(Closed) I can’t say anything right with this girl! (rant)

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    I’m not saying that you have to invite her out for coffee or anything, but you do have to continue biting your tongue and being civil. Why?

    Because this girl is a part of a large church community of which both your boyfriend and his family are a part of. This means that you are in competition with her (sorry, but it’s true) in terms of a reputation. Especially if this girl was part of the community before you. They will take her side first. You need to let her tie her own noose.

    Let her be the b*tch, let her interrupt and let her ignore you. It will eventually be noticed how nice you are, civil and how horrible she is. So that in the end, you will win. Just think of every time she does something horrible as a victory, every time you smile and say hi or say “oh how silly of me, of course it was purple – but back to the main story” is a point in your favor. She will tire of it eventually and everyone else will see who is the bigger person, especially in a community which (generally) is quite conservative, you don’t want to rock the boat. 

    Hang in there!

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    @Everdeen: thank God for WB because mature answers like this really help posters like me whose 1st reaction is to say screw the bitch.

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    be the bigger person 🙂 I think you’re handling it very maturely and that you should keep handling it that way. Like Tickles said, you will eventually win. Karma is a bitch.

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    I have a friend who acts like that, she is the biggest know-it-all I’ve ever encountered in my life and constantly interrupts me to correct me or tell me I’m worng about things. I do exactly what the PP’s suggested, I just shrug it off and say “Oh you must be right then.. anyway” and it makes her look SOO bad. I mean the things she insists on knowing more about than me are so trivial it just sounds so stupid to an outside observer.

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    Ugh, I hate chicks like that.  I used to work for a campus organization in college and we had one of those.  She was so bitchy to me all the time for absolutely no reason.  I was always super nice to her and to this day have no clue as to why was so damn snotty to me all the time.  Thing was, she was only like that to me, no one else seemed to be on her shit list.  She obviously decided she hated me fairly soon after meeting me and nothing was going to change her mind. 

    I quit trying to win her over pretty quickly and went the passive agressive route.  Hell, if I couldn’t change her mind I might as well have fun with it, right? Since she obviously couldn’t stand the sight of me (I still can’t figure out what I ever did to her to make her act like that with me), I made sure I was near her as much as humanly possible.   Oh, we’re going to the student union?  Why yes, I would LOVE to come along!  Oh Sarah, I’m so glad you’re coming with us!  When it came time to do our semester retreat, I made sure we rode in the same car together (quality time!) I actually went so far as to attend an informal gathering for us that I was invited to by someone else that was taking place at her house.  The look on her face when she saw me smiling brightly at her when she walked in the door was priceless.     

    Some people just beg to be screwed with.

    You should probably go the more mature route, though.  😀

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    @bklynbridetobe: lol.  I agree completely!  That was my first reaction too until I read @Tickles response and was like.. oh, that’s probably the better way about it!

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    I don’t know why so many people said Yes on the poll. Hell to the no should you waste your time with this girl. For whatever reason she doesn’t like you, her loss! I’m not saying be rude, but don’t make an effort.

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    Honestly, being mean to someone like this won’t do anything.  Just realize that for some reason, she’s miserable, and for no reason doesn’t like you.  And most likely, there is nothing you can do to change her mind.  While I don’t think you have to be nice to her, I’d just act like she doesn’t really matter.  Don’t let her comments grate you, just let them roll off as much as you can.  But I mean if it really starts to piss you off, when she starts to butt in, you could curtly ask her what her comment added to the conversation.  I’m with you though…I hate unnecessary girl drama.  I don’t get why people put in the effort to be rude.  Sorry you’re dealing with this 🙁

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    I picked ‘no’ that you shouldn’t be nice to her. But that does not automatically mean that you should be mean to her!

    Just give her NO attention whatsoever. Do not go out of your way to spend time with her or be included in any of her activities.

    Since she’s so gung-ho about church, chances are, no matter how ‘nice’ you are to her, lots of people will still take her side because of her ‘godliness’. This is very sad but true for most people.

    Always try to respond to what she says but not by words that might instigate a fight. More like:

    Her: “Umm… the car was purple”.

    You: ” *eyebrow raise* aaanyyyyyy wayyyyzzzzz…….” and just turn over to whomever you were talking and continue the story. “So in this car, bla bla bla bla bla….”

    According to the above, you have given her absolutely no importance. <– That is the ‘not nice, yet not mean’ way to deal with it.

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    I think this doesn’t matter and you are overreacting. Since you don’t have to see her often, and likely won’t go on another trip with her, i’d drop it. It isn’t worth being mean over. Be a bigger person than that.

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