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I know it can vary but I was pregnant within two months. Good luck!

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I think they say the average is a year of unprotected sex. Don’t worry, my gyno told me it can take a while for your body to be used to trying.

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It all depends on timing. Sperm can live up to 72 hours once inside where it needs to be. But your egg only lasts about 12-24 hours. Have you been regular the months you weren’t on BC?

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Try having sex every 3 days 🙂 That’s how it worked for me LOL.

Ok really though, it can depend how long you were on birth control, and how often you have sex. It can take a few months to get your cycles back and start ovulating. (For my first, I was on birth control for several years, stopped and it took about 6 months to get pregnant). 

You only ovulate 1 day a month, and for approx 24 hours, so you have to hit that window. Sperm can live anywhere from 3-5 days inside you, so that helps your odds.

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birth control is “out of your system” pretty much immediately, but it can take a few cycles for your body to regularize itself. 

i have the same, unwarranted fear that i won’t be able to get pregnant, so i totally understand! just try not to worry about it, and trust that it will happen.

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I’ve heard it can take up to 6 months to get all the chemicals from BC pills out of your body. I’ve been on BC since I was 16 and honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t have an oops at some point. However, like you, I’m also a bit concerned in the back of my mind that I never did….. (and happy, we’re not ready for kids!) But like the PPs said, it’s a timing thing really. Some women seem to be crazy fertile (my sister had a friend who got pregnant THREE times on BC and using condoms!!!), and plenty of others who have their BC work perfectly no matter if they take it religiously or mess it up every now and then.

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I think those of us that have taken BC for a long time and been totally freaked out about accidentally getting pregnant expect that without BC it’s just happens.  I wish I knew more during all those years of worrying!  I’m on month 4; I think my cycle is just starting to regularize…

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I feel you girl.  I’ve used the withdrawal method of birth control for the past 10 years with three different partners.  While I’m glad I never got pregnant, a little part of me is always thinking “uh oh, should I be concerned about potential fertility issues? Am I really lucky, or really UNLUCKY?” Makes me want to just stop “not” trying right now just to know one way or the other. I think the fact that you start and stop taking the pill has a lot to do with your situation though, so I wouldn’t be too terribly concerned. 

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I’ve never been on bc before this month and we’ve been dating 6 years. But we’ve ALWAYS used condoms, and Fiance is soo extremely careful with using them perfectly. 

And yet, I still wonder in the back of my mind how I haven’t had 1 scare in 6 years lol. My periods are perfectly regular (I can set a watch by them – every 28 days at 11pm!) It’s not that I want a scare, or wanted to have kids in the past 6 years, but that doesn’t mean I worry less.

I think that fear is just innate in women…biologically, we are made to bear children. I’m not saying that is our only “role” in life because thankfully now we live in a society where we can choose our own paths, but evolutionarily that is our role. The fear of not being able to fill that role probably plagues a lot of us.

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I got off bc in February, started TTC in May, and finally conceived in November. I’m 24, my husband is 23. It still took us 7 months even though we were in the height of our fertility. I’m still praying for a full-term, live delivery every day. Because it just seems that reproducing is a pretty finicky process!

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I know what you mean, but chances are you ARE normal and WILL be able to conceive. There are actually very few days in a month that you can get pregnant, and everything has to be timed perfectly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “accidents” and unwanted pregnancies out there, which makes you think it is super easy to get pregnant. BUT I think it’s pretty normal to try for 6 months- 1 year to get pregnant. So the odds that you didn’t get pregnant when you were off birth control here and there are pretty normal. Again, everything (ovulation, sex, sperm swimming to egg) have to be timed absolutely perfectly.

And if you had sex every few days (3-4) when you were off birth control, the timing might not have lined up.

So I wouldn’t worry too much. One thing you could do when you get off birth control is to try charting (tcoyf.com). This will help you see exactly when (if) you are ovulating.

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