(Closed) I feel like a loser. I need guidance please!

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@AquaGrey8962:  its never too late im 39 and just got my GED and im starting community collage in January its never too late and im so sorry for what happen to you but dont let it stop you from bettering yourself

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Bee Keeper

It really isn’t ever too late, until you give up the drive. At 28 I sure hope that’s a very long way off! There are plenty of “mature” graduate students. I’m talking way older than you. You can get your PhD at any age. I have a friend who likes to say that when she finishes her PhD she’s trading in her student discount card for a senior discount card. It’s funny but not an exaggeration!

As for kids, you have to decide when you want to have them (personally I don’t think this needs to be rushed, you’ve still got lots of time) and when you do, do you want to be in school or at work, or do you want to be home full time with the kids? Any of those could work, but what do you want?

Nothing has been closed off to you, the world is your oyster 🙂 Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what you’d like best in life.


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28 is young! My fiance is working full time and doing a degree part time aged 24, he’ll probably finish that then do a PGCE (a teacher training year) and become a teacher around aged 29.

My cousin got pregnant in her first year of her degree but she carried on, got a really high grade and now has a well paid job in something to do with finance.

Please don’t give up on yourself.

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@AquaGrey8962:  Don’t feel stupid! I’ve a few years younger than you, but have been in a very similar spot. I always excelled at school and figured I’d finish my degree in four years no problem, but that didn’t happen. It doesn’t say anything about you as a person – what says much more about you is the fact that you’re not looking to give up or go the easy route, you want to do whatever’s necessary to get a job/career you want!

1, can I use my associates degree to get a better job than retail? if so, what? can i work at said job while going to school at the same time? That depends…you didn’t say what your associates degree is in. Does your former school offer any sort of career services? Many do. And it never hurts to brush up your resume and start sending it out! It can take awhile to find a new job, but it’s great you already have something right now (even if it’s retail…that’s what I do so I definitely understand wanting something better!), but improving your resume and working on your interview skills is always a good thing.

2, is it too late for me?? should I just drop out and stop trying to do something with my life?? It’s never too late! How sad would it be at any point, but especially in your 20s or 30s, to just decide this is as good as it’s getting and stop trying to make your life any better?!

3, what if I wanted to have kids? can I have a baby and go to school to finish my degree? Tougher question. Not going to lie to you, it can be really hard to work and have a baby and finish your degree. I have about a year and a half to go on mine, and we have been saving up money so that after I have the baby (we’re expecting in May!) I will stay at home with the baby for the first couple of years, and during that time I will finish my degree (I’m lucky, my college offers my specific degree through completely online classes). When do you think you might start trying to have kids? If you’re going to need two incomes, having a baby while finishing your degree can take more planning.

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I kind of understand your situation. I’m also 28 but I graduated 6 years ago and have a decent paying job. BUT I know I need to do something else and whatever it is I know I’m going to have to study for it. The thought just scares me. I’m engaged, planning to get married, want to have kids in the next couple of years – how the hell am I going to make it happen?! I think my problem is that I overthink it way too much. I just need to decide and do!

My Fiance is 29 and is now studying part time for the first time since high school. 

My dad was 33 when he finished some post grad teaching certificate. He also managed to complete it with 2 girls under 6 years old at home while essentially single parenting us since my mom was so sick she was in and out of hospital that entire year. 

My mom became a certified financial planner while she was in her 40’s. That was after she got her real estate licence.

Point is, like anything, you can make it happen! put your mind to it and just believe in yourself. 


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It is absolutely not to late for you to start school.  I am not in the field that i want to be in and I have every intention to go back to school when I am financially ready.  But that won’t be until I am well into my 30’s. 

Also if you do decide to have babies you can make it work.  I am not going to tell you that it won’t be hard, because it will.  But there are assistance programs that will help you regarding that.  Make sure you use your resources.  If you are honestly willing to do whatever it takes to get your degree then it will happen.

Good Luck! 🙂

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Oh girl, I feel ya.  I got an associate’s degree and it helped me land a documentation clerk job at a medical device company.  It’s an hourly position and 6 years ago I started at $15/hour.  You could also get an administrative assistant position with an associate’s degree.  It opens up more jobs in the big company world. 

What are you truly passionate about? Is it nutrition? Then go for it. It’s not too late.  But don’t shoot yourself in the foot and spend all kinds of money on a degree that won’t get you a job you will enjoy.

I am also still trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, I shot myself in the foot a few years ago and I’m getting a degree in a field I don’t really like. Don’t do that to yourself!  Keep at it.  Education is important.

Also, the best part about working for this big medical device company is that it offers tuition reimbursement.  Many big companies do that.

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It’s not too late.  I’m 30 and a junior in college working on my bachelor’s.  If I were you, I’d go back and try to get a degree beyond an associate’s.  In this job market, there are so many educated people out there that don’t have jobs.  But you have to have at least the same level of education as they do to compete with them for jobs.  It’s almost like the associate is the new high school diploma.  

I decided to go back to school because I don’t want to spend my life where the most I’ll ever earn in a year is $25k.  I was an administrative assistant.  Some people are happy making that amount, but I just couldn’t see myself not making more than that at age 40.

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