I eat like crap and i hate it! how to change diet for the better.

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What about crockpot meals? They basically cook themselves 

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#1 piece of advice, and what mainly works for me, is not to buy it.  If it’s not in my home I’m not eating it.  If it is in my home, I’m probably eating it.  That may mean throwing away junk and treats that are already in your home right now.  For example, I only let myself buy cheese crunchies from Trader Joe’s twice a year, it will dissappear within 2 days in my home, so I just can’t even entertain it at the store.


Likewise, have healthy snacks on hand.  If you’re having a craving, you’re less likely to give into junk if you have some nuts, or a piece of fruit sitting nearby.


My 2nd piece of advice, is habbit.  It takes about 2 weeks for habbits to form, so – tough through the change of eating pattern for just 2 weeks, and I bet you’ll be less tempted after that.


Unfortunately there’s no magical tip here, other than once you make the decision to change, be strong and trust the process.  It will probably be uncomfortable for about 2 weeks and then you’ll find it gets easier.

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I agree with crock pot meals. I will put everything in the crock pot liner the night before in the fridge, and then just wake up, turn it on and go! 

The other thing is to get snacks prepped and ready to go. It definitely doesn’t take a whole day to cut up fruits and veggies and put them in little snack bags. You could do enough for 2-3 snacks a day in less than an hour. Same with nuts. As soon as I get anything home from the store, I immediately cut it up and put it in baggies so I can grab and go. Otherwise it just goes bad in its whole form because I never have the time. But if I cut it up as I’m putting away groceries anyway, then I can do it pretty easily! 

I also prep food at night. I hate spending my weekend doing it, so I usually do it on Monday night. I go to the gym, then come home and fix food. I just make one big recipe and eat on it all week. Or if I do chicken breasts, I season them differently and just cook them all at the same time. Since I have to cook them anyway, I figure I might as well just add in extra ones for the week! 

Stick with easy recipes that can be prepped and cooked fairly quickly. Pintrest has a ton! 

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There are healthy frozen meals.

I personally love frozen meals mainly because I can only have limited gluten and dairy. And TV dinners are the best way to get variety for me. What I recommend is meals with less flour because pasta isn’t that nutritious to replace your fiber intake eat burritos(beans have crazy vitamins and minerals). Also try to eat less potatoes, unless you are low on carbs for the day all they are is carbs. I would choose the frozen meals with like a meat and veggies or meat veggie rice. (Asain/ oriental is usually healthy).

What I do is think of your taste buds, do you have cravings? If your cravings aren’t healthy, try to think of a healthy replacement. Like chocolate, eat dark chocolate instead. Sweet tooth? Have you tried banana ice cream? It’s bomb. Also it’s ok to have bad things here and there. They say the more variety you eat while your Prego the more the baby will eat. So try anything healthy. Lol

I wish you luck. 

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Kslim13 :  the frozen prepared food from trader Joe’s isn’t so bad. Do you live close by one? Healthier frozen food is still better than fresh unhealthy food. Lean cuisine, lean pockets… I know they aren’t the best, but better than a bag of chips. 

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Bee, given what you said about meal prepping being the only way for you to eat healthy, I would recommend something like HelloFresh or Blue Apron.

I’ve had HelloFresh for a while and I really like it. If you break down the per-unit cost ingredients-wise it probably won’t save you money IF you already knew exactly what you were buying, but to me the amount of time and mental energy it saves me from doing meal planning is worth it. 

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I came in to say a lot of what PPs already said. On top of that, similar ot “habit”, you should retrain your tastebuds. Start reducing salt, sugar and added oil and you’ll learn to appreciate the natural taste of food. Soon you’ll realise a lot of processed food is way too salty or sickly sweet, and a lot of vegetables are naturally pretty sweet. Worked for me!

I assume you’re pregnant with your first baby? That could be your motivation. Your child is going to grow up watching how and what you eat. Lead by example. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your child!

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Is there a store near you where you can get meals that are partly prepped? I pick up a lot of partway prepared ingredients from Trader Joe’s (frozen burgers, soup, grain mixes, etc) that really cuts down on prepped time. It makes it easier for me to eat healthy when it doesn’t take so long to do it! I also like to eat the same thing every day for breakfast; I get on a kick and prepare a whole week’s worth at once. Then in the morning I just have to heat it up or mix things together. I would disagree with ordering something like HelloFresh just becaues the calories are SO HIGH! Most of their meals run between 600-800 calories per serving or more! I think that planning your own meals that are centered around vegetables is a better way to have a lasting effect. In my opinion, using meal delivery services is only a tiny step up from frozen meals. It’s important to change your relationship with food, not just the food you eat.

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If you have simple taste buds, its super easy to bake an easy meat/fish and steam/stir fry some veggies.  Just salt/pepper, some other spice sprinkled on the meat makes for a super healthy meal without a lot of extra junk and takes like no time to prep and cook.  The problem with people who say they have no time I find most the time is that the meal is just too elaborate.  

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Echo what PPs have said.  Additionally, don’t let yourself get too hungry. When you’re absolutely starving, a slice of carrot cake will be a whole lot more tempting than a carrot. Do you have a blender? I enjoy green juices and they’re a great way to add in a ton of fruits and veggies. You can start with mostly fruit and then start transitioning to more veggies if that’s more palatable for you. I make some delicious smoothies with all kinds of fruits+spinach, even though I always scoffed at the idea of them before my mom got me hooked. 

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As a part of working to lose weight I decided not to eat out at all in September and the biggest thing I learned from that was that there are SO many homemade meals you can whip up in 15-20 minutes without any meal prepping. Crockpots are great too. Dinner is ready when you get home and it usually makes a lot so you get leftovers too.

Honestly, it’s really just about how much you want to make a lifestyle change vs just keeping things the way they are. It will take work, it may be hard or frustrating at first, but after awhile it just becomes habit.

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I echo a PP, think of your favourite cheat meals and think of or google a healthy alternative.  If you try and completely change your eating habits overnight, it’s very unlikely it will stick. 

One of my favourite lunches is to buy a roast chook from the supermarket and strip the skin and meat off and keep it in a bowl in the fridge.  Then I use those steam fresh veggie bags (broccoli carrot and corn is my favourite), whack it in the microwave, then pour it in a bowl.  I put some of the stripped chicken straight in and mix it around.  It heats the chicken up without that yuck microwaved chicken flavour.  Yummy serving of veggies + protein in a couple of minutes.

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What about your husband? Is he able to prep some of the meals or help out a bit?

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I meal prep my proteins on a free day and freeze ahead for a couple of weeks.  This is great with soups and stews from the crockpot, or with things like pulled chicken or pork.  Very easy to freeze/reheat.  As for veggies, get the Steamfresh bags, pop them in the microwave, and five minutes later, you have veggies as a side with your pre-cooked protein.  Another easy thing for breakfast is to make a huge batch of egg muffins (I put ham and spinach and roasted peppers in mine, with a bit of cheese), and then freeze to reheat.  Make life easier on yourself. 

I’m also about to do Nutrisystem again to get back to my maintenance weight, as it takes all the guesswork out of it for me.  I’m an attorney and have a busy schedule.  Making things easy on myself is the best decision I can make.  I can’t recommend Nutrisystem for a pregnant Bee, but there are other delivery services that might work, especially post-pregnancy.  

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