(Closed) I feel like losing weight is impossible! :(

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Don’t worry about what the Dr scale says.  I weigh myself the same way everytime, same scale, in my birthday suit, same time of day in the morning first thing when i wake up. That way I can track my progress. When I stop weighing myself I end up gaining weight back. If I feel hungry sometime in the day I know I’m sticking to the diet. It sucks I know.  I eat a lot of home made popcorn. No butter. I also eat the tv dinners that I buy on sale. Easier to count calories too. frozen veggies. boiled egg for snack. oatmeal is cheap for breakfast. I buy a 5$ foot long at subway for lunch and throw away one of the sides of the bread. you don’t need fancy equipment. walking is free. so is jogging and walking stairs. park in the back of the parking lot wherever you go. every calorie burned counts. Sometimes the place that sells mexican food has 1$ tacos. I get chicken, no beans and rice and no chips. just two chicken tacos.

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Oooo boy, this is going to get long.

I thought I couldn’t lose weight either. Here I am, 5 months later and 20 pounds lighter. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either. Your nurtrionist was right – eat 1,500 calories a day and exercise regularly. That’s how I did it.

You are on to a good start by walking your dog. Can you do it harder, longer? 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day? Maybe jog sometimes? Get in any little exercise you can. I walk when I could drive. I also believe you don’t need fancy equipment. I’ve heard the 30 Day Shred is brilliant.

The big part is eating right. Don’t buy the junk and you won’t eat the junk, is my philosophy. I’ve learned to see what healthy, fresh foods I could stretch for the week. I buy in bulk and use the same ingredients over and over. For example, boneless skinless chicken teriyaki with steamed vegetables and a cup of rice for dinner. The next night, use the same vegetables and the left over chicken plus a half can of crushed tomatoes for pasta primivera. Then do something with the other half of the can of tomatoes- and any chicken or vegetables leftover, like pita pizzas. I look at a head of lettuce and think “How far can I stretch this?” I never buy ingredients specifically for one meal, and I never buy anything unhealthy. Cook a lot – you can control what you are eating that way. Fast food places present nothing but unhealthy options. Start researching recipes on the internet and planning meals that are cost effective and healthy. You don’t need to buy that organic, zero sugar, blah blah blah stuff from Trader Joes. Carrots, onions, and potatoes aren’t expensive. Snacks are apples, bananas, and nuts – also relatively cheap compared to brand name bags of chips. Hit up fruits, vegetables, and meats section of your grocery store and skip the snack and processed foods aisles completely. Eat smaller portions and healthy foods.

Cut out bad food habits. I would go to a buffet for dinner, drink all night, then have ANOTHER meal at 3 AM. I cut drinking out save for once a month, and I don’t binge. Now I have more money too! If you notice your bad eating habits start when you watch TV, cut out the TV. Go for a walk, cook, take up a new hobby instead.

The hunger is a problem. I’m hungry a lot! Keep busy so that you don’t focus on the hunger. When work is slow, I do mundane tasks like sort flashcards (I’m a teacher). Soon it’s time for dinner, then I brush my teeth so I don’t eat anymore. It really is mind over matter. If you are eating more than 1,200 calories a day, you aren’t starving yourself. If you’re hungry, eat something healthy. I have a problem with bread though, I tend to eat toast when I’m hungry which is not great. We all slip up, we all splurge sometimes. Treats are important too. If I’m having a bad day I’ll eat a child size candy bar. It always comes down to portions.

I know you can do it. This is going to sound cheesy, but I know you can do it because I did it. I never thought I could change. But once I made the determination in my mind and set my mind to it, I did it. 1,500 calories a day. Exercise regularly. Don’t buy junk food. Eat healthy snacks. Keep busy. That is my mantra everyday. It does get easier – it’s a lifestyle and mentality change. Now I don’t want to eat unhealthy food, and when I do, I feel gross. Best of luck to you! I’m sure you’ll get more great advice from the hive. Please don’t give up!

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I feel for you.  It’s ridiculous that processed unhealthy food is cheaper than fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Do the best you can at the grocery store.  If you keep it at, you will see results! 

Also, try not to think of it as a “diet.”  You’re making lifestyle changes: changing your eating habits from unhealthy to healthy, from inactive to active.

Like glasses said, walk walk walk!  Walking is great exercise and it doesn’t cost a thing!  You can see the sights around your town, watch birds, and look at flowers.  It’s good for the body and soul.

I think after just a few days of eating well and walkng, you will notice that you feel better – you’ll sleep better and I hope your depression will improve a bit, too.  That will encourage you to keep at it.  You can do it!

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I know how hard it is to lose weight. Stress, not enough time to sleep properly, and a lack of money make it harder, but not impossible. (And a solid 8 hours is SO important for weight loss/brain function. So is relaxing – cortisol, a stress hormone, causes you to store fat.)

A few tips that I have – skip organic for now. I love it, but it’s more important that you’re eating lots of fruits and veggies. If you can, find a farmstand or farmer’s market that has locally grown fruits and veggies, because local is definitely better than the conventional stuff at your Big Name Grocery store. If you stick to what’s in season, it’s a lot cheaper. 

Make a commitment to ditch refined flour/sugar. This means cutting out processed foods in boxs/the freezer section. But it also means reading bread labels and making sure you don’t get sucked in by many of the brands that label their breads “whole wheat” and still have enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup, etc. It also helps to go for the raw cane sugar instead of that white stuff. They bleach and strip the flour and sugar you’re used to seeing of their nutrients, and then they try to add them back in at a later step, but adding artificial “nutrients” isn’t really the same. 

Plan your meals. It’s too hard to eat healthy on a budget if you’re throwing things in a cart because they look good! And it’s too tempting to revert back to freezer foods, etc, which are more expensive than their healthier counterparts anyway. 

and… one of the most important things – just say no to all sodas and artificial sweeteners if you haven’t already. Even diet, especially diet. Aspartame is horrible for you and makes you gain weight. Just drink water, and squeeze some lemon or lime in there if you like it. 

I think that if you can do those things, and continue taking your dog on walks, etc, you’ll be feeling a lot better. That extra energy might help you switch it up to morning runs with the dog, etc. I enjoy Jillian Michaels’ workout DVDs as well, because they’re cheap and easy. I’d love to join a gym, but it’s just not in the budget right now, and an $8 DVD is much more manageable. 

I hope this helps – I know how hard it can be. I really had to readjust my way of thinking about eating healthy when I got to college. With as much time as I spent working/studying, I didn’t feel like I had time or money to eat healthy. So I never dieted. You don’t have to count calories if you’re eating all real foods and getting rid of artificial junk, because your body tells you when you’re full. Even if you just make the changes slowly, I think it’ll be helpful. Good luck!

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and there are plenty of exercises you can do at home that are FREE!  Just avoid anything processed.  Buy frozen chicken breasts or any protein that is on sale and grill or bake it.  You can buy seasonal veggies that are cheap also.  Rice is always inexpensive.  Just make smart choices on a daily basis.  No cheese, nothing fried, no mayo, no carbs at night.

You should do some physical activity every day. Walk the dog, jog for 1 min then walk for 1 min. Jumping jacks, sit ups, lunges, pushups.

I know its hard to get started and actually do it but if your health is important enough you can make it a priority. Lots of water and no more excuses! YOU CAN DO IT!

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All these suggestions are wonderful! I am in the same situation as you, where I need to lose weight, and I wasn’t sure really how to go about doing it. My lovely brother-in-law is a life coach, and I know it sounds cheesy, but the BEST piece of advice I got from anyone about the weight loss trek was from him. He said to ALWAYS be positive. In everything you do, keep enjoying the food you eat, and enjoy the time you get to relax, but also force yourself to be positive and uplifting during the harder times, like when you want to quit your work out early, cheat on your diet, whatever. He also said that the only thing you are fighting with is yourself. If you cheat, you hurt no one but yourself, if you give up; you are the one that knows. So make it about beating your “negative self” and being reborn positive. That is the outlook I am taking, and so far things are going great. Pretty soon, you won’t need to talk yourself into liking the workouts and the bland food…. you actually will!

Also- one great thing about eating super healthy…. is if you cheat and eat some crap food it will seriously make you sick…. so will NOT want to eat the s**t anymore!

Along the same lines as everyone else, just listen to your body, let it tell you when it needs food, or when you are tired, or when you need to speed up or slow down. It will tell you. Maybe try yoga? You can buy those DVDs for at home for less than ten dollars, and that might really help you get in tune with your body and soul, and connecting them and creating a sense of acceptance and knowing.

As for the cost I hear ya! HoLLLLLYY cow!!! It is soooooo expensive!! But like the others said…. one recipe usually had enough servings for 3 or 4 different meals…. so maybe just take it one day at a time, and focus on THAT day. Do your best and things will fall into place.

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I thought I would never lose weight.  I ran every day.  I swam every day.  Really, I was making myself HUNGRY!  I cut back on my strenuous exercise and just hiked instead, and ate 1500 to 1200 calories a day.  I started out with 2000, then moved to 1800 then down from there.  Give yourself TIME.  I think it is very easy to become discouraged- the reality is, it is a lifelong process, so keep that in mind.  And simply count your calories and be realistic about it.  Don’t get discouraged.  I like counting calories because I can still eat the same things, just less of them.

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You are getting a ton of good advice and there is not much that I can add to it, but I am also trying very hard to lose weight and feel bad because I am currently stuck and can’t seem to lose anymore. One thing that I didn’t see here is water. You need to increase your water intake. Drink a glass of water before every meal and you will fell full faster and longer. If you get hungry during the day, drink a glass of water. It will fill that void. I used to literally hate drinking water, but now that is m drink of choice. I have cut out all soda and I don’t usually drink alchohol. Drinking water has helped me a lot. Another thing that you can do to see how you are doing each day is to write in a journal what you eat, how much you eat, why you ate it, and the time of day you ate it. And another thing that has helped me is not to eat anything after 7pm. I know you can do it. It is really hard, but it can be done. I also skip the junk food aisles when I go to the grocery store. I go around the entire store and get what is on the outside of the store, then if I need specific items from the aisles, then I go get that stuff. I also take a list with me every time I go shopping. This really helps me stay on track because I am not purchasing items that I think I need or picking up stuff that I don’t need.

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For veggies, buy frozen!  They often have more nutrients than fresh veggies because they are flash frozen right after they are picked and they can be super cheap!  Focus more on green veggies rather than starches like corn.

Everyone’s ideas were great…just start one or two at a time.  Don’t try to be perfect right away.  If you tell us what you typically buy for food we might be able to suggest some healthy similarly-priced alternatives?  

Last…for hunger.  First, eat more small meals so you are never starving.  But sugar free gum or candy helps tide me over for a little while as well as drinking Crystal Light.  It seems like calories rather than water, but there are only 5!  Also make sure you eat enough protein and whole grains.  They take a bit longer to process and keep you feeling full longer.

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You have to stop making excuses (ie: you can’t buy exercise equipment, you can’t afford healthy food).  If you really want this – you have to want it bad enough to change things.  I know money is tight – but try to find ways to either modify or cut out your current expenses.  You can’t put a price tag on getting healthy and the way it will make you feel.

Fruits and vegetables will be cheaper than any processed food, hands down.  You may have to shop around to find reasonably priced markets – but they are out there.  I know it’s overwhelming at first – but you’ll start to find cheap options that you enjoy eating – and you will ultimately be surprised.

You can also buy cheap frozen fruits/vegetables –  and the best part is they don’t go bad.

The best advice I can give you is find ONE thing you can change today that will help you towards your goal and stick with it.  When are ready to add another thing – do that.  

You don’t need fancy equipment – just get out and move.  Walk, run, do push ups, sit ups, there are tons of exercises you can do using just your body weight (google for videos).

You’ll feel fuller if you don’t load up on carbs (ie: the pasta) and a high salt intake (in mexican and chinese) will also not do you any favors in terms of weight loss.  

I totally understand the water thing – I hate the taste of tap water and most filters.  Usually a lemon or lime wedge will do the trick.  Bottled water starts to get really expensive, unless you buy the big gallon sizes.  Even some bottle water I can’t stand.  I tried a Britta filter and LOVE the taste of it – might be worth trying.

Good luck and remember it’s a process.  You didn’t gain the weight overnight and it will take time to reverse the gain – but, it IS doable with a little determination and patience.  Slow and steady wins the race….. but only if you start!!


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I hate to say it, but it’s going to be difficult to lose weight if you are eating lots of pasta and white rice and prepackaged Chinese items which are high in sodium – those things are full of empty calories that are hard to lose.

Ok, so food and some ways to eat healthier AND cheaper than buying prepackaged items.

Contact your local farms/farmers markets and see what’s in season right now – it will be the cheapest. Right now, I can get about 3-4 meals worth of summer squash for about $3. It’s great grilled, as kebabs or served in a pasta dish.

When you buy chicken, buy whole chickens. It isn’t difficult to cave a chicken (there are videos on YouTube) and it’s WAY cheaper to buy it that way. Freeze the portions you won’t use right away.
With your whole chicken – don’t throw away the bones/carcass! Add some leftover veggies (whatever you have that won’t get eaten – ends of onions, old celery, etc.), the chicken carcass and a little salt and pepper to a pot of water, and cook for several hours. Strain and you have homemade, low fat, low sodium chicken stock.
The chicken stock you just made becomes the base for soups, stews, risottos, cook beans or lentils in the stock for better flavor.

Make your own sauce instead of buying pasta sauce. Many regular red pasta sauces have actually really high fat and sodium contents. You can easily make your own – just a little olive oil, crushed tomatoes (either can of crushed tomatoes, or buy tomatoes and crush either by hand or in a blender), garlic, sautéed onion and herbs (basil is good).

Since you like Mexican food – make your own refried beans. It’s just cooked pinto beans, which are like $1.69 for a big bag of Goya beans – takes more time than opening a can, but its cheaper. Switch from flour tortillas to corn tortillas. I don’t know what sort of Mexican food you like, but if you want some easy recipes PM me (my FH is Mexican, we eat various types of tacos like 4 times a week lol)

Substitute low fat or fat-free Greek yogurt for sour cream. (I think fat-free sour cream is nasty, but Greek yogurt works well).

Substitute olive oil for butter, substitute quinoa for white rice, substitute some fresh fruit and sorbet for icecream or other desserts.

YOU CAN DO IT! I know its hard, but you can do it!

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“Usually we eat lots and lots of pasta (We love pasta.) and mexican food too (Another one we love) and We get chinese kits with rice where you just add chicken. I hate regular water out of the spicuit so we buy botttled water (I can taste the chlorine in the spicuit water, even with a pur water filter on the spicuit)”

I hate to be rude, but you are just making sorry excuses.  Are you making your Mexican food from scratch or is processed or restaurant food?  If it is the latter, you are wasting your meager pennies and being unhealthy.  

You need to look at your health in a long term perspective.  If you end up with diabetes or heart disease in the long run, then all of your money will go to health care.  Give up the excuses, give up bad food, give up the inactivity, give up the bottled water and your oversensitive tastebuds and make the changes that will eventually change your life.

I am sorry if you just wanted to vent, but I just could not sugar coat my answer knowing that you are not trying at all and want the weight to magically fly off.


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Yes, it does seem like you are making excuses.  That’s normal when it comes to losing weight.  You have to get over that hump and come to the conclusion that you don’t need to diet-you need a lifestyle change.  Eating a lot of pasta and mexican food would not be in your diet if you were going to do this.  I started out running around my block and I was not a runner.  I went as long as I could go which at first was maybe a minute, then 2 , then 3, ect.  Now I’m up to 3 miles in 30 minutes.  My point is that you can do it without a gym but your food is going to be your biggest obstacle.  Get out of the “poor me” attitude and believe in yourself.  Once you start you will want to keep going.  I wish you all the best and know what it’s like to be crying because you haven’t lost weight yet and feel hopeless.  Also, get your fiance to support you by eating healthier with you.  You will both benefit.  If for any reason you do have some depression, exercise will help with that 🙂 

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