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Helper bee
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sparklebabynyc :  omg similar to yours… Fiance always plays YouTube videos/listens to music while we’re Facetiming! I don’t mind it so much because we in a LDR and we frequently will FaceTime each other while doing other things, just because it’s nice to coexist sometimes. But he too NEVER WEARS HIS HEADPHONES! And I swear the audio is 1846284626 times more grating when it’s going through a second speaker! I’m like HELLO?! 

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Helper bee
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Changes the channel like every 5 minutes. Commercial, changes it. Sports team goes on time out, changes it. Slow part during a movie, changes it. UGH!!!!!! He’s no longer allowed to hold the remote when were both watching the same tv.

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Mine will agree to something without actually hearing what it is and then wonder why I’m annoyed he didn’t do whatever it was.

I made us corned beef/cabbage in a crock pot. He washed dishes.  “hey, even if you don’t actually clean the crock pot, will you please rinse it out because there’s cabbage and meat juice in it?”  Ok!  Three days later I made him do it all himself, ugh… bet it was gross.  That sort of thing happens pretty regularly because he just hears sound and thinks he should respond, even if he has no idea what the words are.  undecided  Good thing I like everything else about him!

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Busy bee
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sparklebabynyc :  

When I come into the kitchen and like 2-3 different cupboard doors are open. OMFG so annoying. I slam them shut 😑

Also if he leaves any little hairs on the sink after shaving, most of the time it’s pretty clean but if the sink os spotless and then i see like 2 little hairs… annoying πŸ˜‘

When he forgets to put stuff in the dishwasher 😧

When he takes like 1 clean item out of the dishwasher and doesnt think he should take out the rest.. like what, an I your dish washer loading and unloading slave? 😬

When he farts right next to me. Gross. 😝

When he picks at a pimple of misquito bite scab like 100 times and it takes forever to heal…

When he goes on his phone when we are watching something 😡

Im sure there is more….


I still fucking love this man to death. πŸ˜β€πŸ’‹

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Busy bee
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LMAO I’m dying over here! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘ loving reading these! allow me to list them:

– My fiancé has the WORST habit of only shutting off the tap in the shower but not shutting off the actual shower nozzle (pressing the “knob” so it turns back to running tap water) so when I go to run a bath I get sprayed by the cold shower water as soon as I turn the tap on. Makes me want to strangle him. 

– leaves 1/2 empty glasses of juice EVERYWHERE! 

-steals my socks without asking and doubles up on them so when I go to grab some I have none left 😑

– runs the shower super hot when he poops/ pees/ spends some time with “Palmela Handerson” in there….. basically anytime he’s in the bathroom. it drives me nuts, I’m like ” THIS IS WHY OUR HYDRO BILL IS STUPIDLY HIGH and our wasted water charge is through the roof!” 

I do love him, I swear. I also just want to throw him off a cliff some days πŸ˜…

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Helper bee
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When he thinks he’s a driving instructor! It drives me nuts when he tells me how to drive, it’s like, we got our licenses within a few months of each other: I have the same experience as you!

Thats the main one but he also ALWAYS leaves the knife in the butter undecided haha. He’s pretty good in general though and doesn’t get on my nerves to often.

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Sugar bee

He leaves his gigantic shoes in high traffic areas (hallways, doorways, infront of doors) ALL THE TIME. 

He also takes up nearly the entire bed and wonders why I’m on the verge of falling out of the bed when he gets up at 6am…

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Is this TMI? Apoligies if so… but when he has “me time” and uses my nice lotion instead of the lubriderm. undecided

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Our daughter is 6 weeks old and he has been offering “helpful” advice on breastfeeding. First of all, this is my third child that I’ve breastfed, and last time I checked he didn’t have useful breasts- so I REALLY don’t want to hear it. 

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Busy bee
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When he locks his fart in our bedroom while I’m still in bed (and yes, he closes the door behind him after he farts!). Ughhhh.

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Buzzing bee
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mrss2b2017 :  The cabinets!!! My husband does this too! I was raised to always close every cabinet so no one bonks their heads.

My husband also leaves dishes in or around the sink, even if it was a joint meal or I cooked. I try to not get super annoyed, since there are certainly other chores he does more than his fair share on, but at a certain point it does drive me a bit crazy, especially when I’ve been out of town for work and I come back to so many dishes.

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PorcelainBelle :  

What is it with the damn shoe thing?!  They create extreme safety hazards with those giant gunboats of theirs.  Right smack in the middle of the living room.

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Sugar bee
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Sips his tea SOO LOUDLY! His excuse? He can only drink it when it’s super hot by slurping loudly and diffusing it over the course of his mouth so it doesn’t burn any one part. Yea, he’s thought this one out. 

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Blushing bee
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skunktastic :  LOL! My Darling Husband does the same! He will agree to or respond to me when he doesn’t know what I’ve said. And then he will have a question relating to it a few days later. He doesn’t understand why I get frustrated. I’ll say “We’ve already talked about this! We have literally had this conversation two days ago, how do you not remember??” 

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