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@mattsgirl813:  hey darlin. i just wanted to say that i think MFP puts your calorie limits WAY too low. i’ve read that it might be better to calculate your TDEE, and then reduce that by 20-30% to find what you should be eating to lose weight. sometimes i think weight loss can be stalled by not properly fueling your body! also, are you drinking a LOT of water? i try to drink at least a gallon a day. stay hydrated! and mix up what you’re eating.. lots of colors! different veggies, etc. 30 lbs is a lot, but definitely possible. try not to get so fixated on the number and work at FEELING better. you will get there! 

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I can see where you’re coming from, but you know, it’s not about how long it takes you to lose the weight.  You’ve made all the changes that you need to hopefully, and so you’ve already reached a very important goal- that is, living healthy by your wedding.  Just keep living healthy, and eventually you’ll see the benefits.  And as soon as you start losing the weight, you will have a lot more motivation to stick with it.

Just, whatever you do, stick with it.  This isn’t just about your wedding day, but about your whole life.  Just think 30 years from now how you will feel about it.  Will you care that you didn’t lose that exact amount of weight by your wedding, or will you just be thankful that you turned your life around and got healthy, even if it took longer than you’d hoped?  It will probably take a year or longer to really feel great, once you’ve instituted these changes.  So all you have to do is stick with it.  Just hang in there!

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I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to lose 30 pounds in 5 months. Healthy weight loss is about 1-2  pounds a week.

However, I think you need more structure to help it come off faster. I’m not sure what your diet is like but, you should cut out gluten, alcohol, processed foods, and sugar. A clean eating plan would be more beneficial, following MFP doesn’t mean your eating healthy it just means your counting calories.

Also drink a ton of water.

For working out, you should be lifting weights. Heavy weights.


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What are you eating each day?

What is your daily activity like?  


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OP, it is possible. I would honestly step away from MFP completely, I find that a lot of the users are poorly informed and give bad advice.

I lost 16 pounds in about 6 mos, but I wasn’t working out, only changed my eating habits.

Limit carbs, dairy, starches, and sugars. Instead of having rolls with dinner, I would add an extra veggie/fruit side. Stop drinking pops, juices, etc. and replace with water.

Watch your portion sizes- don’t do seconds.

And start with walking- that’s what I did! Then I did jogging. Then I added weights. I’m now pretty toned and just above my high school weight (134).

It can be done! You can do it!!! 🙂

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Keep your hopes up!! It will help in the journey. A huge part of my health journey was a positive attitude. It literally does wonders!!

Personally, I think 30 pounds in 5 months is totally reasonable! It’s a little less than a pound and a half a week which is absolutely attainable! Keep your eyes on the prize, a healthy mind body and soul! Get out and do one active thing a day, even if you really don’t want to and een if it’s just a walk!! Drink enough water!! It is seriously so important for maintaining a healthy weight (and a healthy body!) half your weight in ounces, divide by 8 for number of glasses (approximately, or divide by whatever number of ounces yur favourite drinking device is!) Eat salad, twice a day! Make up a big one and just keep it in the fridge for 2or 3 days. Eating salad is easy when is grab and go! olive oil, blsamic vinegar and lemon juice makes a delicious light salad dressing! Try to eat meatless a couple times a week (think chick peas, beans, quinoa, there’s a ton of options!) Can the canned stuff (haha) and the chips and pop in all forms. Watch juice consumption, the sugar can sneak up on you, its often viewed as healthy but you do have to limit consumption. Have a cut off time so your body gets a 12 hours break every night (I do 7pm but it varies person to person depending on your schedule)

At the end of the day, keep in mind that you can do it!! I went from 230+ to 135 steady for the last couple years so I can tell you this for a fact! Your goals are in reach, and you are going to go out there and get them!!

Keep on going! 😀 

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@mattsgirl813:  I would swap the string cheese for a different snack, (maybe nuts or something like that?) snap peas sounds good, watch the fruit (like juice) its high sugar and when you eat it in and amongst heavier meals (proteins and carbs) it doesn’t get digested properly and turns into fat. I try to eat fruit first thing in the morning, a couple hours before start eating and then I leave it alone mostly. Mini rice cakes, depending on what kind, can be surprisingly bad for you. Try to stick to plain (maybe bring a jar of natural peanut butter to put on’em!)

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@mattsgirl813:  Don’t lose hope. I personally use MFP also, but I use it more as a tracker to be accountable for what I eat rather than the “I can only eat this much more” mentality. If you drink soda or anything, cutting that out would be step 1. Fiance lost about 10 pounds just doing that. It sounds like you’re eating very healthy, and that’s a goal that not many people have been able to reach yet. That in it of itself is something to be proud of. 

It’s different for everybody, but I have found that I’ve lost weight faster by eating more often. I will typically make myself a fruit smoothie (more like a slush) in the morning using frozen fruit and some sparkling ice (flavored carbonated water – no calories, sugar, or anything). In between my meals, I’ll snack on nuts or fruit or my snap pea crisps. I try to make sure that I eat at least a little bit of something every 1-2 hours. I also have a Pur water pitcher that I try to at least finish before the end of the work day.

30 pounds in 5 months is definitely attainable. Especially since you’re throwing in working out…you’ve got this!

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Whole 30. Look it up. Thats what I did (but I stopped and will recommitt to it). I lost 7lbs over the course of two weeks, without even working out (because I had fallen off that wagon to). 

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