(Closed) I am worried that my baby seems to hate everything!

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emily88:  Have you tried taking a full night off and going out of the house so she can cry it out and get soothed by dad or the grandparents?  It’s usually easier than listening to your baby scream while you’re in the next room.

Other than that, I hate to ask but is she actually connecting with you?  It might be worth having a specialist examine her for other issues like a hearing impairment or autism.

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Have you tried a pediatric chiropractor?

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I am so sorry. That sounds very stressful. Hang in there mama! My 7 month old has been extra fussy with the nanny lately when he used to be so chill and that has me feeling sad and worried too. Especially since the other baby that we nanny share with is as calm and happy as can be!

anyway if it’s any comfort I was a total nightmare the first couple years of my life. I’m the youngest of three and my sisters weren’t like me at all. For the longest time I guess I would only let my mom and oldest sister hold me. Not my dad, grandparents, etc. My mom had to take me out of churches, restaurants, grocery stores you name it, due to my tantrums. I eventually grew out of it and I was a super easy child to raise after that period, so I’m told. And my mom didn’t have the advantage of the Internet for advice and didn’t take me to a specialist or anything so even if your daughter is similar to how I was, perhaps you can find a solution! There is so muh variation with babies, just try not to panic. 2 months is still pretty young!

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What kinds of products do you use on her clothes, skin, and to feed her? 

I’ve noticed that sometimes a baby’s or child’s grumpiness, clinginess, bad temper, bad behavior, etc. can be caused or exacerbated by being in contact with things that they are sensitive to. 

It’s possible that she’s very uncomfortable or in pain and it’s manifesting in the ways you described. 

I suggest looking closely at what you wash her clothes in, bathe her with, feed her, and what diaper products you use. 

Here are some products that may help: Nutramigen, Mustela, Honest Co. (especially their diapers, skin care, and cleaning products), Charlie’s Soap, and Gerber Soothe formula.

Try new products one at a time — switch diapers for a days to see what happens, for instance — and see if there is any difference. If you’re using any laundry detergents with fragrances, it’s probably best to stop using those on her clothes altogether; that’s why I recommend Charlie’s soap and the Honest Co. cleaning products. 

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My baby was like that too, I had to hold him all day which made it impossible to get anything done. I looked into every possibility I could think of and came to the conclusion that he’s just high maintenance.

Sorry if this isn’t helpful but I want you to know that there is light at the end if the tunnel – he’s 4 months old now and he’s gradually grown out of it.


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I thought I should add more information about the Nutramigen and Mustela. 

I help take care of a little one, and she has a rather sensitive stomach. When she was a few months old — she’s over a year old now — it became clear that she needed a formula that would be easier on her digestive system. One of the formulas that we tried was Nutramigen.

Now, Nutramigen does not taste good at all, but it worked very well. Not long after she drank the Nutramigen (she did resist, and I can’t blame her) she started to pass gas — a lot more than usual. But after that, she went right to sleep. I mean she was out, and I don’t think I had ever seen her more peaceful, relaxed, and relieved. It really helped to clear up some of the issues that she was having.

We use the Gerber soothing formula now, and that seems to help a lot as well. We’ve noticed that when she goes too long without it, she gets more irritable and clingy, and it’s clear that she’s uncomfortable again.

Mustela is a skin care line for babies, children, and new and expecting mothers. The products we used regularly were the wipes, the diaper cream, and the no-rinse cleansing fluid. These products work very well. They are very soothing. The scent, which is what stands out about the wipes and diaper cream the most, is unique and rather strong at first. However, it is one that babies seem to love (you can find some examples of this on Youtube). I am sensitive to fragrances, and yet this scent didn’t cause me to react negatively; it was actually quite soothing to me as well. I highly suggest these products, especially if your little one has sensitive skin. 

The Nutramigen and Mustela may not be right for your daughter, but by looking at these products and doing a little research, you may find the products that will work for her. 

I know that’s a lot of information, but I really think it might help you. It sounds to me like your daughter is  uncomfortable or in pain, and that’s why she wants you and nobody else, and is seldom calm and content.

I think if you take care of the sensitivities, if she does indeed have them, that many of these issues will go away or lessen. 

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I am not sure if this is it or not, but could she have any allergies?  My son is about the same age as your daughter, and he was very fussy for a while.  We also noticed some mucus in his poop and constant diaper rash, so the pediatrician recommended cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that helped.  We are still experimenting with it, but right now, we have a whole new baby.  I would call your pediatrician and see if they have any recommendations.

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This sounds a lot like how my Dirty Delete was/can be. She has somewhat grown out of it at 6 months, but she was very challenging as a newborn. She fit all the categories for a high-needs baby.

12 Features of a High Need Baby

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I think if you break her in (so to speak) to be held and comforted by others in short increments, it might help. 5 minutes with Dad and then pass her back kind of thing, and continue on with it for longer periods until she becomes more comfortable. I think its pretty common for newborns to want to be near their Moms, and as long as she checks out with her Dr. and nothing is really wrong, you’ll have to experiment with it to give each of you a break. My GD was the same way until that age, but she changed dramatically after the 2 month mark and is now a wonderful 8 month old who is happy with everyone in her life.

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My younger sister screamed almost non-stop for the first three months of her life.  No colic or anything, she was just a screamer.  She got over it.  Hang in there, it gets better!

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emily88:  Some babies are fussier than others, and it’s really hard 🙁 Sorry 

Have you had her checked out for any food sensitivities or colic? (don’t know if I spelled that right) my sister-in-law had to go dairy free when she was breast feeding and later dairy free formula because my niece could not digest the milk protein and it made her cranky basically all the time. She was very happy when she went dairy free. You could try eliminating different foods that are common sensitivities, like dairy or gluten, one at a time, and see what works. 

Ditto on the pediatric chiropractor as well. Never know what they might know that will work! 

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I second the senstivity issue. First it will get easier!!! Hang in there!! My baby was very fussy but later I realized I was making all the mistakes. In the begining I didn’t set a sleep schedule, leaving her extremely overtired. Honestly once I looked for her cues she would only be up for an hour or two till 3 months old, she needed a routine to help her naps become more regular. That was a huge help!


We also learned she has an slight allergy to dairy and nuts, that even was affected by breast milk. It would cause tremendous gas that made laying down in a swing very uncomfortable. 

Every baby is different, but maybe playing with the schedule, and food might help. Also I think you should leave more often. I used to hide at family functions so my daughter couldn’t see me and would have to deal with who was around. There certainly was a transition but it is much better now. 

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You have recieved a lot of good advice and experience so far. I wouldn’t try crying it out at this stage however, as even those who recommend it, perfer it to not be introuduced until 6 months.

I agree that perhaps a dietary or environmental cause may be a factor. Some babies are sensitive and those sensitivites can cause crankiness. I breastfed my daughter and found that tomatoes and dairy made her super cranky and uncomfortable. She wsa very rigid and also hated carriers and the like.

If you have one available, an osteopath is a wonderous tool for babies. Many babies have things that are slightly out of place internally after being birthed, and an osteopath can help gently readjust things. We saw my osteopath due to my daughter’s horrible sleeping problems. I was skeptical at first, but at my wits end when I saw her. One treatment to her head, and my daughter immediately began sleeping better (and progressivley improved to a point that was tolerable!)

Good luck! It is SO challenging to have a higher needs baby. Hopefully you can find some tools that will relieve some of the difficulty.

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