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MissKayteeDee:  Jesus Christ, where do you work that someone who is so alcoholic that their OB/GYN recommends 2 drinks a day while pregnant to avoid seizures, can be a boss long-term?

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Maybe it’s time to separate professional life and personal life? She belongs to your professional part. Whatever she says, just nods, say something supportive, or just say nothing. There is no need to get into anything with her since she is not your friend.

It must be so hard that she is your boss. Crazy people are everywhere. I try my best to stay focused on my job and sometimes I pretend I am deaf.


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Wow!  I’m speechless! Sorry you have to work for/with her.

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I am unable to conceive, and because I cannot, I guess I am more sensitive to this.  When I go to the gynecologist and see (very) young pregnant girls there complaining and whining to their moms, I want to yell at them how oblivious they are to the blessing inside them..and at a previous job I had, a customer came in for compressions stockings for her leg swelling, and bitched and complained to me and a fellow co-worker who is also unable to conceive.  She was very lucky to have made it out alive LOL.  

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MissKayteeDee:  I am so sorry you are having such a tough time getting pregnant. TTC is so tough. However, the first trimester of pregnancy is also so hard. Even if you wanted a baby so badly. Your boss is a piece of work and something special (2 drinks a day? Whining about pregnancy at work? It is so nuts), but try and have some sympathy. Her head is probably in the toilet multiple times a day and she can barely stay awake past 8pm. My pregnancy was very wanted and took awhile to get, but man I had no idea how miserable I was going to be. And I had an easy pregnancy.

I really, really hope you get a positive soon. And when you have a growing, thriving fetus that makes you feel like shit, you may understand her venting. But I trust you will have way more class than she does ๐Ÿ™‚

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A little different scenario, but a friend of mine has been trying to get pregnant for years and has had no success (IVF, other treatments, etc), and her and her hubby finally adopted 3 kids this year after fostering.

But, the wife of a mutual friend got pregnant right away a couple years ago, and complained the ENTIRE pregnancy on how much it sucked being pregnant. She’d complain to the friend mentioned above, and that friend hated her for complaining when all she wanted was to be in her shoes and pregnant.

Some people are just so insensitive.

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Unfortunately, some people are just ignorant assholes.

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Alcoholics in general are selfish people. Sensitivity towards others is usually low on thier list of priorities. It sounds like she’s off the rails anyway if she’s coming to work already drunk. You have to try and not take her comments personal. The last thing you want is to say something you regret to your boss who has the ability to fire you but that obviously does not have proper or rational judgement.

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I worry for her baby. ๐Ÿ™  Even if the baby gets out without FAS, your boss doesn’t sound like she’s ready to care for another human being (she doesnt seem to even care for herself).

Sorry you need to see her do this to herself and her baby every day–that can’t be easy.

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This woman sounds like a trainwreck.  That said, I will echo what some other posters have said about first trimester.  This will likely be my only pregnancy/baby because I have been so sick and exhausted.  I can’t take time off from work.  if I had known how sick I would be, I might have reconsidered having a baby. . . And this is a very wanted baby.  We know we were blessed to have such an easy time with fertility, but it doesn’t negate the fact that after work I crawl into bed and can’t get out until the morning.  Thank goodness I have a supportive husband.  He’s been without a partner and picking up my share of housework for almost 2 months now.  I don’t think I can do this to him again. 

This woman should have been more careful, but she’s doing it alone, likely on the verge of losing a job and with a disease.  It’s only going to get more difficult if she has a special needs child due to her drinking.  It’s not fair that she was able to get pregnant so easily and she should have more tact.  However, her situation is not enviable just because she’s having a baby.  

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MissKayteeDee:  I am thinking that the 2 drinks thing is probably true because when you are a hardcore alcoholic you can’t just stop drinking because you can have a stroke and die. Usually someone medically detoxes when they quit drinking but when your pregnant it might cause too much stress on the baby and you could miscarry. I am guessing it is along the same reasoning why they tell heavy smokers not to quit but try to cut back because it stresses the baby too much.

But seriously this is why we have options if you don’t want a baby it’s pretty easy to make sure you don’t.

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