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Wooow!!! How much do they charge if you dont mind me asking? I reallly want to get a replica of this from somewhere. Its Marchesa and I cannot afford that!

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I’ve been looking and looking for the perfect dress, I’ve got the perfect idea in my head of how I want it to be. Tea length with off the shoulder neckline, but none that I find online are what I’m looking for, so I’ve been contemplating on trying to make the dress myself. Now I haven’t sewn anything other than the occassional pillow in home ec about 10 years ago but I’m getting desperate since I can’t find what I want any where.

Which leads me to this post… Could you provide me with any information on the maker of your reproduction dress? Do they go by your ideas and are they pricey?

I absolutely love both dresses, the original and quite frankly I prefer the remake to the original, there’s something about the color of the second dress that really gets my attention!

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I am strongly considering buying my wedding dress from Belle Couturier but the only review on Etsy is quite negative.  The dress is stunning from the pictures but for such a big purchase I need more feedback.

PLEASE tell me if you have received your dresses and how they actually turned out!!

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Congratulation on the dress ricangen81. Can’t wait to see you wearing the dress.

As for me, I do not have any luck with Belle Couturier.

I am one of the first people who place order with Belle Couturer with the exact same reason as ricangen81. They are very quick in replying email and answers every concerns that you have until you satisfied. So I took the chance with them even though they do not have any review at the time.

They have 3 different pricing for my dress depending on material. $800 for polyester, $1000 for silk blend and $1200 for pure silk. They suggest me to go with the most expensive option which is using pure silk to get the best result and they have been re-assuring me that the dress will be beautiful with the highest standard. Agreed, I pay $750 deposit as requested, not in US $ as stated, but in Australian $ when at the time AU$ was higer in value just because I reside in Australia and she is trying to save on PayPal fee.

Mid production, I ask them if they can send me some photo. They said no. They can only send photo of a finished dress. Which I let them. How disapointed I was after they finaly send me picture of the dress in the wrong style of skirt and the workmanship is far inferior than what I expected. So I told them what is wrong with the dress. Although they still insist that the meet the brief, they agreed to make the changes that I mentioned. I have to point out every single mistakes that they did and tell them how to do it properly including adding another layer of lining since it is using a thin material. Anyway, they cannot make the skirt that I originaly wanted, so we go with what they can do.

At first I tought I was being sceptical and trying to convince myself that it is a beautiful dress. I asked opinion from my family and friends about the dress. And with no surprise, all the feedback are very similar. The dress is nice but the workmanship is rough. For a $1200 dress, the workmanship of the dress is no superior than a $400-$500 chinese replica.

After the fist time the problem accours, I found out that there are more than one person replying to the email. Tha’s why it is amazingly fast for them to reply but also it means it will create potential problem in gathering information. Also to my surprise, they are not even in the same location as where the dress is being made. They control the production of the dress through skype. Now that explains why they refuse to send picture mid production and why they could not pick up the problems with the dress early. To me this sounds like they are more a middle person than a dress maker (or a couturier as what they call themselves). Which explains about the bad reviews they currently have about their seamstress walk out on them. I might be wrong, but that is how I feel.

After weeks sressing out and weighing all the options and money, my fiance and I thinks it is time to pull the plug with them. He said he’d rather to see me happy and not worry about the deposit money. Until now I still think it is a nice dress but unfortunately, it is not bridal quality. Which an issue I reaised with them in more than one ocassion. Now they are tying to sell the dress back on etsy for more money (total of what I’ve paid and what they ask) with a stroy. But hey, business is business. So good on them.

So ladies, in my opinion, I suggest you do your reaserch thoroughy.

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Dearest bees!

We appreciate the opportunity to have an open forum for discussion and various opinions.  Particularly in this situation since we have heard from our other loyal customers about how loco2 has been private messaging them with bad reviews about us.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, workmanship and on striving to make all our brides happy.  We are indeed a new company and understand that this can cause extra trepidation and concern when placing an order.  Our aim is to make our brides feel comfortable when placing an order, and 1000% happy when receiving it.

For this particular project we sent over 100 emails to and fro with loco2.  She sent numerous pictures and admittedly the first version of the skirt was incorrect as there was confusion through almost 20 different photos and angles about what she wanted.  Although we were near completion and finish the dresses by hand, we understood where she was coming from and did modify it as per her request.  That being said the design that she did want was not physically possible to make.  It is not possible to have ruching, together with vertical lace panels all made from the same panel of fabric.

At the time one of our main partners was in Australia and we thought for ease it would be best to send through the invoice in that currency since loco2 was also there.  We did specify that any difference in exchange rate would be taken into account when the final balance was due.  We would never expect anyone to pay extra than what we have quoted.

We did not say mid-production that we would not send a photo.  We had agreed from the beginning that because she was very anxious, it would not benefit to send half finished photos.  She agreed that this was a good idea.  We did however send photos of the custom fabric we made for her out of chiffon and lace panels that we had to sew in manually.  And later once we realised the skirt was wrong we did keep sending photos to make sure things were being done correctly.  The skirt was not made of thin materials, but had 2 layers of inner silk lining as well as 2 layers of the lace and chiffon.

A large point that we do raise with all our customers beforehand is that we strive to make the most beautiful dresses that we can.  However we all have our limitations and there is a reason why we are not Elie Saab and not charging $10,000 for a dress.  That is a very clear point that we stipulate and reiterate to make sure no one is disappointed.  If you want the original and have a very picky eye, it is of course best to try save up and purchase that.

We are a team working together as bellecouturier.  We have not personally heard of a one man show where only one person replies to inquiries or questions.  We do acknowledge that the original skirt was not what she wanted, and we of course modified as best we could – using both our expertise in design and workmanship to make a stunning dress.

We DO NOT control our dress making through Skype.  Loco2 wanted one of our partners specifically to oversee the dress and our boss was overseas at the time, as we mentioned before.  Before sending out pictures to Loco2, our partner wanted to check everything through as best she could from a different location and timezone.

Lastly, we will leave you with pictures of our work.  Hopefully the proof will be in that.  We are truly sorry it was not up to her standards.

Loco2, we wish you all the best with finding your dream dress for your upcoming wedding.


— belle couturier —


These were SOME of the original photos we received.



This was our initial version with the wrong skirt.  At the time the pictures of the back of the shoulder portion were not clear, but once she sent along more photos we did modify it.



This was our 2nd version with the change in skirt design, increased lace panels throughout, and the modified shoulder region


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And lastly our finished version!


Certainly we agree that everyone should do their research and be confident before placing an order!  If you wish to see more pictures of the process please do let us know – we’ve probably overloaded you already 🙂  And of course if you have any questions drop us a message either here or on Etsy!

— belle couturier —

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Oh wow… what a story. I am stand by my point and I can even show the screengrab of what I have sent though.

I did not plan in giving a bad review to your customer. I merely ask her opinion and experience before I take any decision. She did ask me to post my experience but i told her I do not want to post anything without knowing what to do to be fair.

I can actually screen grab the email regarding the seller did not want to send picture till the dress is done which was sent on the 11 May 2012.

And I have not receive any notivication wither on email or on paypal about exchange rate. So have no idea on how she get the story from.
I can give all the prove that my story is correct when asked.

I still wish Belle Couturer the best in what the do.


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to be fair I think the end product is lovely. But I also see how @Loco2:  thinks that the price doesnt match the dress. It’s a very beautiful dress…..for about $700 max!!  I just does not say $1200 to me.


@bellecouturier:  you admit you’re a new comany…start out humble and charge for the experience you have so far. establish yourselves until you can jusify your prices! simple as!

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i like the dress design you shared. Absolutely gorgeous!!!~ Laughing

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