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Speaking as someone who teaches at the college level (albeit not a full professor, though!) if you notice this early that you are having difficulty keeping up, drop the class. Or, at least don’t miss the drop period! Usually dropping wtihin a certain period (or withdrawing) means there’s no penalty financially and no penalty on your transcript (at my university, it doesn’t even get reported unless you miss the first deadline). Is there another class you can take over the summer instead? I know you’re eager to finish and respectful of the desire to have a baby, but you want to enjoy college and feel proud of your progress. Don’t spend all that time and money to rush through it–you’ll regret that. And besides, we’re really talking about 1.5-2 years because you could potentially start trying and be pregnant when you graduate. 32 isn’t over the hill for having a baby, by the way (says the pregnant 32-year-old writing this, thankyouverymuch!)

Dropping a class that’ you’re not ready to take–for whatever reason–doesn’t make you a failure at all.

It makes you wise.

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@strawbabies:  Are you certain about veterinary school?  It’s ridiculously hard to get accepted–  way moreso than law school or medical school.  There are very few vet schools in the US comparatively, so they’re able to set very high standards for schooling and requirements– you’ll have to provide a cumulative GPA for every class you’ve ever taken, last 36 hour GPA, and science GPA.   You’ll need the Physics for admission to most of them and you’ll have to explain why there’s a W on your transcript.  If you can get out without the W, absolutely drop it now.  You really can’t risk the poor grades– I wouldn’t recommend doing the science pre-reqs over the summer.   You can’t afford to slack anywhere, but you definitely can’t afford to slack in science courses.  

I also wonder how veterinary school would work with your family timeline.  Vet school is a very rigorous 4 years, and then usually graduates go on to do specialty training.  You wouldn’t really have leeway to take off a few years between a Bachelor’s degree and veterinary school– you’d need to be applying each year to increase the odds of acceptance.  (You’ll have to already explain why you’re just applying to the schools at your current age, when you’ll be fighting a crop of 22 year-olds for admission.)

I really don’t mean to stress you out or frighten you off of a very rewarding and lucrative career, but veterinary school is something that takes careful planning and just can’t be sugarcoated.  Vet school admissions today are not what they were when your recommenders were heading to school.

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@strawbabies:  I TOTALLY feel you. I just finished my first full semester of college after having to drop out for various different reasons and omg was it tough. I had like 16hr days of class/hw 6 days a week. My SO also doesnt want to make any plans until I get my bachelors. While im not 30, (although I hear the 30s are the best years) I am 23 and SO is almost 30 which is sort of a big deal for me. I dont want to be the one personally responsible for him not being married, having kids, etc. But, then again, he fully takes care of me while I go to school so it’s obv. a big deal for him. 

I totally understand what you mean about limited classes.. my school has 1 and yes I mean 1 brief calc. class for the fall semester. THANK GOD I was able to get into it quickly, it filled up SO fast. I’m also trying to rush through my classes. Im taking 5 every semester, only two this summer semester because out of state tuition doesnt kick in until 3 classes and then 4 during next semester so I can be done in two years. WHICH FEELS LIKE FOREVER! 


If you ever need anyone to complain/cry/stress too. Feel free to message me, im your girl! I get it : ) The good thing is you sound like a super strong woman, and im sure youll be looking back on this in a couple of years thinking about how happy you are being able to live the life you want having worked so hard for it! 

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I just wanted to chip in and say, that while I am preparing for either med school or a phd and I am good at science, physics was hard for me. I have an aptitude for science, but I’m much more able to pick up chemistry or biology than physics. So don’t be discouraged. When I took physics I had to put in a lot of extra work for a good grade. I was in the help lab all the time, working with my TA, etc. And dropping a class you aren’t going to be successful at is a good choice. It doesn’t mean you won’t do well later. 

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Aw sweetie, here’s a virtual hug.

I’m glad you dropped it. When I was in high school I was in advanced math classes and I realized I just couldn’t do it, so I talked to my family and counselor and we decided to drop me down to regular math classes and it turned out to be a GREAT decision. I did very well with the change. I knew I just couldn’t do the higher-up stuff anymore. All my friends were in the advanced and I was kind of ashamed, but it’s OKAY.


Don’t feel like a failure. You’re not.

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Hate physics. HATE. Don’t feel like a failure.

I am terrible at all things math related. Trust me. I had a descrete math class… I promise you that it is and will be the olny D grade that I am proud of. ( actually its the Olny D that I ever had, but that class was so bad that I had severe anxiety that I was gonna fail)

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@bookworm88:  The poster probably knows all of this. It’s not very productive to heap on negativity when her post title says, “I feel like a failure.” 

OP, if you want to drop the course, try again later. But you can always replace it with something a little more suited for a 6 week pace, like a PP suggested. I want to commend you for going back to school, no matter what your career goals are. Don’t be too hard on yourself for “dropping out” before, because you are back, and you are doing amazingly well right now– especially for someone who has had a hiatus. 

Don’t let anyone or anything, stand in your way. Do not doubt yourself or give up on account of anyone, because that’s where regrets are made. 

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Drop it like it’s hot. Physics and Chem were way to hard for me to take accelerated during the summer. Don’t feel bad, these are really hard courses, even doctors and vets have a hard time with these basic requirements classes.

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@StuporDuck:  I tried to phrase it as lightly as I could without undermining the severity of the situation– I advised a lot of undergrads who had no clue about any of the requirements for vet school until they were nearly graduated and then realized they should have been planning differently all along.  Normally, I don’t add the “I really don’t mean to stress you out or frighten you off” frivolities, but the OP seemed stressed– that’s me being nice. 

I don’t think my posted was negative at all– I advised her to drop the Physics course and avoid the W if she was planning on applying to veterinary school.  If she actually does know the rest then it shouldn’t phase her.  If she doesn’t know it, then it’s something she really needs to know ASAP.

OP- I apologize if I added to your stress level.  

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