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@kate169:   Your post says you don’t get why people thank God for things, so some people are answering that. No big deal! I like hearing everyone’s point of view.

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Some background before my response: I was raised Catholic/Presbyterian (weird mix, believe me!) but I have some issues with it (I’m not going into that right now.) and now I consider myself a Pagan because while I do believe and follow some of the Catholic faith rituals, I also pull stuff from a lot of other religions.  That being said, I believe in a Lord AND a Goddess.  I believe everything has an opposite – good/evil, male/female, etc.


So, I figured I would jump into this conversation because I completely agree with OP.  When I hear people thank G-d for every little thing I get annoyed. Also agree with PPs about people overusing the phrase ‘thank G-d’.  I do know that I do it a lot more in a sarcastic manner like an annoying person finally shutting up when I’m trying to study and in my head I scream ‘THANK G-D!’ or I’ll mutter it to myself.  Regardless – I do thank the Lord (and the Goddess I believe in) for the good things in life but I also recognize the bad things and when I pray, I often ask for the bad things to go away.  In fact, most of my prayers are about making the bad things go away and then randomly if I’m feel ridiculously grateful I will pray about all the good and thank them a heaping tonne.  Then I’ll bring in something about a sick friend or family member or something.

I hate selfish people and I have had my quite fair share of illnesses and injuries in the last 6 months so only recently if I wish upon a star or pray I will throw in something about not getting worse myself and I know I’ve been neglecting other things (which I now feel horrible about).  However, I would never EVER, EVER in my life, thank G-d for getting me free ice cream or a free necklace or whatever.  I do believe everything happens for a reason, but I have yet to figure out if it is the master plan of a higher being or just the fates of life and the way things are supposed to happen.

Also, to the PP whose friend told them that stuff about their stillborn child, Moose – I would have slapped her if I was you! That was completely uncalled for from her!  I am so sorry that you lost your baby and while he can now be your guardian angel, I know how horribly it hurts for that to happen (I lost my baby brother.).  If anyone else ever says that or brings it, you should rightly punch them!

Sorry this is such a long post! :/

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@SimplyChic11:  I agree with you. I believe in God, too, and (I hope) I would never say, “I know God exists because I got a great deal on lobster today.” That’s just so . . . NOT the point. God is so much bigger than that. That is all.

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Man, now I want some free froyo.  Will pray later.

I think it is strange that some people don’t take responsibility and instead attribute everything to God.  It’s like the opposite of what you’re saying, when people blame God or leave things completely in his hands.  A (former) friend of mine would not take any initiative or anything when it came to guys, because “God has a plan” and she wanted God to make something happen for her.  She is chronically single and hates it, but still is leaving it all to God.  What if God wants you to stand up for yourself and make a move?  

I’m barely a Christian anymore because organized religion drives me crazy promoting a lot of ideas like that…  Sometimes things work out well, sometimes they don’t, but you really can’t attribute everything to God’s influence, in my mind.  Better to just do your best to live like a decent human being, try to be happy, and work towards your goals.  But, that is just my waning Christian opinion…

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