(Closed) I am terrified of being in my house:(

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Helper bee
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OMG, I would be totally freaking out too. Do you have an alarm system? If not, you should probably get one, especially considering your neighbor. I might even go as far as to call the police.  Not 911, but their local number and ask them for advice.  You could put clear tape on the inside of your windows… you know that if someone exited from them because the tape won’t be stuck still because they couldn’t restick it from the other side.  Oh girl. I’m freaking out for you. You should get some mace and/or a tazer. 

I do have some reassurance though: bad things come in threes, so maybe this is all over with. Also, people have to register as sex offenders for trivial things, not just big ones. For instance, people accused of statutory rape have to register – which doesn’t necessarily make them bad people (think 18 yr old guy dating a 15 yr old girl… not ideal, but not terrifying) and also gay men charged with sodomy with another man have to register in some places and being gay definitely does not make you a sexual predator.  

I’m praying for you girly! 

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Helper bee
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I don’t know if your area has this available, but where I live we are able to call our local government and they actually have a security company that patrols the area. If we have any concerns we can contact them and they do regular drive bys to make sure everything looks OK. Our local police station can also do this for us. I use them quite often if we are having parties/ etc. My partner works away so I alsways contact local security so they can keep an extra eye on things to give me peace of mind while he is away.

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Helper bee
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Ok…this creeped me out. 

Can you double check that you don’t have walls that are hallow?  I realize this scene came from a movie where someone was living in the family’s attic they did not know about because he built what looked liked a wall & lived between the fake and real wall.  Double check your ceilings, too…to make sure you don’t have an “undiscovered” attic and the floors for “undiscovered basements”. 

Also….you know those teddy bears w/ cameras in them?  Can you put some of those in certain places in your house for a few weeks?  See what comes out of that.

Another logical explanation:  You sleep walk and you don’t know it?  Sometimes, because of stress, sleepwalking can happen. 

I don’t mean to freak you out but if this were happening to me, I’d definitely want to make sure my babies are safe. 


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Sugar bee
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I would call the police and ask for an extra patrol…

I have done this in my neighbourhood when we have had a few nights of rowdy neighbours. Made me feel alot safer when I saw the patrol car come by.

Double check and triple check. Also making yourself a checklist helps. so that way as you go around you tick it off.. and able to keep it as a record next to your bed.. You can screw it up in the morning but I would do that till it gave me peace of mind that way you know your mind isnt playing tricks on you.

its a creepy thing!

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Blushing bee
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I want to echo the other posters that said to call the police.  FI is a police officer and he had a call that was like this, but the woman didn’t call for a week because she didn’t want the police to tell her it was her fault.  I would definitely call them and have them search the house.

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Sugar bee

Definitely get a motion-activated nanny cam asap!!

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I’m not one who likes dogs in my house but I love it when my outside dog barks at night to let us know someone is around. If I was that afraid I would let him in and have him sleep in my room. They can hear so well they know when someone is around long before you would know. Even if someone is creeping around out side, and the dog is inside, they will pick up on it. Go to the pound pick up a dog, one that is not too old not too young and has really big teeth!

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Buzzing bee
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Sorry you’re feeling unsafe—definitely do what you need to do to feel safe again, including calling the police. That said, isn’t it possible that your older daughter has done some of these things and is lying about it? How old is she? Maybe she is going through one of those stages where kids lie about stupid stuff for no real reason—but then when you ask them about it or pressure them to fess up they stick ever more fastly to the lie. I could see a kid pulling up the shade in her own room or putting a toy bear in the baby’s crib just because. To me that is the simplest explanation.

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Buzzing bee

I agree with others, definitely call the cops if you feel unsafe!

@robin… that is a horrible idea. i’m sorry, but animals need love and care, not just because you need a “security system.” Their vet bills can be high and if you’re not prepared for a pet, you shouldn’t be getting one. The “outside” pet thing is a whole other argument… but she lives in Wisconsin. I don’t advice getting an outdoor dog during this time of year, that’s just cruel.

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Helper bee

@mrskellertobe, reading everyone’s responses has me more freaked out than your original post!  All that’s happened is a few things have been found out of place – I think changing the locks, calling the police, and inspecting the walls for “secret passages” is a little over the top.  I know it can be creepy all alone in a big house, so would it make you feel better to go sleep in your daughter’s room?  It’s common that once we’re vigilant about something, we’ll naturally notice it all over the place, sort of the way that once you become engaged you start noticing everyone’s rings, or once you’re having a baby it suddenly seems like pregnant women are everywhere! 

I hope you get a good night’s sleep, I’m sure you’ll feel better in the morning.

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Worker bee
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You should seriously consider a security system. Even though we live in a relatively safe place, I was still always nervous. After getting a security system, I feel a lot better. Be careful and I hope everything is all right!

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Busy bee
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@hazel- holy crap.. now i might not sleep tonite!! and my Fiance thinks im crazy since our bedroom is the top floor and the bathroom is downstairs.. if i have to use it in the middle of the night i turn on every light and sprint all the way down and all the way up and then leap into bed out of breath!  its things like this…

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Blushing bee
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Wow, how scary! I would have the locks changed, maybe install a security system? I would also call the police NON-emergency line and ask about an extra patrol on your street. DO you have a dog that could sleep in the house, my Presa Canario is always on high alert, the cat cant even walk down the hall without her noticing.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Definitely not being alarmist by recommending a police walk through! (Doesn’t have to be tonight).  It’s a wonderful public service that they love to do and is helpful whether or not they find anything.  In our house they gave some great tips and a great peace of mind.

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