(Closed) I am so f**ing sick of being broke!

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I hear you….. I am not so bad but this is what it is like for my SO who I live with. We are now sticking to a harsh budget and I am kind of getting a kick out of not spending money. I know how hard it is though. i have no idea what you do but could you work more hours / get a second job? Just a suggestion. I have been working full time and also working a part time job for the last 5 years to get through these shitty situations like you mention. Chin up.

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aww I can relate. Life is hard when you are struggling to stay a float!

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@prahajess:  I completely relate. 🙁

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Yikes, I agree.  Had to have a heart to heart with myself this very month because I’ve been so stressed I’ve been doing a bit of credit card “shop therapy”.  Not awesome when you still have school loans to finish 😛  

Just doing my best to budget myself and reward myself for saving when I can.  Perhaps start saving for emergencies? Every month definitely has something happen, and a bit extra may help you get through those times.  Just a thought and good luck!!

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this is coming from someone who is good with money, who makes a decent amount of it and that is a budget freak. I AM ALWAYS POOR LATELY TOO!!! Like idk if its because this time of year I just have more to buy (thanksgiving dinner stuff to entertain, christmas gifts, etc) or that I was a moron and decided to do all kinds of household projects before winter settles in and that’s costing me (hello new windows!) idk. I just don’t know. I do a budget and then something stupid comes up and i’m like “oh I can do that, no biggie” and then all of a sudden we are poor for the last 3-4 days before pay day. We have savings but that’s like our emergency fund that I refuse to touch unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. It just sucks to not be comfortable at the moment. Darling Husband sucks with money.  We are on decent ground but I am someone who is used to having plenty of disposable income. Oh stardust you want that $300 dollar purse? buy it, no problem. Oh stardust, you want to take a weekend trip to vegas? sure, go ahead! you got this! …. yea… not so much anymore.

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@prahajess:  Can you get a tutoring job?  I make $90/week tutoring privately, and that extra money REALLY helps me feel like I’m not just making ends meet.

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@prahajess:  The same thing used to happen to me!

I just made a budget on a spreadsheet, then sat down and figured out which bills I can lower or eliminate. I switche dto a cheaper cell phone carrier, I never had cable to begin with but the company was raising my internet rates so I called and bitched until I got a discount (lol)

I switched car insurance companies too. There were just so many bills that I just kept paying and didn’t really give attention to. So I started shopping around for cheaper companies for the same service. Literally nothing has changed, my insurance is the same just like $100/month cheaper, my internet is actually BETTER for the same price it was before they raised it, and my phone carrier is $100/mo less and I use the same OS on my phone, and the same service towers so it’s the same signal strength everywhere.

I eliminated my gym membership to work out at home too…

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Welcome to adulthood, you’re not alone. 

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@prahajess:  I feel you, girl. I’m broke every month. 

After bills, I literally have NOTHING left. 

Sucks bigtime. 


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Me too! I feel like every year we say “well we are broke this year” its not just this year – its every damn year. I have started really tracking our spending and i buy just about well nothing. And still even when i expect to have a good amount of money left over to like get this dang credit card paid off theres always something that comes up – medical bills, car bills, vet bills… you name it. its so frustrating!

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Thankfully I can say that I have a little bit of money each month after bills and putting money aside for savings, but I doubt it’s going to be like that starting next month. SO and I are trying to quickly pay down credit card debt. We dont have an overwhelming amount, but even the $2,500 we do have is going to take forever to pay down. SO graduated six months ago, so we are going to have to find $250 each month to put towards student loans starting on December. Even though it sucks not having tons of dispensable income I still feel pretty fortunate that we are able to pay our bills. 

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SOOOOOOOOOOOO not pathetic girl. I’m with you right there!! Nothing like $6000 obligations coming up the year before my wedding!! How can you save if you keep having to pay?? I’ts not a stupid rant. I like knowing i’m not alone!

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Same here! I am trying to get better but it is HARD!

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Haha girl, I hear you. We are grad students in NYC…. soooo broke. I just had to tell my BFF that I wanted to not exchange birthday gifts this year because we just can’t afford it with Christmas gifts and traveling. It stinks.

When we combined finances a few months ago, we got serious about budgeting/saving. We paid off our CCs and started building an emergency fund.

When we started being really strict with our budget, Fiance really struggled (and I did somewhat too). He just kept saying–well, this month is just a weird month, we had extra expense X. Can’t we make it up next month?

And I kept telling him, Hon, there’s extra expense X, Y, or Z every month. This month is not special. And now, 6 months-ish in, he gets it. He actually just texted me and said he spent $2.38 on groceries but thinks we’re good on groceries until Thursday, lol.

We make all of our budget categories more than they really NEED to be, so that there’s always a little left over to pay for those extra surprise expenses. But yeah, it’s really hard to get ahead.

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