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Helper bee

Ugh, yes. We’re disgusting and pretty much have our own language.

I’sa’Wuv’oo: I Love You

Cohdies! – I’m cold/It’s cold

I’sa’Hungies: I’m hungry

Seepies/Ty-your’d: I’m going to bed/I’m sleepy

Doh-Duh: Donut

Ho-shoe: Hold me/Hold This

Ah-Dun: I’m done with this/Leave me alone

I also call him “Bubess” or “Bubs”.



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Worker bee
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Haha these are hilarious! I am SO glad to know were not the only ones who have funny things they say just to each other! We have a few weird things we say and I have not a clue where they came from. We say..

shinks- for thanks

chelcome- for welcome

looong time- for I love you a whole lot.

when we really dont want something we always say “no baby no” and from the move “Walk the Line” I always say “baby baby baby” because we live in Georgia (i’m not from here) but I’ve picked up alot of the country slang and apparently I say baby really country and he loves it. haha. weird. I know. Thats crazy some of ya’ll do the 3 hand squeezes b/c we do that too and I could’ve sworn it was just an “us” thing. haha and when we kiss good bye if were leaving for work or just leaving each other we always kiss 3 times. No matter what. Even if its going to bed actually we kiss 3 times. But we’ll try to have lame conversations in what I call complete text mode. like idk wtf omg ttyl.. yet we NEVER text like that. haha were just weird I guess.

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Busy bee
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whenever one of us does something stupid: “ruh roh!”…like for instance i just walked in the door drunk and have to be packed and ready to fly at 5:30 tomorrow and my fiance takes one look at me and “ruh roh”!

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Buzzing bee

love it. 

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Sugar bee
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All my texting and IM typos have evolved into a new language between us.

I llouve tut – I love you

Bute – Bye

Goos/goof – Good

Babanas – Bananas

Powershit – Powershot

We also turn all the l’s into r’s, as in “Herrooo!” πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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Whenever we are getting mushy one of us says TRUUU WUVVV… followed by rofl

I blame stfu marrieds for this satrical gem of a phrase πŸ˜›

I frequent that site because yes sometimes…it is funny *guilty face*

πŸ˜› we also use the “Herrooo” as well…ooo the sillyness


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Buzzing bee

Oooh we have creative cursing as well! Since we have a 19 month and almost 3 year old, we have to watch what we say, so instead of cursing, we just say the letter.  Like, you’re an A hat, or F-cheese, or D-bag.

And really, we will never take ourselves that seriously that we can’t fool around with “baby talk”. It does add an important lightness and playfulness to our relationship that is necessary for us πŸ™‚

(And I should add, neither daughters speech has been “retarded” by it.)

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Honey Beekeeper

I’m a professional writer and I think my Fiance is afraid to change words around on me, hahaha. πŸ™‚

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Helper bee

I’ve been lurking for a couple of days, but had to comment on this thread…it makes me feel so…so…NORMAL…okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but you get what I’m saying…

We use “noms” or “nom-noms” for food – as in, “Let’s go get some nom-noms.”  I’ll ask SO if he wants me to make cookies, and he’ll respond, “Omnomnomnom…”

“F* yo’ couch!” is heard *way* to frequently around our house…it’s from a Dave Chappelle skit where he’s playing James Brown.  We say it with the most love and compassion we can muster, too.  “Honey, the cat puked on the floor again…”  “She says, F* yo’ couch…”

We have a cat named Phoebe that is a little on the plump side, and we call her Fatty or Fatty McFatterson.  (I’ve given her a complex I’m sure.)

We play Magic: The Gathering, and there’s one spell you cast called Harrow.  And whenever it’s cast, we both look at eachother and go, “Harrow, you…”  (Like, “Hello, you…”)  “F* yo’ couch,” also works well in these games:  “Tap 4, Day of Judgement.”  “Tap 2, Mana Leak – F* yo’ couch!”

He uses “to the face” a lot.

We speak in LoL cat all the time – it’s scary really.  There are many, many more examples, but to recall them all right now would take too long.  πŸ™‚

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Blushing bee
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I like to tell Dear Fiance “I love your face”. He thinks it is weird and always asks me “is it only my face you love?”. I like saying it because it’s funny, but what I mean is I love seeing your face.

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Helper bee
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Oh…Mr. Adventure and I use lolspeak more than we’d like to admit.  Especially when we’re “talking” for teh kittehs. 

And we’re always coming up with creative ways to say I love you.  Our latest is “I loves your face off!”  Why?  I have no idea but we love it!  We also compete and make up amounts as to how much we love each other.  Funny thing is, I never thought I was the type of woman to do this stuff, but he makes me feel silly. 

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Busy bee
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@Mrs Sarah McK:

I love that movie!! That scene is hilarious – we joke about it all the time.

But I think you mean Robert Downey Jr. and not De Niro!

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Helper bee
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We love to make fun of how his grandmother talks and sometimes make up stories.

Here’s the list of stuff she says with translations:

Husses – Horses

Swubs – shrubs

pitchaz – pictures

ba-day-duz – potatoes

He says, “Hunny what would you like for dinner?” and I always respond,”ba-day-duz!”  I’ve even put it on grocery shopping lists.  So we do things just as silly.

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