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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

Well I haven’t reached that stage in the wedding process, but your aunt is being ridiculous!  You register for what YOU want.  Who cares what she thinks?!  If she thinks some of your items are “a joke” or “a ridiculous waste of time”, then she doesn’t have to buy you those things!  Someone may think they are great items to get you!  I say you ignore her – it sounds like she is just jealous of your wedding and the fact that it isn’t HER daughter.  And you shouldn’t feel embarrassed!  She is the one who made a fool of herself.  You are an adult who can make your own decisions as to what you want to equip your home with!

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Helper bee
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Oh my GOD!!!!!!!  I am so sorry you are going through this.  Don’t let her get you down.  I am so serious about that.  She is obviously opinionated and has never learned how to be a caring person.  Who cares if you want a madeleine pan?  Honestly?  You want to put it on there you put it on there!  It’s not her place to say anything.  No one has given me grief about my registry (yet) and if they do I am going to just tell them, “enough, please.”  Star-I don’t think there is a group of people out there looking at your registry saying, “she is such a jerk!  look at all her items!!!”  These people care about you and are excited for you to get married.  Don’t let her get you down!

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Helper bee
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Your Aunt was way out of line.  It’s none of her business what you’d like in your kitchen.  If she doesn’t like something on your registry, she shouldn’t buy it for you.

She’s just jealous.  I’d love a Madeleine pan.  It’s all water on a ducks back.  *Hugs*

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Helper bee

She sounds like a nasty jealous person.  It’s none of her business what you register for.  If she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to buy it.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with anything you registered for.  It’s very strange she is judging you.  Plus, I’m sure no one normal is saying anything about what you registered for.  Who has time to do that anyway???  I’d ignore her and forget what she said. 

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Honey bee
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I think you should leave your registry as is. It is going to be in yours and your FI’s kitchen; not hers. How would she know if you are going to use what you put on the registry or not; she doesn’t sound very nice. I would just try to ignore her.

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Helper bee
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Or if I should say screw her and anyone else who’s unhappy and keep it the way it is. We’re not CRAZY; he just loves Mexican food and wants to have a lot of parties for our friends after we get married.

I think that solves it right there. Your registry is not about your obnoxious and horrifyingly rude aunt who has no place in your life or your wedding parties. She is just pissed that things are happening for you and not for her daughter. There is nothing wrong with the things you have asked for, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of anything you have asked for. If you like them and you would use them, ask for them. They are for your home, and there is nothing wrong with that. It has nothing to do with your future parenting skills whatsoever. Even after you have children, a few drinks here and there, that is nothing to be ashamed of! I would tell her to sod off.

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Bumble bee
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Wow.  Her behavior is incredible.  This must be one of the worst over-stepped boundaries re: wedding planning stories that I’ve ever heard.  Don’t let what she has said bother you.  The people gossiping?  Probably just her and one other of your most uptight, bitter, bored middle-aged relatives.  

Madeleine pans and margarita makers are ROCKIN’ gifts and totally the sort of thing I’d want to buy a couple off their registry.  Fun stuff.  So sorry your aunt thinks that marriage = death of youth and anything fun (not that you have to be young to enjoy a freakin’ margarita or madeleine!!!).  It must really suck to be her.  Leave your registry as is and feel no shame!!!!  It needn’t be full of only boring “practical” stuff; no home is really a home without a little bit of life and personality!

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Busy bee

Sounds like you just had an attack of the wish I got to register again!  What a bummer!  I wouldn’t worry about her comments… both items are totally appropriate for a registry!  Some people may have outdated ideas of registry items, so if you encounter any other flack, you might want to have your mom or another aunt do a little verbal defense for you!  I don’t think that a margarita maker is any different than asking for a blender, and people have been buying those as wedding gifts for at least the last 40 years!  As for a speciality baking pan, I think that’s just fine as well… I like to bake too, and think that it would be a fun item to register for… someone just might decide to make you a baking basket for a shower gift and that would be a fun gift to receive! 

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Helper bee

That is so random.  What’s the big deal with a madeleine pan?  It’s a pan just like a muffin pan, or a baking tray, it’s not special.  It’s just moulded in a different pattern.

And a margarita mixer is just like putting on a sodastream maker, coffee machine or milkshake maker.  

As long as you’re not asking for anything extravagant worth more than NZ$100 then you’re doing fine.  

There’s nothing I find more rude than a wedding registry full of items like lounge suites, expensive appliances etc.  I’m never sure what they expect.  I wouldn’t give a gift more than NZ$100 (US$50ish).  That’s kind of normal for the people I know.

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Helper bee
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Let it go…. its YOUR registry and i’ve certainly heard of more “out of the norm” registry items!  besides… these seem like pretty normal registry gifts to me.  like a poster said above, she doesn’t have to buy you anything she doesn’t want to off your registry.  she’s just acting immature.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: June 2010

Tell her to stuff it.  A registry is just a wish list.  It’s up to individual people to decide what to get you.  My mom gave me a hard time about ours too.  We dared to put $20.00 (Canadian) towels on it, and my mom called me to tell me how embarrassed she was that we asked for such extravagant gifts, and she doesn’t want people to waste their money.  I wasn’t about to put stuff that was worse than what I would buy for myself on there, and guess what… they were the first thing to go!

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Worker bee
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I am appalled at the gall of some people.  Starstruck, dear, it’s YOUR registry! I hope you get the margarita machine, glasses, and even some salt!

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