I feel like a teenager again! Breaking out post-BC.

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Same thing happened to me!  It lasted about 2 months and it was in the same places that you described.


I now don’t touch my face or rest my chin on my hands.  I use a clay mask every once in awhile and went back to using Neutrogena acne face wash.  I haven’t had a break out now since I started that!  I also use a Clinique spot remover thing if I see one coming. 

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@JaneyD: I feel like I could’ve written your post! I am the SAME way! And most acne creams are too harsh for my face and make me break out in a ridiculous rash!

I’ve never had acne before either and the breakouts are out of control. Please tell me it gets better as my hormones stablize!

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Same thing for me!! I was on BC for ~2 1/2 yrs and my skin was nearly flawless most of the time. Then I went off of it because I wasn’t like some side effects. Well, it’s a year later now and I still have more acne than I feel someone in their 20s should have. I’m also getting acne on my back which I never had even as a teenage. I thought it would clear up by now, but that symptom, along with others, led me to believe there might be something more going on. Turns out, I have PCOS. I uses Clean and Clear Advantage and that really helps a lot, but I think they only sell it as part of a kit now. Or maybe I’m thinking of the wrong formula. Definitely Clean and Clear though. Noxema makes me break out more. Good luck!

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ugh — SAME THING is happening with me — a bit on my face – under my cheekbones which is SO WEIRD — and I’m getting it BAD on my back & chest! it’s so frustrating…


been trying to exfoliate, and use a toner – i’m noticing my face & chest are really dirty for some reason now — and I’ve been using some washes with salycilic (sp??) acid – but it’s not really going away!


hope someone else has some recommendations… @joeswifey — how did you find out you had PCOS? irregular paps?

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this is the main reason i’m scared to go off the pill, for any reason. it’s so hard when the acne is hormone-related.  based on what i’ve heard, i would recommend continuing to moisturize with a very light moisturizer–it may seem like putting moisturizing on an oily face doesn’t make sense, but apparently oily faces produce even more oil when they’re not properly hydrated/moisturized.

i think cetaphil also comes in a bar soap form, if you would be willing to try that. i’ve also heard good things about basis.  there are some aveeno cleansers i have used in the past which i like because they feel gentle and smell good, unfortunately i can’t speak to how they deal with acne.

good luck on both TTC and getting rid of the acne! let us know if you find something that works.

oh, i also heard about people loving the clarisonic mia, if you’d be up to making that investment (about $100, i think).

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I have hormonal acne, which I do take BC for. I also use the following products:

  • Purity cleanser. Acne cleansers are too harsh.
  • Prescription spot treatment and all over treatment. They’re called Duac and Differin.
  • For moisturizer, I alternate between clinique and philosophy.

But honestly, my skin still does not nice things when I get my period. It’s really annoying to have. I’m probably going to see a dermatologist again, just because nothing has worked perfectly for me either.

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@JaneyD: Very frustrating! I went off the pill for the same reason in June. And while it took me FOREVER to get my first period, I’m getting more regular now and the acne is just crazy!

I’ve noticed that the Neutrogena On the Spot is really taking care of the acne in 2-3 days, but it leaves my skin ridiculously red, dry and irritated. I also tried using the Aveno acne washes and they did nothing for me. Right now I do St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the morning and Neutrogena Acne Wash at night.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Cetaphil, so that might be my next experiment.

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this happened to me! I used a lot of the spot treatment stuff.  It was horrible but it DID go away after a month or two.  thank goodness.

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Oh man, I hadn’t made that connection. I’ve been complaining to my husband that I feel like I’m 15 again (right about that time I went on BC). I stopped taking it a few months ago, and am constantly breaking out. I haven’t found anything that works completely, although Cetaphil daily moisturizer and Clean and Clear Acne Spot Removal help keep it under control.

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Acne.org has done absolute wonders for me!  It is a really strict regimen, but if you stick to it…you’re almost guaranteed to have awesome skin.  I’ve suffered with acne for over ten years and it’s really all that has helped clear me up (just in time for my engagement/wedding, thank god!)


…and I officially sound like an infommercial.

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oh man. i got break outs after starting the pill. and now hearing that you get them after going off the pill…that sucks!!!  i say, treat yourself to regular facials!

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@ADMBoston- I first voiced my concern to my gyno who then did a sonograph and saw some cysts which prompted her to take a blood panel that came back positive for PCOS. I go back Friday to find out the exact details. PCOS won’t show up on a papsmear, though if your cysts are big enough I believe the doctor is able to feel them or see them during a pelvic exam (but I could be wrong). That was not the case for me though, and she was still cautious not to diagnose me until the blood results came back.

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