I found out today I need a hysterectomy.

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Sugar bee

Nothing specific to that. Just let them know about any food and other allergies. I did and turns out the anesthesia I was going to have is prepared with soy and I’m allergic to soy. Propofol to be specific is prepared that way in some brands.

Hugs! I wish you a speedy recovery! 

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I’m no help, but just wanted to wish you good luck and that I’ll be thinking of you!

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Please read ‘women’s body woman’s wisdom’ before deciding on anything. 


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I haven’t directly, but my mom had a total hysterectomy and an ovary removed last year at 45 (she’s a young mom).  She handled it well and didn’t have any complications, I think she was out of work for a week and then had some lifting restrictions.  best of luck to you!  

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Praying for you xxx

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Sugar bee

I had one two years ago and it was no biggie in my opinion. I’m sure others will disagree but I was up and out a few days after surgery and I never ever thought about my period again. I don’t miss it and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. They were parts I didn’t need and that were making me quite ill. It took me several months to get my hemoglobin high enough to be able to even have the surgery and now for the first time in 20 years, my level is 12 effortlessly. I have tons of energy and I’m a completely different color than I was before the surgery (I was GRAY). I no longer need to schedule things around my period (when I was pretty much confined to the house) and all around my quality of life is just fantastic. I say go for it. Get it done and start enjoying your life. 

I have to confess though, I’ve had 4 c-sections so I wasn’t scared AT ALL. It’s legitimate for you to have concerns. I wasn’t a candidate for the robot because I had giant fibroids that had wrapped around too many organs and such. They flew someone in from TX to assist. I went to sleep, I woke up a new woman. I wasn’t uncomfortable in the hospital and was able to manage pain when I got home with Advil. Get lots of rest and enjoy the pampering. The only downside to me now is my ugly belly button but that’s just me being girly 😂  

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Helper bee

sscott06 :  My mom had a hysterectomy a few months ago. She was in her early 50’s, not too much older than you are, and she hadn’t gone into menopause yet. I don’t know what your situation is like, but my mother suffered for years while refusing to consider a hysterectomy, and now that she has had it done her quality of life has improved tremendously.

The surgery was a robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy and her recovery time seemed to be pretty smooth. She started walking as soon as she could and went home the day after her surgery. I think she took 6 weeks off of work, but felt well enough by 4 weeks to travel to a conference. I know she also started swimming once her wounds healed, and said that that seemed to help her.

The one thing my mom found out the hard way is not to push yourself more than you are capable too soon. Walking after surgery is great and helps with healing, but she started walking too much and too fast too soon, and that wasn’t good for her.

leilarobs2 :  Yes, the biggest thing that we’ve noticed is that my mom’s quality of life has improved incredibly. She no longer gets pain that keeps her in bed for days. She’s so much happier now that she can be more active, because her energy was very limited and her daily activity level was vastly reduced due to her medical issues.

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My best friend (33!) had this surgery in September. She’d been having all kinds of issues since the birth of her second baby, including periods that lasted for weeks and caused anemia. She had to have blood transfusions several times over the last few years due to her heavy bleeding. 

My mom had the surgery a few years ago too, in her early 50s, due to many of the same issues as my friend. 

They both made sure to have meals in the freezer to eat while healing and that kind of thing. I was in school for mom’s surgery and was able to stay for a few days to help out while she healed. She slept a lot for the first week or so, and so did my friend. My mom had some complications during her healing that are extremely rare, but even with the complications, she was totally back on her feet aside from lifting restrictions within 6 weeks.  My friend was back to work in 2 weeks, I think.

Now that they’re both healed, they say that their quality of life has drastically improved.  It’s kind of amazing to think about how much this surgery changed both of their lives for the better. They are more carefree, able to be more impulsive with their plans, my friend has color in her face again, my mom isn’t spending 2 fortunes on maxi pads every few weeks, etc etc. 

I hope your surgery and healing are smooth and your life is improved!  If I were your IRL friend, I’d make some casseroles to put in your freezer so you didn’t have to cook while you healed!

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Had one a year and a half ago. Took me a month to recover. Very little pain. Feel great, overall. Did gain some weight & my abdomen feels very different. Sex is not as good, which is a bummer but not the end of the world. 

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It’s such a personal choice. I had my hysterectomy last year at 33, and my only regret is not having it done before that. I had endometriosis and have had eight surgeries for it. I have no biological children. The only thing that is awkward is people asking if my partner and I are planning to have children (he has a 20 year old daughter), and I don’t feel the need to explain to them that I do not have a uterus. I kept my ovaries. I ended up with almost four weeks off of work, and wish I would have taken it a bit easier. I only spent one night in the hospital, but they treated me like a princess. Definitely stay above of the pain if you can – so take your pain meds (or alternate with Tylenol, or whatever your doctor suggests) before you feel that you need them. I remember one of the first nights I was home, I put off taking my pain medicine and struggled to get down my hallway to get my medication, and sat on my bed crying waiting for it to kick in.

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I had a total hyster at age 30 (endometriosis and also cyst kept growin on my ovary, and would explode, (oh that makes for a fun day).

Now I am a total wuss, and have a very low sensitivity to pain, so for me, it was a full on 6 week recovery.  I do remember I was in the hospital for 5 days. But that was 28 years ago.  Driving and stairs were still very hard for me for at least a good month after that 6 weeks.

Best thing I ever did.  No more cramps, exploding cysts, hemmorraging, oh it’s wonderful.  I took estrogen daily (couldn’t NOT take it due to mood swings), until last summer and weaned myself off of it.



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I had a robotic hysterectomy because of abnormal bleeding at 37. A biopsy before surgery gave me the diagnosis of complex atypical hyperplasia (basically precancerous cells). Pathology after the surgery actually showed stage 1 uterine cancer. Unfortunately, I left my ovaries so I am going to need another surgery to have them removed as well. 

Recovery wasn’t terrible. The worst part is the gas. They pump you full of gas during the surgery, and passing it after surgery can be painful. I also was not comfortable laying flat to sleep for probably 4 wks or so. But I was walking up and down the street 3 days after surgery. 

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I had a very fast recovery and thought it was no big deal. I was out of the hospital in three days and pretty much functioning normally (no pain meds). Mine was partial – uterus was removed but ovaries were left behind. I had mine at 21 and it was one of the best things that evern happened to me. Until the surgery, I had horrible problems with bleeding for 8 years that landed me in hospital several times requiring blood transfusions. They tried to control it with hormone pills and other treatments but I needed such high doses that I ended up with lots of side effects including liver issues requiring surgery. Hysterectomy fixed all that (stopped bleeding obviously, got me off all of the meds). Gave me my life back. You’ll do great.

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Due to my extensive and complex GYN surgical history, I had to have a hysterectomy within the last year and a half. Mine was a total abdominal hysterectomy involving a major, vertical incision, and I was in the hospital for four days. My recovery took about three months due to the complexity of my surgery. However, I am thankful to have done very well overall. Between that procedure and another surgery, I’ve now had a bilateral salpingo oopherectomy as well. Other than an occasional brief hot flash, I haven’t really noticed anything different.

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