(Closed) I feel like the worst mom ever…I HATE being pregnant!

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You are far from alone feeling like this. The one thing I’m most excited about is not meeting my baby, but finally not being sick anymore. Sure, I’m extremely excited to meet him, but the day I can feel like a normal human and not take medication will be the best day ever.

I’m 31 weeks and counting the time until he will be born. My pregnancy turned around 16-18 weeks, but even then I didn’t start gaining weight until at least 24 weeks. I’m up 5lbs right now, but I’m still sick every single day. While it “got better”, I still wouldn’t call it enjoyable. I was diagnosised with hyperemesis though.

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you are so not a bad mom at all!!! pregnancy sucks!! honestly!! i tell everyone! because its not the baby that sucks its the way i feel. 

ill list the crappy things that i have experienced already


*constipation, so bad and nothing but exercise will work. ive taken laxiatives, prunes, fibre, and still the only thing that got me pooping was a run.

*food aversions, i cant stand pork, raw chicken, cooked eggs, 

*smelling evrything! erghhhhhh gross! want to puke

*bloated, FAT!!!!!!!!!!

*tired, and uncomfortable, unable to sleep on my back, and cant sleep on my front, get a kinked neck every time i try and sleep with one of those long pillows

*always hot, suck especially in summer!

*my nipples getting to be the size of dinner plates

*ACHNG boobs! that hurt so bad i needed pain killers!

*my arse getting fat and “dimpily’ according to hubby…

*and now it seems that i cry. like at anything.. its rediculous.. ergh!

Oh and i cant wait for the strech marks ๐Ÿ™‚ and 


but i am blessed to be pregnant. I dont think it makes me a bad mom. i just dont like the way i feel. im sure it will all pass in hopefully 16 weeks. i do love my baby, its not the baby part.. its the me part.. so dont think of this as anything to do with your baby. its your body making you feel like this. 

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@strawbabies:  lol reminds me of “What to Expect When Expecting” that movie. One character was totally radiant and glowing and the other was like FML

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Your not a bad mom lol… I HATED being pregnant more than anything but I also love my son more than anything ever! Getting him here was a long hard battle and I was extremely sick, suffering all the time, had a very difficult labor and an even more difficult recovery after labor. I had sugar problems, I hated needles and was having anxiety attacks every doctors appointment because they were constantly drawing blood due to my sugar problems. I was also very young and alone so my emotions were always against me, I would cry over absolutely nothing. It was definitely all worth it but it was the hardest part of my life. I love my son so much though I’d go through it all over again.

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@RahlyRah:  I am not one of those women who loves to be pregnant. It blows. Really. And as someone who is just starting that journey again, I’m reminding myself of the mindset I had before – pregnancy is something really crappy you have to go through in order to get the best thing you’ll ever experience – your beautiful bubba! Chin up, it’ll go faster than it feels like it will. See you on the other side! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Don’t worry about it girl!  I promise you are NOT the worse mom-to-be ever.  A good friend of mine was pregnany recently and hated every minute of it, and had some of the worst morning sickness I’ve heard of.  Sometimes it gets better, sometimes it doesn’t :  But now she has her baby and is the happiest she’s ever been.  So don’t fret.  Hating pregnancy does not make you a terrible mom at all, just makes you human!

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Bumble bee
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Oh sweetheart, don’t feel bad! I also am happy to admit that I hate the physical effects of pregnancy, I have suffered pretty much constantly from week 6 with extreme fatigue, acute vomiting and nausea, hyperemesis, feeling tearful etc. It doesn’t mean you won’t be an amzing mum!

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@meetmethere2013:  I haven’t seen the movie yet.  We’re still at the point in our marriage where I think Darling Husband would panic if I tried to watch it.  He’ll be out of town at a convention in Vegas for a week in January, though.  I’m gonna try to squeeze in a bunch of chick flicks while he’s away.

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Busy bee
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I always tell my husband: pregnancy is not a walk in the park haha. They make it look so glamorous but in reality its not. First trimester was awful, I hated being pregnant. Second trimester turned so much better. I really feel no pregnancy symptoms and my energy levels feel back to normal. But then comes the 3rd trimester- Im scared lol. I’ve always wanted 3 kids, now I’m thinking 2 will be enough for us.

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Don’t feel bad, pregnancy isn’t for everyone and every pregnancy is different.  I loved being pregnant the first time around I was ecstatic.  The second time around I wasn’t so lucky. It was horrible.  Even the labor and delivery was completly different.  So don’t feel bad. Best of luck to you ๐Ÿ™‚ im sure you will be a great mother.


Fyi- get all the sleep now you’ll miss it ๐Ÿ™‚ eat peppermints if your feeling sick since it calms the belly. Or go buy those preggy pops made with ginger they ease morning sickness. .. and notice the types of food you eat if they have anything in common with ingredients that could be why your sick all the time. With my second pregnancy I couldnt eat anything heavy. Or like tomato sauce.. i.e. chili pizza spaghetti anything like that made me vomit so I stopped eating it. Once again good luck!!

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@RahlyRah:  lady, I am with you.  I’m also jealous of you, since you are two weeks ahead of me, and therefore, two weeks closer to not feeling awful.

I also have the horrible, awful, severe all-day sickness.  I get extremely negative, too.  I have a good cry about how awful I feel at least every other day, and it’s even more difficult that NO ONE in my family has ever had this kind of extreme morning sickness, so they just don’t understand how severe it is.  My mom had 6 kids and never had a moment of morning sickness.  Both of my sisters had the typical, very occasional queasiness that they could fix with gingersnaps or lollipops.  Neither my mother-in-law or my sister-in-law ever experienced this.

So sometimes, I get SO FRUSTRATED that this is happening to ME.  Like, why does my body hate me so much?  And when well-meaning people give me advice, like, “oh, just smell a lemon.  Oh, just eat a preggie pop. Oh, just try some ginger”.  I want to scream and be like, “DO YOU THINK I”M AN IDIOT??  DO YOU THINK I DIDN”T TRY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS WEEKS AGO??”

Anyway.  Just….keep putting one foot in front of the other.  That’s what I tell myself.  =) =)

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@RahlyRah:  You’re on zofran, right?  I am, and have been for the last 4 weeks and one thing I’ve noticed is that if I don’t take it *exactly* at every 8 hours (like if I go to sleep and miss the night time dose, reasoning I won’t need it, since I’ll be asleep), me entire next day is much, much worse.

When my doctor prescribed it, she advised me to try to take breaks on weekends from the meds to help with the constipation.  I did that three weekends in a row, and it would take me until Wednesday each week to “recover” from the severe nausea over the weekend.  So now, I don’t take breaks.  At all.  Ever.

Zofran isn’t a miracle drug for me…I feel nausea right now, as I type.  But at least I’m not throwing up 17 times a day.  So it removed the actual throwing up, but does nothing for the nausea.

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I am not preggos yet, but i wish i was.  I don’t know exactly what you are going through, obviously, but i don’t think you are bad mother to be, my bff and my oldest sister had a horrible pregnancy too.  My sister’s best friend for her first trimester was the toilet (i know ewww) but then she loves loves my niece.  My friend in the other hand hated being preggos so bad , that after she had her son she decided never again, so she had her boyfried fixed lol….but she loves her son and wouldn’t change it for the world…..everyone is different and it doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad mother to be….you are gonna be a wonderful loving mother.  I hope you feel better soon GL and best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and throw some baby dust here, is quite needed lol … Thank You

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@RahlyRah:  The first trimester has been the least fun part for me. It’s when you have the crappiest symptoms, but you don’t even look preggers yet and don’t get the fun parts. For me, the feeling really tired and pukey ended around 12 weeks. During the 2nd trimester I would seriously forget I was pregnant a lot of the time because I felt normal again. And now I’m 33 weeks and don’t get a chance to forget becauset this baby is bouncing around inside me all the time, which is so amazingly fun and awesome to watch and feel, and I haven’t yet hit the point where I want the baby out. I’m just slowing down and feeling some discomfort in my pelvis when I roll over in bed. So please don’t feel bad, your body is coping with lots of crazy hormones and it is very likely you will be feeling much much better soon. Good luck!

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@RahlyRah:  I’m one of those annoying ladies that loved being pregnant, but one of my friends had an absolutely HORRIBLE pregnancy so I can totally empathize with you.  I hope it gets better (it should around 20 weeks) and once you hold your little one, it will all be worth it. Laughing

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