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@MuchGreater:  For some of those women (I haven’t watched in a long time), I think they had to be in denial. I’ve asked my mom and some of my friends who’ve had babies, and they said that there’s no way that you can’t figure out during the latter stages, that that’s a baby moving around, not gas!

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My mom was 6 months pregnant with me when she found out. She took multiple pee and blood tests and everything came back negative. They were looking for cancer when they did an ultrasound and found me. She said she felt like she was pregnant (I’m the youngest of 3) but everything was saying she wasn’t.

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My friend’s mom didn’t know she was pregnant. She was under the impression she couldn’t have children. She was significantly overweight and had recently lost a lot of weight, but didn’t think much of it when she gained some of it back.

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@MuchGreater:  my mother was 5 months pregnant with TWINS before she found out—she was really into karate and always had irregular periods—she just thought she was putting on a little weight–actually I’ve seen pics and I wouldn’t know, I guess it’s because she was so fit idk….well she almost passed out during a competition and started throwing up…went to the dr and found out….had us 2 1/2 months later

We were kinda small though….like 2-3 lbs each

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I had a friend who didn’t know until she was 5 months along. My only explanation is that denial is a powerful thing.

I’m 10 weeks pregnant now, and I feel pregnant every single day. I can’t feel a baby or anything, but I feel so completely off and different that I’d be at the doctor’s office everyday trying to figure out what was wrong with me if it was something other than pregnancy.

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@highwire:  Congrats Highwire! so exciting!

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No, never have been pregnant but I swear this show freaks me out.  One of my fears is that I’ll just pop out a baby one day.  

Sometimes I feel like they are just in denial though.

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I had a co worker who didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 5 months along. She was overweight, so the weight gain with the baby wasn’t really that obvious. Not sure, but she must have already had irregular periods, since you’d think that would have been her first clue.

I don’t get the stories on that show about women who didn’t know they were pregnant until they were in labor. Please.

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When I was in jr. high one of my cousins friends (they were in high school, 10th grade maybe) gave birth to a baby that she claims she didn’t know was inside of her. She was small to begin with and didn’t gain very much weight. I remember seeing her a few months before her baby was born and she honestly didn’t look pregnant, just a little chubby around the middle. Maybe she had symptoms and what not but chose to ignore them thinking they were something totally unrelated. I still find it a little hard to believe that there could be a life inside of you that you don’t know about but I’ve also never been pregnant so I don’t know what it feels like. 

I also know people who didn’t find out until later on in their pregnancies due to being on the heavier side. I’m always worried this is going to happen to me. My cycle is so irregular that I could potentially be into the second trimester before I even thought anything was up. 

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I know a person who was taking birth control her ENTIRE pregnancy and had light spotting that she thought were periods. At 7 1/2 months along she got clots in her legs (from being pregnant and on BC) and was rushed to the ER where they found out that she was pregnant. That day her bf proposed to her and her baby was born. Honestly she had an incredibly athletic build and a flat stomach!

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On some of those episodes I’m like you are crazy how did you not know !!! But on a lot of those episodes some of the ladies are larger so that migh explain it, I do think some are in denail, and for a few who had kids it might truly be that they didn’t know, it also seems in a lot of these cases where the people don’t gain any weight, and have what they think are “periods”, and the baby is under or behind the ribcage(or something like that),There was a lady on there with a picture of her on the beach at seven months and she had freaking abs!

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There was a teenager at my old high school (this was after I graduated) that said she didn’t know she was pregnant and was rushed to the hospital at 7 months with pre-eclampsia. One emergency ultrasound later, they found a baby. She says she had no idea, but honestly I think she just couldn’t deal with telling her parents.

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I know two separate girls who were 6 months along before they found out. They didn’t gain that much weight, and didn’t really have many other symptoms. They continued to spot when they were supposed to have their periods and thought everything was ok. I also had one friend who said that she “knew” right away. I guess it all depends on the person.

The idea of not knowing until late in my pregnancy has always scared the crap out of me! I’m honestly very nervous about pregnancy in general, I’m a worry by nature though


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My mom didn’t know she was pregnant with me until she was 6 months along. Any weight gain was excused by the fact that her weight was always fluctuating. She still had occasional bleeding and her period was always irregular anyway (plus she was 39 and may have figured her cycle was changing as she neared menopause). Also, I was a very small (under 6 pounds at birth) and calm fetus, so there wasn’t much movement for her to feel.

I don’t know what actually prompted her to finally explore the possibility that she could be pregnant…all I know is that she was very surprised to find out that she only had a few months to go lol.

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