(Closed) I barely wear my ring, fiance is offended.

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soon2bhitched:  I have the same problem you have. I work in a hospital I have 2 rings my regular engagement ring and one silver ring with some pretty detail for work. When I go out or I am not working I wear my engagement ring. Maybe you should consider something like that.. 

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All of my doctors wear their wedding bands and engagement rings. One of my BMs is a nurse and takes hers off every time she washes her hands. She just had to build up the habit of doing so.

An anecdotal story of a stone coming out of the setting shouldn’t make you think yours will. That’s just probably poor ring construction.

He made a really big gesture, and you accepted, which could definitely upset a guy. I assume that you two talked about engagement before, and unless you said “I don’t need an engagement ring” he is probably feeling like you maybe a) aren’t excited b) don’t like the ring, or anything else similar.

Just give it a try. You’re not going to ruin the thing. We all have fears about knocking it against stuff. And if you’re going to be elbows deep in surgery, then by all means take it off. but as long as you are washing your hands I don’t see that it’s a health risk.

IF you feel like you just can’t wear it at work, try taking it off before work, and putting it on after. Or talk to him about it. I’m sure he would feel better knowing your rationale.

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My mum is a nurse, and when she’s at work she safety-pins it to the inside of her bra. She always wears it when she isn’t working.

I always wear mine outside the house. It did take a couple of weeks to get used to (I never used to wear rings, either), but now it feels weird without it. You’ll get used to it!

ETA: by the inside of her bra, I mean the strap, not the cup! But it’s positioned in a way that if it did fall, it would go inside her bra, if that makes sense.

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soon2bhitched:  It’s an infection risk. Even if there aren’t explicit rules…don’t wear it to work. Just because the rules aren’t as strict as they ought to be doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself to a better standard. Unless you’re going to put it through the autoclave between patients it has no place near them. Thank your fiancé for his consideration, your day to day life will be easier with a lower setting, but explain that it doesn’t make it appropriate for work. Then make a special effort to wear it the rest of the time. Add it to your checklist when you get home from work or when you’re going out to other places.

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soon2bhitched: Consider wearing it on the chain around your neck?


PS you can get a necklace with a security – closure that looks like an extra chain on the lock!

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First I just want to say that is a beautiful ring!! Second, I don’t work in the medical field but my mom and several friends do and quite a few of them have made comments similar to yours regarding wearing any sort of ring.  Maybe you could get a plain band to wear while you are at work like a previous poster stated.  I would just try to explain the situation to your fiance so he doesn’t feel hurt.  My husband almost never wears his wedding ring and it doesn’t bother me just because I know that it could cause problems/injury for him in his line of work. 

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soon2bhitched:  Easy! Pop it right back on as soon as you get home from work. Now that I’m married I wear a simple rose gold band to work and then swap it for my real rings when I get home. If you put it on immediately and obviously love it, that should be enough.

I’m a chef and didn’t/couldn’t/can’t wear my engagement ring at work. Or my wedding band, since it also has diamonds… Do I want my most beautiful jewellery full of raw ground beef or scone dough? Hell no. 

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soon2bhitched:  I’m a bartender and same with me. I’m constantly washing things, lifting heavy stuff, etc. Moreover it isn’t exactly lucrative to announce “Taken” (FI understands that). I also hate taking it off my finger and leaving it in my bag, even when it’s locked up because who knows what could happen. I actually wear it around my neck on a simple chain. I’m always wearing it and can quickly slide it back on at the end of my shift.

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I am a CNA which means lots of glove changes and washing hands. Besides the ring sometimes tearing the gloves which is also a hazard to me, it could hurt one of my residents. While I’m giving showers or something it could easily jab the patient and cause injury. We are in the process of getting a band to wear which would make me feel a lot better. My Fiance is a roofer, and he doesn’t wear his at work for obvious reasons and I’m A-OK with that because I understand he values the ring I got him and doesn’t want to mess it up. He always wears it outside of work though. I bet if you talk to your Fiance he’ll be glad you value it so much and y’all can figure something out. Congratulations and good luck!

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Like you, I don’t wear my engagement to work (I work as a nurse as well). I just lace it through my necklace. I used to worry about it falling off but i’m always aware that it is there. I think I’ll get to a point wear I leave it at home and just wear my wedding ring (when the time comes). So many of the other nurses wear heaps of rings and I think it’s a bit grotty.

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I can’t wear my ering at work as I work with very young children and it’s a scratch hazard. I make sure to wear it on weekends though, so my Darling Husband hasn’t mentioned anything at all!

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s so recent I’m not surprised you keep forgetting to wear it, but you’ll soon pick the habit up!

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soon2bhitched:  I would not wear it for your job either, but, what about a simple band for work and then you can put your beautiful on when you get home? I often see nurses in the ER doing this (I do IT work for a hospital, so I’m a little luckier when it comes to wearing it!) This way at least you’d have a ring on and that might make him feel better.

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I’m a massage therapist and I don’t wear my ring. I can’t massage with it on and I wash my hands a lot. I wear it when we go out but I am not accustomed to wearing it daily.  I have metal sensitivities and washing hands often even at home makes it irritating if water gets trapped under the ring.  I’m afraid to take it off and dry thoroughly underneath every time I wash dishes or my hands because I’m afraid to lose it or drop it down the drain.  An MT group I am in posted about this ring holder necklace.  I might ask for it for Christmas.  http://www.emilyc.com/.  Instead of having to unclasp a normal chain, you put it on the pendant like a puzzle.  And then when you are done with work, you have it right there to remember to pop it back on your hand.

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