they loved you after not giving you an offer. People don’t usually do that. There are also so many other factors that have nothing to do with you like an influx of experienced teachers in your area for example. Don’t lose hope and don’t let the search make you feel so down on yourself.

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  @kkish3:  Keep your chin up!  This is the worst job market I’ve seen in my life.  I’m in my 50’s.  It sounds like you are close to getting a job, but I’m sure it doesn’t make things easier.  I know many teachers, maybe you can substitute, and get the experience?

@HisMoon: Agree 100%.  

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@kkish3:  You will find a job.  Try to look at it like this, you have not been offered the job that is perfect for you yet.  You will find a job, it has only been a few months.  I had this struggle in 2011-12, for a year nothing.  I understand your frustration.  It is a tough job market right now, but something will happen and you will be working.

Try to focus on your wedding which is literally only days away.  These things have a way of working themsleves out.  You will be fine, and just breathe.  Keep knocking on doors, and opportunity will present itself.

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I’m so sorry that the jobs keeping falling through. It has to be so rough to hear “we loved you BUT….” Know that eventually someone is going to not only love you, but take the chance on you and give you a job. Teaching can be pretty hard to break into right now, and I’m sorry you worked so hard for it not to be going the way you want it to :(. Right now just focus on the next 11 days. You getting married to someone who does love you and picks you every single day!! And that is something to celebrate!!!

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With your Wedding so close now… I’d take a deep breath and let this go (for now)

Concentrate on what is at hand, and the most important thing that you are doing, Vow you are making, etc

Afterwards, you can re-group and get back out there

(Totally understand where this would be wearing on you… when we go out for an Interview we put our all into it, and when we don’t achieve what we set out to do… get the job… we take the rejection as a personal one… which it really isn’t.  It just happens).

I agree with @creativeplannertobee:  the job market is tough now… especially if you are in the USA and in a State that has economic issues to begin with

Also, think she gave you some great advice… look into subbing.  I know that getting a teaching job in Canada is hard… not a lot of openings.  Those people who seem to eventually land one was because they were willing to Substitute Teach for awhile… it can be grueling for sure… but shows em what you are made of.

Hang in there, it will happen (( HUGS ))

Now… pour yourself a glass of wine, toast the fact you are an AMAZING WOMAN… and about to be a Bride.  And rock that out for the best part of August.


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:Hugs from a fellow Foreign Language teacher:


It’s a very difficult to get a decent teaching position right now. The job market is incredibly competitive. I know it’s hard, but you just have to keep trying. Put your application in as many places as possible. Consider applying as a sub to districts as well, as that’s a great way to get an ‘in’ to a permanent position. Keep checking even after the school year starts because positions will still come up and apply for everything even remotely related to Spanish. Also, consider applying for an administrative or professional profession (non-teaching) in districts as well just for a start. Maybe something in curriculum, etc. 


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!


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You’ll be fine – everything will be OK!

I hated that comment during interviews!
You either have to find a creative way to ask them to give you a shot (there are tips all over the internet for responding to the “not enough experience” comment, some of them are really terrific answers!) or find an interim job that looks like experience.

A friend is looking for an ESL teaching job in my area, and she’s also having a hard time. I know she’s been looking into teaching ESL a few nights a week at the local adult school, which I think will look favorable on her resume. Another thing she’s been doing is contacting the head of the ESL departments directly to ask about subbing jobs (which could be a good stepping stone to a permanant job).

Neither are full-time jobs, or pay very well, but she’s got no experience and NJ can be particularly competitive, so it’s better for her to build up her base first if she can’t do anything else in the meantime.

Anyway, enought of boring work talk.
What have you done lately to treat yourself?
I know the wedding’s coming up, but it sounds to me like you could use a mini-vacation from life for a few hours. πŸ™‚
Spa day? Go to the movies? Ride bikes in the park? Batting cages? Go night swimming? Visit a planetarium?
Treat yourself to something that will take your mind off things!

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..fellow teacher bee here..
I did not get a job my first year of job searching.  I actually ended up working outside of my field, finally getting a teacher associate position as my first “teaching” job, and now this year accepted a certified teaching position.  I was a well-qualified candidate, just like you: good GPA, impressive experience, etc.  But now, looking back, I realize all those jobs I applied and interviewed for were not for me, and I would have been unhappy in them (I know, easy to say).  Focus on your wedding!!!! THe wedding happens once.   Jobs open up ALL the time.  Also, maybe consider applying for some teacher associate positions as a backup.  A year of experience as an associate is great for getting a job down the road.

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@kkish3:  I hope you found something… I was in the same position as you and had no luck. Don’t even get me started on how stressful it was to attempt to job search AND get ready for a wedding at the same time. Worst. Idea. Ever. 


I have put my name in for the subbing list, but honestly I am really not looking forward to it. If I felt I could do anything else that would look good on my resume and get me an “in”, I would, because I hate being at the mercy of a phone call, not knowing where you will be every day, and hoping the teacher left some kind of lesson plan or activity so that you are not just babysitting for 6 hours. 


I am so discouraged and heartbroken over the job market in education. I have not even landed an interview this summer, and I applied to all positions I could find, up to an hour’s drive away, part-time, full-time, whatever it was.  I have two undergraduate degrees, student teaching, a 3.9/4.0 GPA as a undergrad/graduate student, a teaching license, and a well on my way to being licensed in two areas, one of them being a foreign language (I have to take one class and pass the state exam). I have experience in my subject area in the “real” world. I was a preschool teacher while I was in college. My professors and co-operating teachers told me I was the best student teacher/future teacher they had seen in a while. I am working on my M.A.T. thesis, but wonder if it will even be worth it, or if I will just be passed over in favor of young teachers straight out of undergrad because they can pay them less.


The school year just started here, and my paperwork is being completed for subbing. As much as I want to work, and want to be in a school, the idea of a sub indefinitely makes me depressed. I want my own classroom so badly. In my area, which we do not want to leave, once teachers land a job in my field, they NEVER LEAVE. It is retirement or death that opens positions here.


Almost all the other student teachers from my program have landed jobs this year. One of them is only 21 or 22 years old (it is a combination program where undergrads and grads take some of the same classes, just with differend workload requirements), and got her dream job at the best school in the area. From how she told it, she applied on a whim before she was even finished with student teaching, before she had a portfolio or a teaching licesense, and they practically fell over themselves to hire her within a week. She claims to be as surprised as anyone else that the most coveted district hired her so quickly, but then, her family is in education and well-known in the area (her dad is a coach).


I know life’s not fair, and jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone, but it really sucks to work hard, and to gain respect and recognition from professors and current teachers, only to have none of it make a difference because you have no experience yet, and nobody will give you a chance to prove yourself… and then to watch a peer hop and skip her way into a dream job without even trying.

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I’m pointing my finger at the continuing-to-be-crap economy. I live in the poorer end of an affluent town. There are former executives in their nice business suits (sans jackets) bagging groceries at the local supermarket. My niece has a teaching degree and is grateful to have a part time job at a church preschool/nursery.


It’ll get better. I hop!

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My mother had to teach for free for 2 years at delinquet high schools where they handed out “packets” as teaching material and collected them every other day.

This was part of a compensation program at least in California where if you do this all your student loans/debt is forgiven. So technically that’s income even though it’s not spending money as there is no way you cannot pay back the federal government for your loans.

After that she was hired everywhere because of her experience with a rough type of kids:

drop outs, pregnant teenagers, kids with parole officers etc.

But she teaches math and has a subject credential to teach math at all levels from preK to High school calculus.

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