(Closed) I can’t hold it in anymore – Office Rant.

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Bee Keeper

Ew…for hours?? Making that sound once is plenty for me, but how does one just sit there and suck on their teeth for hours???

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I sit near the loudest chewer ever…yuck!

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Um yeah….my supervisor pulls his keys out of his pocket and like will clean his ear with a key. I try not to gag and it drives me nuts…uhh.uuhhh makes me wanna gag thinking about it!

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There is one guy that sits by me that will make/receive multliple personal phone calls on his cell every day. Instead of getting up and going to an empty area of the office, he’ll sit at his desk and talk on the phone about non-work related things. Oh, and he’s really annoying to begin with so this doesn’t help at all… haha

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@KT_Williams: ew ew ew! how do you stand it!!!!!!!!

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I don’t think it would be rude to say to them” Do you need some floss?” in a quiet voice that others cannot overhear.

Sometimes people are honestly not aware that the noises they make are audible to others.

This is the type of habit that will go on forever if not interrupted.

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Bumble bee
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There is a guy I work with who takes an hour long long in a 4 hour shift an hour into the shift. He will also take 20 minute breaks a couple times a night so he ends up working for about 30 minutes and is paid for the whole time. His family constantly comes in and his kids run around screaming and throwing fits.

Oh and pretty much anyone with kids does that. We had a Wii set up for kids in one room to keep them occupied because my work is understanding of kids but one employees kids broke all but one remote so they fought for months before that same employees kids broke the rest of the Wii. I can’t do my job because SOMEONE’S kids are always sitting in my chair at my desk because mommy sits right next to me.

The ones the do control their kids to an extent don’t let them be 2 feet away from them so they are usually piles around my work area bitching and whining and making me want to bring back the days of rulers on the knuckles or bust out Delores Umbridge’s special quill and make them write a 50,000 word essay on the importance of parenting.

I’m so sick of everyone’s kids running around getting in my way screaming and crying when they don’t get their way or because they are bored.

HIRE A F-ING BABYSITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell my work offers daycare but most of these people “don’t trust them” even though they know these people and hang out with them outside of work. “My precious babies need to stay with me.”

Oh and a few of these children are teenagers. They can handle being without their mommies for a few hours while you do your goddamn job.

This makes me never want kids. These are the worst children ever…

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Sugar bee
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I hate the person who fills the office freezer with 43,857 Lean Cuisines leaving no room for anybody else’s food.

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Helper bee
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My supervisor is a CHRONIC COMPLAINER!  Everything in her life is dramatic and she feels the need to tell ANYONE who will listen ALL of her problems!!

I sit in the cubicle across from her.  So I hear the same story about her “horrible” dates/weekends/trips/whatever OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!!  She talks to me about other employees that she supervises and NO DOUBT talks to them about me.  She bitches about our administrator CONSTANTLY!  She even complains that our administrator asks her to do things when she is on facebook!

She makes 12k more per year than I do and has significantly less work to do… I HONESTLY.DO.NOT.CARE what gripes she has.  DO YOUR EFFING JOB!!

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@soyjoy222:OH they don’t which is why I do it all. At home. During my time off. Alone. By my self. GOD I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!

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Helper bee

omg i have so many ppl that are annoying here i guess it gets like that everywhere lol

my boss has crocks that flip and flop every time she walks, and she walks around ALL DAY LONG, i dont even think she does work at all because she is too busy making sure we dont breath

my coworker sprays this nasty body spray all the time and she puts so much that i choke, even my office manager told her not to spray it cause it stinks and she still does

the human resouces guy walks around picking his teeth with the corners of what ever paper he has in his hand, its to disgusting.

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