I get married on Saturday…and I just found out I'm pregnant!!

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as far as drinking at your wedding.  i wanted to drink at my wedding but was just too busy.  between dancing and talking to people.  i think i got a beer, took one sip, left it on the table and i never really went back.  i didn’t really get to eat either besides some dessert.  so not drinking at your wedding i don’t think you should worry about. 

now your bach might be a different issue.  can you confide in one friend and just have her bring you non-alcoholic drinks all night?


ETA: you also don’t share a blood supply with the fetus until around 8 weeks when the placenta is formed.  so having a drink or 2 or 3 isn’t going to harm anything.


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Congrats!  I found out I was pregnant 30 days before my wedding and I was 12 weeks along at my wedding. Only one couple figured it out (though we did tell our siblings, parents, and I told my MOH).

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This may sound silly, but I was hoping I would accidentally get pregnant right before the wedding. Talk about one hell of an announcement!

Congrats to you and your almost husband! What an exciting time for the two of you!!

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I am almost 7 weeks and have been fake drinking since I found out at a ton of events. My tips would be: call ahead to the bar and fill them in. Tell them you’re the bachelorette but you need fake drinks all night long. I order vodka soda with limes, and the bartenders know to really order me a soda water with lime. You can also excuse yourself to go to the restroom and run up to the server/bar and remind them that you need fake drinks. For shots, either tell people no shots bc you can’t be hungover, see if the bartender can give you a special one, or toss it over your shoulder. Some people get huffy about that suggestion, but if it’s once or twice, I think it’s okay. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 

For the wedding, I’d call your venue and enlist them to help you. They can order sparkling grape juice for champagne for you, and keep giving you fake drinks all night. If someone wants to get you a drink, tell them ‘ask the bartender to make what he’s been making me all night, I am not sure what it’s called!’ 

I find it harder sometimes to abide by the food rules of pregnancy. No lunchmeat, no soft cheese, no runny eggs. If everyone wants to stop at a deli for lunch, it’s harder to explain why you’re not having a turkey sandwich. Or why you can’t have bleu cheese on your salad. 


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zpkj :  congrats bee!!! If there’s  a set bartender serving tell them to give you non-alcholic drinks without announcing to others. Lol I think you’ll end up wanting to tell them so good luck either way! Enjoy your special day.  

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zpkj :  Congratulations! What an exciting time!

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Get club soda with lime for cocktails, carry around a half-full glass of whatever your normal drink would be on your wedding night (a few sips here and there will NOT hurt) and enjoy a small champagne toast– you’re really ok to have a teeny bit of alcohol this early on–many women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 5 weeks!

Enjoy your weekend! What an exciting time for you!

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zpkj :  It’s not a problem if you can’t see the doctor for a few weeks, but make sure you are taking supplements containing 600-800 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid. Many women start supplementing folic acid before they get pregnant because it is important, but if you haven’t been taking it yet just start ASAP. You should be able to get these at any drugstore, and you can choose to take a prenatal multivitamin containg folic acid or just take folic acid supplements. Folic acid is the most important thing to take right now to prevent neural tube defects in early pregnancy.

Something to look out for if you choose to take a prenatal multivitamin: make sure that you’re not taking more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A (770 mcg or 2,600 IU for pregnant women 19 yrs and older, according to the Mayo Clinic), unless it’s in the form of beta-carotene. Vitamin A is important, but getting too much of the animal form of vitamin A can increase risk of birth defects. (Beta carotene is the plant form of vitamin A.)

If you’re not sure what kind of supplements to take, ask your doctor for a recommendation.


Congratulations!!!!! 😀 😀

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Congratulations! At the reception, have the bar make you a mocktail. Then shimmy over to your family, flop into a chair, take a big gulp of the drink, yell “whoo hoo!” and every one will believe you are drinking.

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zpkj :  Congrats bee! So much to celebrate!

I would tell my closest people that I can trust. My sisters and my mom. They would be the ones to know and be there for me if I had complications, so why not tell them right away. My sister told me as soon as she knew, but I didn’t tell a soul until she announced it at the begining of her second trimester.

If your sister will be a help in disguising it from others, definitely tell her. 

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awesome!! Congratulations! Honestly I would just fake drink at your wedding and not tell people till after the first trimester. Seltzer and lime, and couple mini sips of champagne for the toast, no one will notice.

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Aweeeee! Congratulations!!! I’d go with the antibiotics excuse AND forewarn the bar so that, if the girls insist too much, you can ”compromise” and say you will have ONE cocktail of your preference (and the bartender will silently make it alcohol-free). 🙂

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Congrats! I would just play it by ear. If you have someone close you don’t mind knowing, you could always put them in charge of “ordering your drink” and just get something like a vodka/cranberry where you could easily mask that it’s non-alcoholic.

With an intimate group it could be hard to hide, but I definitely get your cornern for keeping it quiet right now. I don’t really drink, so I’m currently 12w and have no problems hiding it. That being said one of my friends is a major wine drinker. She’s notorious for getting loud when she drinks so when she was hiding her pregnancy with fake wine it was a *dead giveaway* – she just didn’t act herself.

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Congratulations! I have a good friend who found out she was pregnant just before her wedding – in fact I’d had a dream that she was pregnant and we were struggling to help her into her dress and that turned out to be exactly what happened! She almost didn’t fit into her corset top dress.

I wasn’t pregnant at my wedding but didn’t drink much because I wanted to remember everything and didn’t want to have social anxiety afterward about what I’d said or done while drinking and celebrating so I had one glass of wine well before the wedding and one glass of our signature cocktails at dinner and then I was drinking water the rest of the reception. No one said anything about it (probably because they were too busy drinking themselves!)

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