(Closed) I failed my diet and feeling extra discouraged!!

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You didn’t fail.  You had a bit of a slip up, that’s all.  If you’ve lost 4 pounds that is FAR from a fail.  I do think though, that diets which mean you have to cut out things (and subsequently crave them) are always going to have this effect.  I lost 25 pounds through calorie counting but still eating chocolate, having the occasional drink and not depriving myself.  Could you keep going, but rather than going cold turkey on all those things, cut them out one by one over a period of weeks?  You may find it easier with the cravings.

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I say just shake it off and start over. Look into recipes that would let you cheat while still staying on your diet. Think of it as a cheat day, allow it to happen every so often (think once a week of every 2 weeks) don’t beat yourself up though

Also maybe ask SO to help you out and not leave cookies around tempting you? Is SO doing the diet with you/can they?

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This is why I shake my head at diets and other similar types of eating plans. Like a PP said, they all tend to have an effect like this.

You didn’t fail! You enjoyed your day. Just get back to healthy eating tomorrow. 

It’s so tough to completely cut out specific types of foods. Especially all at once. If you slip up, it’s okay! You’re human. Your body craved something. Go for a walk tomorrow morning and get right back in the swing of things. Drink lots of water. This isn’t sustainable though 🙁 Consider a plant based diet or less meat. And allow treats  otherwise you’ll just want them more.


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First to clarify, Paleo is not a radical diet but a change of nutrition that is meant to last for the rest of your life. You did the 21 day sugar detox that many do in combination with the paleo diet.

That being said, you did not fail. The results will still be there. I have to break it to you though that you wil have more cravings for sugars again. I experienced this with many who did the 21 day sugar detox. The first few days you experience headaches, feel tired and constantly crave sugars (including fruits or honey). The 10 day mark usually is when people start feeling much better…

It is a comman thing that people on a restricted diet go overboard once they started “cheating”. The feeling of “f*** it, I already messed up and my diet is ruined I might as well keep eating crap” is not rational and can be compared to you throwing your phone on the ground and stumping on it just because it got a little scratch.

Moving forward you might should concider starting paleo first and then doing the 21 days sugar detoc challange. With paleo you already cut out the refined sugar but still have things like dark chocolate, fruits, honey, agave, etc to give you the sweet fix you need.

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Dust yourself off and try to do better tomorrow.

Whatever you do, don’t dwell on this and beat yourself up.  That will be utterly counterproductive.  Just do better tomorrow.

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Its fine. Youve had a much needed day off from the diet plan. Enjoy it and get back on track tomorrow. Dont give up because of one day! Its okay to give it a break every now and then as long as you keep on board overall.

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For me diets where it’s all no’s never work because I need moderation. I need one slightly guilty item each day to keep going. Or otherwise I binge out the way you do. 

Maybe for you its the 10 day + 11 day with one day off and thats what works for you. 

Dieting isn’t a one size fits all solution. 

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littlebitlily :  you did not fail! Think of it as a lifestyle change. Plan to have treats so you don’t feel completely deprived. Today is a new day. Don’t get discouraged. I’ve been on my fitness journey for about 4.5 years and there have been times where I could and would eat an entire 11″ pizza by myself! I just got myself together and ate healthy have the next day. It is all about planning and picking yourself back up. You got this! Keep pushing! 

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I used to work in a diet clinic, and I watched ALL of my patients slip up at least once and feel bad. I always told them “one bad day doesn’t make you bad”. Just pick yourself up and keep going. You’ll get there 🙂

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You did not fail, pick yourself back up and keep trucking girlfriend! Shit happens!

I did 2 rounds of whole30 before I was able to kick sugar, sugar is a drug and it is highly addicting, it was my largest struggle. As a personal trainer I see this every single day in my clients. I know that it’s really hard because even paleo can be a drastic change for many people but if this is the change you want to make you CAN do it!

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You absolutely didn’t fail. You had one cheat day, and you’ll get back at it today. You should in no way feel embarrassed.

I have Cushing’s Disease which made me gain a huge amount of weight. The ONLY thing that helps me lose weight is the really restrictive ketogenic diet, which my doctors recommended. It is high fat, moderate protein, low carb. Alllll my favorite foods are carbs (except cheese — cheese is not a carb, thank god). I find that there are times that I can super get in the groove and resist all my favorites. Other times, I need that cheat day and then get back on track the next day. 

I used to totally beat myself up if I slipped up, but then I learned to cut myself a break. Nothing is “fixed” within 21 days. It’s a process, and eventually your goal should be to change your lifestyle, not just go on a bunch of diets. Once my weight is managed with keto and I’m at my old weight, I’m hoping to transition to just eating clean and having occasional cheat days, like I used to before all the pituitary stuff. 

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littlebitlily :  firstly stop being hard on yourself. 


I think eating low fat meals and having plenty of protein and moderate exercise is the way forward. Have one ‘treat day’ a week. This is what I’m doing and I’ve lost over 14lb in a few months. 

I also go to Zumba and the gym (cross trainer, leg press, weights etc x3 per week. 

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I’m on day 11 of Whole30, which is no dairy, no grains, no beans, and no added sugar, no preservatives/sulfites. Quite honestly, I hate dieting and feeling deprived. I felt this way on Weight Watchers, even though you can eat anything. I have lost weight on WW and by calorie counting, but then fall back into old habits. I decided to try Whole30 because I know my eating habits are not good and as I’m getting older, it’s affecting me. So far, so good. The thing I like about Whole30 is that there’s no counting calories or points. I just prepare good quality food and eat when I feel hungry. And I haven’t (yet) missed the sugar, except for the half gallon of almond joy creamer I used to put in my coffee every day. But I can have fruit, so that helps.

The thing is…I was reading the Whole30 timeline, basically a list of the ups and downs a person would experience during the 30 days, based on previous participants. They list days 10 and 11 as “the hardest days” where people are most likely to quit. They say “…and while you’ve been trying to have a really good attitude, today you are incredibly aware of all the foods you’re choosing not to eat right now.” This is normal! This is hard! You are trying to detox from sugar and bad stuff. Like a PP said, detoxing sugar is hard, you’re going to go through a range of emotions both good and bad. You’re not a bad person, you did not fail. Start at Day 1 again or start at day 11 and pretend 10 didn’t happen. There will still be benefits. You can do this. 

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If that was failing then I do that every weekend (and occasionally in the week) and I’m a fitness fanatic in pretty good shape (not to sounds arrogant!) I honestly don’t agree with these diets which do not allow cheat days/meals…I think they are completely unachievable especially if you have any social events involving food and drink. I’ve known so many people do them and they never last (not to be negative but from my experience this is true).

I have always stuck by eating as well as I can in the week then at weekend (usually Saturday) I allow myself to eat what I want. Interestingly though when you do ‘allow’ it you don’t always even want the food that much. The reason you probably craved those cookies so much was because you had told yourself you weren’t allowed them. I admit though, if we have unhealthy food in the house over the week it is very tempting, so we just ensure they is nothing in the house which we can just grab and eat which is remotely unhealthy.

There’s a guy at our gym who has made a transformation from morbidly obese to super slim over the course of a few years. Even he credits his ‘cheat days’ for his success. His cheat day is a Sarturday and he will eat out somewhere unhealthy and enjoy treats. It may not be reccomended by doctors as it is binging in a sense, but it works and allows an element of control to your unhealthy eating. He says without allowing it he probably would have just remained obese and eating unhealthily regularly.

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