(Closed) I did something crazy but have NO regrets! Just need to vent!

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I mean, he deserves what he got, but I would think that for your own sanity, you should probably stop online stalking him. 

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Helper bee
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Lol that’s crazy! Good for you– he needs to be held accountable for all of his debts and problems! 

My crazy story–I had a really crazy bf in high school (emotionally manipulative, total narcissist)… we were the same age but I was a senior and he was a junior, I had already been admitted into college and he was just starting to apply to schools. Well, after we had a bad fight I was very emotional and my parents were out of town so I needed someone to talk to. I went to my college admissions counselor and ended up telling her about the whole thing.

Guess what– based on our last names, she was his counselor too! Ha! So now she, I think, really disliked him. When it came time for him to apply to colleges, he wanted to apply early to an Ivy League college that his dad went to (that he honestly wasn’t qualified to get into). He really needed a recommendation from this counselor, and she declined to do so because she said there was no way it would help his case given his poor grades, lack of activities, etc. He didn’t get in! HA! And I don’t think she was particularly helpful during the rest of his admissions process… his mom would always rant about how she thought his counselor had it out for him or was biased against males lol….. little did they know she knew about what a nasty person he was!

And to anyone who thinks I may have played a part in ruining his college chances, he ended up getting into a perfectly good college…. only to fail all of his classes a year later and decide to drop out of school! His college-educated parents allowed him to drop out, and have been financing his travel and hobbies the last few years (because, of course he also isn’t working!). Insane. I’m definitely glad I dodged that bullet! #noregrets

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Good for you.

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I think your focus on him is not healthy. However, most collections agencies will contact current and former associates while trying to skip trace a debtor. It was a matter of time till they reached out to you anyway. “Turning him in” / giving the court his new address is not really out of line. He owes the money, regardless of what a shitty SO he was and whether or not this bee got involved.

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Of course he deserved to get served, but it would have happened eventually without you interfering. The longer it went on, the more he would owe. He wouldn’t be able to run from this forever; people want their money. So if you hadn’t done anything, he would have actually been more screwed than he is now.

All your actions say to me is that you’re hung up on this guy and you have trouble letting go of the past. It’s pathetic. Move on.

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Helper bee

lol what a loser!

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Glorious!!! Mother fucker done fucked around long enough. Time to get real nasty with his slimy arse! I’d keep tabs. Haha revenge please. 

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annonymous243:  maybe I am crazy but haven’t you posted this story several times before under rdifferent names?? I SWEAR I keep reading it…

That said I don’t think you were crazy either, good for you for nailing his deadbeat ass.

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Hell yeah you go girll!!! I don’t think it’s childish when he deserved it & had it coming. I’m tired of people just being lazy and stealing from others that work hard for their money. 

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OP you did the right thing. He is a user.

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….what would be super epic was if there was a bee on here whose Fiance got served court papers a week before their wedding.

Anyone? Anyone?

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I hope that woman did not marry him.

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I hear ‘ya! It is just fun to surf the Web sometimes, curious about what is happening to people in your past, even distant past. It is normal, that is what High School reunions are for!

It is indescribably deliciously satisfying to hear that someone who screwed you over, is being beset with paybacks courtesy of the Universe. YOU are his karma! Karma gave you the tools to report his address to the authorities, who rightfully wanted to bring him to some justice.

You go girl! Now, turn your back on it, say “thank you I am not with him anymore” to your Higher Power, and have a great life!

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you being obsessed with him is crazy (and makes you look jealous… why do you care he proposed in 4 months? why are you happy his wedding is getting cancelled? seems like your not over this)

was it wrong to send them to his address, no… if the come looking for him at your is perfectly normal to say ‘no, he moved here *insert address*’ but everything else is you acting like a stalker


oh and by the way, admitting to commiting a crime on line makes you as bad as him… it is ILLEGAL to open someone elses mail, and use of infomation gained from that is identity theft too – karma swings both ways and you cant catch a criminal by breaking the law

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