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Are there any other tattoo artists you can go see to get their opinion on how they would fix it to be more of what you envisioned?? 

What happened during the last session to screw it all up?  Was it the coloring?  or??  

I don’t think I’d go back to the same artist – since they botched up your vision… and thought their revision was awesome.

I hope you can get some positive feedback soon from other artists SOON!

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I remember the picture from the post-a-thon and it was beautiful!  I can’t really comment on whether it looks like your pic or not (without seeing a pic of what it looks like now).  I know you don’t want to show it off, but I would still love to see how it looks now!

I think you should let him know that you are not happy with how the galaxy part turned out.  Tell him why you feel that way and be specific.  Yes, a tattoo artist is just that – an artist.  But this is something that you will have on your body forever and you want to love it.  I know it is hard to tell someone you don’t like their work, but if you are feeling like this, then you will not feel better until you say something.  Maybe he will work with you to fix it up and make it more along the lines of what your vision was.  If you don’t feel good about him anymore, find another tattoo artist who can help.  Either way, you need to talk to someone about getting it fixed up because you are clearly unhappy!

Just remember – your Fiance loves you and you are getting married to him!  So there is no reason to dread your wedding!  I think you have the strength to say “This is not good enough”, so make sure you speak up and soon, or you will continue to be unhappy and that is not fair to you!  PM me if you want more pep talk – you can do this! 🙂

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If the stars are a solid mass of pink maybe you can have him (or someone else) go back and add a darker color to define the star shapes? I’m sorry it’s not what you hoped it would be.

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If you are paying $600 for a tattoo then you deserve it to look good. If you don’t like it say so. I have 2 tattoo’s and both are great, though I need to get my second one touched up because it’s faded a little. I agree with oracle, ask other people how they can fix it and how much they would charge just in case this guy won’t do it.

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When was your last session.  Sometimes the pinks and reds take a long time to heal and lighten.  If you look at LA ink and Miami Ink when they show the fresh tattoo with the healed the red is way less vibrant and they look way better after healing.  That may be why he asked you back in a month because he knows it will change alot. (Maybe, hopefully).  


My tattoo is only black so I don’t have a personal comment.



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Im sure they can add shading and dimension. like the PP said, let it heal a little, and see how the coloring comes in. If you still don’t like it, go back, and point out – specifically – what the differences are between the drawing and tattoo that are bothering you. Also keep in mind that not everything can be relipcated in tattoo form!

Also, they can add whites and other light inks over darker inks. So there’s still hope :-).

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Hmmm,Im a tattoist and I would definately say if you dont like the idea of confronting the artist then go to lots of others and get lots of opinions as to what can be done,from the pics i would say it looks like it could be correctable by adding white,it is hard to transfer pictures across to tattoos and a lot of the time what looks good on paper wont neccessarily look good on skin.However if the artist specifically said that it would look exactly the same on your skin and didnt alert you to any problems or differences yo should definately speak to him. If hes a decent artist,hel understand where your coming from and SHOULD correct if for free,unless your faith in him has been lost!hope this helps,let us know what happens xx

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i agree that if you paid 600 for a tattoo you should speak up and let him know you are unhappy with it. 

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It looks a bit like a bacon-rose… yummy!!


I agree with the PPs, wait until it’s healed then see if there’s something you can do to fix it.

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Okay here is my 2cents…. your tattoo does not look like the picture. The picture has a pinkish white “core” with a swirling mass of stars around it radiating out from two points. The tattoo does not have a well-defined core and has a lot of little stars without having the two big swirling lines like the pic. I think this is pretty objective here– it is not what you asked for. 

If I were you I would wait a month for it to heal so he can’t say “wait until it heals” and then tell him you’re not happy. Show him the picture again and explain to him how this is different. At a very very bare minimum he should offer to try to fix it for you, but really I think you should get at least some of your money back. Don’t let him talk to you about whether or not the tattoo looks good because I don’t really think it matters… it could be the best tattoo ever tattoo’d in the history of tattoo’ing but it isn’t what you asked for. I would bet that between him and his manager though, they should be able to figure something out that you’ll be happy with. 

Seriously though, speak up. This is going to be on your body forever so you need to be happy with it. 


And p.s. don’t worry about the wedding! Worst case is that you’re still not happy with it on your wedding day and you cover it with makeup. Seriously no big deal. 

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I don’t know that I would go back to the same artist. I think it’s clear that he majorly misunderstood what you wanted. And since you had brought in an actual photograph of exactly what you wanted, I don’t know how much more clearly you could have explained it to him. Somehow I doubt anything you say now would make the lightbulb go off in his head.

If I were you, I’d research artists who are especially skilled in the art of cover-ups and corrections, email them pictures of your tattoo, and see what they suggest.

I also got a tattoo earlier this year that I was not entirely happy with. At least the part I don’t like is small enough that I could fairly easily have it removed or fixed, but for weeks I was heartsick. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling now. *hug*

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