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Good luck! I really hope you find something that brings you fulfillment and financial stability. It’ll be hard, but I think we’re all rooting for you. It takes courage to admit what you did here. 

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themoonofhislife:  I’m going to try to contain myself here…you say you don’t even care about kids and you’re GOING TO SCHOOL TO BE A TEACHER???  GET OUT and get out NOW.  I am a teacher and to be completely honest people like you piss me off.  People who say “oh I want to go into teaching so I can have summers off to do what I really love to do!”  Yeahhhhh…there’s actually a hell of a lot more to teaching than that and the fact that you say here that you DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT CHILDREN…you wonder why they walk all over you?  They can TELL you don’t care.  Kids CAN and WILL see right through you.  They already do.  They KNOW you don’t care about them.

I will tell you why I teach — I teach for that moment I reach a challenging student.  I teach because I love shaping young people and their lives ahead.  I teach because I make a difference in students’ lives.  I teach for those kids who come up and give me massive hugs because they think my class is the coolest thing ever.  I teach for those kids who love being in my class.  I teach because I want to help students find the joy of music (I’m a music teacher).  I teach so I can help students express themselves.  I teach because it is WORTH it.  I put in 60+ hours per week easily with my job.  I earn very little per paycheck and if I calculated my hourly salary it would be TINY.  I saw a phrase once that said “I don’t teach for the income, I teach for the outcome” and that is VERY true with teachers who are passionate and love what they do.  I am fueled by my students and their successes.  That is ultimately what drives me.

I know this is harsh and probably hard to hear but there are already too many teachers who don’t care and just are in it for the paycheck.  I repeat, get out and get out now.  You would do yourself and any future students you may have a HUGE favor.

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ljm308:  +1000000, reading the “I can’t stand children” line made me feel sick as an educator. Tack this on to my list of reasons why I hate getting a sub in my classroom. I’m going in tomorrow with a super sore throat and feeling like crap because a good sub is impossible to find, I feel so guilty leaving my kiddos with someone who would treat them with that attitude even for a day…

OP, there are careers for everyone. Teaching is not yours, please find another career path like…yesterday. 

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If you know in your heart you don’t want to pursue teaching, stop. You will be miserable AND be a huge disservice to the kids in your classroom. If you have a creative side, look at pairing that talent with technology (CAD, illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress..) such as a graphic artist, design websites, write content for ads, online content…..you can free lance and set your own hours or work for a firm. You are young, don’t settle if you know you won’t enjoy working as a teacher.

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I know exactly how you feel. I’m a few years older than you (27), and I spent the past 5 years searching for my calling in life. I graduated from school at 22 and realized that the career I had planned all long was not right for me – I just could not see myself spending my days (much less years) doing that job. I did some wandering in the past 5 years: moved across the country 3 times, worked in 3 different jobs, did lots of volunteering, traveled, discovered new hobbies, and met a lot of incredible people (including my FI!). I finally got the guts last year to quit my job that I hated and go back to school for a complete career change, and I’m SO happy with my decision.

My advice is, do not be afraid of exploring your interests. It sounds like teaching is not right for you, and it leaves you unfulfilled. You probably don’t want to look back on your life and wonder what could’ve been if you had taken a risk instead of staying in a career you don’t love.

Take that month and write the script, go volunteer at different places (even at a tattoo parlor – that way you’ll see exactly what the daily life of a tattoo artist is), get out of your comfort zone. Once you find the thing that is right for you, you’ll know 🙂

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Yah these are horrible factors to consider when becoming a teacher.  I mean, you spend close to 8 hours with kids and you can’t stand them? Please leave being a teacher to those who actually want to.

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“Actually the students Ive taught have said Im their favorite “teacher””

Really? Because you just said this:

“Plus as a substitute I try to care and they just walk all over me and they couldn’t care less about school or me or anything. Its infuriating.”

So…..which is it?

Look, I’m not one of those teacher martyrs who is going to tell you how teaching is the haaaaaaaaaaaaaardest job in the world but I give it my all anyway because I just love my students so much. I care about them, of course- a lot. But I don’t spend every waking hour making cute worksheets or spend thousands of dollars of my own money buying resources.

Being a “favorite” teacher does not automatically mean you’re a good teacher. I’ve never had a student tell me I was their favorite after they ace a hard math test or move up a reading level. I’ve heard it plenty after a particularly fun Christmas party of field trip, though.

I have to say, you seem pretty naive and immature. ou’re able to be honest with yourself, though, which is awesome. I would take some time away from school to maybe gain some more life experience. Work retail and work on your scripts, pursue your creative interests. Go back to school once you figure out what you want to do (so you don’t waste money going from program to program!). And realize being an adult comes with some level of balance- most people don’t get to do what they love 24/7- at least not without a TON of hard work and sacrifice.


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themoonofhislife:  As a teacher, I am kind of appalled that you’re going into this profession when you basically…well, hate children. Please dont pursue this any further. 


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themoonofhislife:  I’m not a teacher and find it sad that the only reason you’ve chosen that path is because of the time off.  You’re getting defensive because others are calling you out on what you’ve said.

We would all love to make a ton of money doing our dream jobs but that’s not reality.  You’re young enough where you have the luxury of knowing this career isn’t for you.  Sit down and look at all your options as you don’t want to get a degree that you’ll never use, in a field where you admitted that you hate kids.  Plus, it’s expensive to keep changing your mind.  

If I was in your position, I would get the heck out.

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Hi Bee! I KNOW the feeling you are having. I went to school for accounting, started working in it, and I hate it. I’m sick of people telling me it’s going to get better or to stick it out until XYZ. The truth is- I am miserable and I refuse to live life like this.

I say pursue your passion, and the money will follow. I’m taking a major paycut to go into billing, which I found out before starting in accounting that I love. Not everyone is going to be happy (My parents criticize my decision everyday), but YOU need to consider YOUR happiness. There is no point waking up everyday and doing something you hate.

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themoonofhislife:  Believe me, I do know. I subbed about 6 months in one middle school in an area where poverty and social issues abound- meaning lots of kids with 0 support at home, abuse and neglect, no incentive to want to do well at school and a general mistrust by parents of a traditional school system. Of course there were lots of wonderful kids as well but a huge majority who thought nothing of telling you to f-off, physically threatening you, laughing in your face when you ask them to do something they don’t want to do, crumpling up their work and throwing it on the floor, personal comments about how you have a zit or you look ugly today- not to mention the numerous fights I had to break up in class.

Then I took over a teacher’s contract who left, which meant more of the same disrespect daily because I wasn’t their old teacher coupled with a general mistrust because their first teacher left so I probably would too. The next year I subbed at the local high school with many of the same issues. So yeah, I do know what it’s like to be constantly disrespected and tested. Who’s assuming more than they should now?

In what way are you immature? Well, to start there’s the “I want to be a teacher for the summers off”. The way you responded ljm with “well actually the kids love me, SO THERE”. The fact that you feel the need to retaliate by calling me rude. Your numerous other posts about your issues and insecurities with your Fiance. I’m only responding to what you post on here- that’s all I have to go on! Of course I’m assuming some things- that’s the nature of boards like this.

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