(Closed) I Backed His Truck Into A Fence

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SoonAsYouCan:ย  Could have been worse, I’ve backed my car into my husbands car twice and clipped his car while going around it once! So we had to fix both cars 3 times!!

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It’s just a car…and let me tell you from having a father, fiance, and future brother in law that all do car work and detailing….what you described besides replacing the bumper is not a major deal. It can be fixed easily.


To cheer you up…I stupidly pressed the button to open the sun roof in his car in the middle of winter while there was snow and ice on the roof….it broke the sun roof. So yeah,….um…stuff happens. I’m not allowed to press buttons anymore.

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Many years ago when I was dating my ex-husband I borrowed his beloved truck for the day. On my lunch break I went home. On the way home there was a road construction sign off the side of the street. I didn’t realize it was partically in the road. There was another car coming in the opposite direction so I couldn’t swerve into the other lane. I thought it was ok until I realized I made contact! AGH! I got out to find a nearly car length scratch doing down the entire side of the truck! There was no hiding it was it went down to the primer, on a black pickup. I thought he was going to kill me but he more or less laughed and shook his head! 

Accidents happen!! Don’t feel so bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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SoonAsYouCan:  DH feels similarly about his car, he loves it and fawns over it. I was in a similar situation where I had to drive it (this was after we’d been dating only about 2 months). Not only am I stressed about it being his special car, but it’s also a stick shift and while I can drive it, I’m not super well practiced and I hadn’t driven a stick shift in 10 years at that point. So after stalling several times in rush hour traffic, I finally got it home and scraped the bumper on the stopper at the front of the parking space (I had an SUV at the time and was not used to driving a lowered car that would hit that stopper). I was freaking out, but luckily it just scraped up the underside of the bumper and isn’t very noticeable. He was very understanding and I was grateful for that. I have not driven his car since haha.

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Oh no! I’m sorry that happened but his reaction was def best-case scenario! I can’t think of something in particular that I’ve destroyed but im the biggest klutz in the world and fuck things up all the time! It’s a miracle that my Fiance puts up with me as it is LOL. Don’t beat urself up about it โ˜บ๏ธ Sounds like not too terrible of a fix, could have been MUCH worse so try not to sweat it!

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My SO bought me a beautiful necklace for Christmas a few years ago that I loved. It was such a pretty and delicate necklace that was a very thin rose gold chain with a small diamond pendant.

I thought I was being so careful to put it in a ziploc bag seperate from everything else so it wouldn’t tangle and knot in my night bag while on a vacation…but it was so small that the ziploc looked empty and got thrown away by either me or my grandma while on our trip.

I’m still so sad every time I see a picture of me wearing it…I wore it every day but took it off at night as not to break it.

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Boyfriend or Best Friend is a professional photographer and he let me borrow his snazzy camera and I somehow managed to scratch the screen on the back of it. That thing cost more than anything I’ve ever owned in my life. Ugh. He just shrugged and said “no big deal, it doesn’t affect the photos”. Thank goodness we’ve got rational,forgiving men!

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I once threw away two tickets to a Jeff Dunham comedy show my husband secretly bought for my birthday. It was in a blank envelope in a drawer and I was so focused on decluttering I chjacked it out. We didn’t realize it until the day before the show. The tickets cost $150 and he was so upset because they were non re printable. He mostly kept his cool, but was clearly annoyed. I redeemed myself though because I knew the box office manager through a friend and begged him to reprint them, and he did! I got really lucky on that one. 

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D’aww! You are both so cute! <3

I know that guilty feeling, though. I always seem to fail at backing up/parking in parking garages, scraping the bumper against a pillar, whenever we have a new car. It will pass once the car is repaired and the bill is paid off, promise. 

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Ohhhh gosh. Too many stories to count ๐Ÿ˜ž First I spilled a glass of water on the coffee table. I cleaned up the mess, but didn’t realize his expensive gamer laptop was also on the coffee table and that the water had reached it. When it didn’t turn on later that night, he tilted it sideways and water just poured out of it….


then we moved, and he left some of his stuff in the back of the moving van so we could go get some food. I *thought* I had locked the back of the truck but i didn’t, apparently, because turning a corner onto the highway we hear the door roll up and see his computer tower rolling along the highway behind us! ๐Ÿ™ 


then he has this expensive projector, so we could play games and watch movies on the big screen. i had a Dr Pepper on the table it was resting on and accidentlsly spilled a little bit. Like seriously, just a few drops splashed out when I set the glass down. Weeks later, the screen gets this weird brown tint and it looks like a small hole started burning in the lense. Suddenly it started smoking and smelling bad, so he took it apart and found that a SINGLE DROP of my Dr Pepper landed inside the projector somehow, and splashed onto the lenSe. The sugar ended up burning a hole through the hot lense and it was useless after that. 


Youd think im not allowed near his electronics anymore but each time he’s been so full of grace and understanding. I don’t deserve it obviously

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Not me to my Fiance, because his car is standard and although I can drive it, I refuse to and his other vehicle is a motorcycle, which I cannot ride. However, my Fiance has hit every single one of my cars when driving them… I bought a car that was still brand new, only had for a really short period of time and he backed it into a rock wall. Later I bought the car I drive now… the car I wanted forever (I’m like your husband where I’ll just admire her), he hit a pillar. I personally avoid other people’s valuables/ prized possessions, for reasons like this. ๐Ÿ™ 

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When I first started dating my husband he showed me this beautiful claddagh ring that he kept in its box on display on his desk. He didn’t wear it because it was too small (basically a lady’s ring) but it was something his sisters gave to him when they were all kids (their Dad is Irish and they used to spend childhood summers in Ireland – the women in his family all wear claddagh rings) so it was extremely meaningful to him.

This is so sad I know, but DH knew I’d always wanted a claddagh ring because growing up I was a massive Buffy fan. So lame, haha. About a year and a half into our relationship he gave me the ring from his sisters. I LOVED that ring and wore it with pride for about a year until one day I lost it when I was cleaning out our rabbits. I think it got stuck inside a desposable glove or lost in a big bag of sawdust or hay. I searched for hours but never found it ๐Ÿ™

I was so upset and felt TERRIBLE. But he was amazing about it. It’s taught me to be extra careful/paranoid when I got my wedding rings though!

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Love this story!

I totaled FH’s turck a couple years ago. It wasn’t his baby but it was new to him and he was proud of it. I pulled out in front of a bus. All he was worried about was me : ) but of course I was a blubbering mess and worried that he and his mom would hate me. They both looked at me like I had 3 heads when I told them that. They said “that’s what insurance is for.”


ETA: This also reminded me of a funny (to me) moment when he absolutely lost his shit after I dropped and broke a $30 lamp as I was walking out to the car to to go to the store and return it. I think he was grumpy that day or something lol I couldn’t help but laugh that he got so mad about a $30 lamp that we didn’t even want- of course my laughing made it worse haha

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