I don’t like Facebook anymore

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Helper bee
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I just hide people who post constantly about political agendas.   I even have been accosted by a “friend” wanting to sell me the last weight  loss fad and if I become a seller then we could be makign money together.   Yeah I’m not into being about of MLMs.

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Buzzing bee

trackwise :  I agree. I actually deleted mine several weeks ago because I got sick of seeing so many people essentially shoving this image of “hey! Look how happy I am!!” down my throat at every turn. Not that I don’t believe they’re happy, but social media seems to portray an oversimplification of people’s lives. 


I never posted anything really because I didn’t enjoy feeling like I was overcompensating for anything in my life. Everything isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, so it just hasn’t ever felt right to me to only show that to other people. 


Also, I wasted colossal amounts of time using it. Now I’m happier wasting colossal amounts of time here, instead 😁 I  love weddingbee because you get to see people’s really really good times and really really bad times, and I feel comfortable sharing those same instances about myself here that I’d *never* want to share on Facebook.

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the B/S/T and mommy groups i’m in have taken over my feed.  i like it.  i sell a lot of stuff and find a lot of great deals.

i don’t really use fb for much else anymore.

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Worker bee

trackwise :  i hate Facebook. All social media to be exact. and even though I may get roasted for saying this (but whatever) people need to put down their phones and actually engage with the people around them. People want to act all hard (even on this site) and have lame keyboard wars and make people feel horrible about themselves when you know they wouldn’t have the balls to say it to your face were they in person. It’s like the anonymity gives courage which is honestly sad. Social media has become a platform to become big headed, vain, rude, super sexual (thank god my man doesn’t use social media because every platform now has a DM box that ruins relationships because there’s so many hot options) and then on top of it everything you post is now the property of the government and easily found by the worlds growing online fraudsters. Yay for social media! 

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The only reason I still use FB is for the groups that I am in, which I do enjoy. Everything from my due date group, dog groups, a group of friends I made while I was married to my ex, certain beauty care groups, etc. I rarely scroll my feed at all. 

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Helper bee

I had no idea you could delete Facebook! This is great news!

I haven’t been on Facebook in about 6 years, at that time there was only the option to deactivate the account. I’ve just deleted mine, finally 🙂

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You can delete it now?? Dang. That’s cool. I got my account when it was still college-only back in 2007. I miss the way it used to be sometimes. Who remembers “Pieces of Flair” ?!

I like posts from the groups I am in.. Mostly Cats and Childfree. Other than that I snooze people, especially if they have a lot of baby posts (no offense, just not for me). I agree there are a lot of clickbait-y things on your feed nowadays. And fb is a big time sink. I have been spending more time on a couple restaurant app games I play! I don’t post as much as I used to… And I feel like a lot of times I am on fb and end up comparing my life to someone else’s. Not good for you! I like Snap second, and then Insta. I agree that it’s annoying on the other platforms you have to post a pic with what you say.. 

I know a lot of people became annoyed when their parents joined. I am lucky in that my mom doesn’t use social media. Mother-In-Law does, but I’m cool with her seeing all the details of my life lol!

My fiance hates social media but now has to use it for his small business.

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Bumble bee

I deleted mine 5 years ago. I think a lot of people hold on to facebook due to “fear of missing out”. You’ll realize after a week that you aren’t missing anything of value.

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Yeah i agree, used to love it but now almost the entire newsfeed is ads or videos 😑

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Yep, same here.  I unfollowed a lot of people but still just find it entirely draining.  I still have an account but I check it like maybe once every 2-3 weeks for less than 5 minutes and then I’m over it.  I keep thinking about deleting it but there are some people I have no other way of contacting if I ever needed to.  Idk.  My SO deleted his months ago and says it was one of the best decisions he ever made lol

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