(Closed) I Feel like I'm Turning into a Hippie….?

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Yeah I’m kind of becoming this way. The meat hormones scare me more than anything. I’m also terrified of the hormones in dairy so I’ve cut WAY back on it (I was never a big milk drinker anyway), but I can’t totally give up cheese. FI’s family thinks I’m crazy lol

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I don’t think caring about where your food comes from is considered “being a hippie”, lol.  Environmentally and/or health conscious maybe.  It’s not a bad thing!  You are choosing to put better food into your body!  Embrace it!

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I wouldn’t say that is hippie. It’s smart and healthy.

Good for you!

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I use vinegar and water spray and then crystal salt for my armpits. I cannot stand regular deoderant anymore. Recently I started using sunflower oil as a moisturizer and a mouthwash. I rarely ever eat fast food anymore. 

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I have become more and more like this over time. I think people in general are turning to more organic, locally grown options (the rise of Whole Foods and farmers markets) because unfortunately the standards are so low for what can and should be in/on our food.

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@Stephville:  I’m all about moderation. I love fast food, but I typically don’t eat it more than once a week. I cook most of my food from scratch. I haven’t gone as far as buying organic… honestly for most foods I don’t think it’s worth it. The way I see it, something will kill you… and these days it seems like EVERYTHING will kill you. Some 40 year olds who cycle everywhere and only eat veggies die of cancer or get hit by a bus. Some chain smokers live to be a pretty healthy 95.

I try not to overthink it. I know fast food is bad so I definitely eat less of it than I’d like to… from a weight and health point of view.

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Penn & Teller tackle the topic of organic on their show, “Bullshit!”

I’m all for people eating healthier, but I’m for people being educated about it, too.



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@phillybride61513:  Same. I worked in a greenhouse that grew organic herb and vegetable plants and learned quite a bit as a result. Thankfully, organic stuff isn’t that hard to find here, since our favorite grocery chain has its own line of organic stuff (as well as natural stuff, that is, no artificial colors/flavors, etc.).

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I’ve switched over to organic almost entirely for meat and heading that way for fruits and veggies.  I don’t have a choice on the meat products.  I’m severely allergic to penicillin and unfortunately, not everyone in the industry (and I would know, I work in the cattle industry) follows the correct guidelines for withdrawal times.  I’ve actually had a full blown reaction after eating meat that still had penicillin residues. 


 @adoc86:  You don’t have to be that worried about milk.  Very few dairies in the US use rBGH and rBST, less than 20%.   A lot of dairymen don’t like it because of the side effects, the increase in production doesn’t outweigh the costs incurred elsewhere.  Milk NATURALLY contains some BGH/BST though.  Every mammal that produces milk will have some level of naturally occuring hormones in their milk.  Anyway, sorry about the tangent – if you want milk that’s free of the added hormones, look at the labels.  Dean is a major milk distributor in the midwest, and all their products do not contain added hormones.  You can actually go here: http://www.consumethisfirst.com/2010/09/28/rbgh-free-milk-and-other-dairy-products/ to see where to find dairy products with no added hormones 🙂


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@Stephville:  I know how gross it is, but I still eat it anyway :- I am a hippie because I keep putting my annoying, growing out hair in a braid though 😀 lol. Flower power!

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Buying organic food doesn’t make you a hippie.

Getting arrested for tree sitting in old growth forests that are about to be logged while bemoaning all the “breeders” having kids and destroying the planet whist wearing peasant tops and not shaving anything makes you a hippie.

I live in Berkeley, so trust me, there is definitely a distinction.

Eating organic food and cutting out fast food = accepting reality and taking charge of your health. I find it sad that that has to have a negative social stigma attached to it.

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I used to eat fast food a lot too.  I got mentally grossed out by the “pink goo processed chicken” videos.  Now I feel like ALL chicken without the bone at fast food places could be made out of this.  lol

I am intentionally not watching the ground hamburger thing because the gristle in that and sausage already kinda gross me out!

Luckily, we have a lot of small farms around here that sell their produce, so that’s pretty accessible here!

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