(Closed) I got 99 problems and my cat is most of them…

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@moonadea:  I’m sorry you’re going through this, that sucks. Don’t give up on the cat just yet though.

I’m glad Kitty has a clean bill of health, have you talked with your vet about these issues? I’d ask for a referral to an animal behaviorist- who can come to your house and figure out what is pissing your cat off to cause these behaviors. 

I’ve had friends that have had to use animal behaviorists for agression, separation anxiety- and it worked after multiple sessions. 


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I wonder if there’s something in the walls or a noise that’s bothering him – making him act up?  As not plesant as this thought is…is it possible there are mice in the walls? 


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Perhaps there is a smell of another cat in there from a prior tenant and he feels the need to mark his territory and just be attention seeking in general?

The only time my cat ever behaves like that is when she goes into heat… which is when everything has to be removed from the floor and she is in the bathroom with her litterbox 80% of the time while she makes a meowing symphony. 

I feel worse for the dogs having to put up with this! It is one of our fears of getting a puppy to go with our cat because we fear it’ll be the cage taunting and peeing on their stuff!

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@chic_and_fabulous:  +1000


i would do a lot of research. There are a ton of good articles out there. I understand what you are feeling though. My cat did a lot of the same for a while, his was due to a health issue though. He never has really gotten over the crying at the door, although he maybe does it a little less. I understand how it make you not feel so affectionate. I feel this way a lot, and i try to remind myself he is trying to communicate with me the only way he can.

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Even though your cat moved with you previously, this new behavior could be because of the move and all the changes associated with that. Did you have your dogs when you moved apartments the last time? Maybe the combination of adjusting to the new apartment with the dogs (instead of your cat already being in the apartment and you adding the dogs to the family, for example) has your kitty a bit freaked out.

My cat has gone through similar issues. She is an older cat, and was a stray that I took in. At the time I got her, I already had a dog, who was well established in my house. I had no problems with my cat teasing the dog, peeing on things, getting up on the counters, etc. Ditto when we moved from Texas to Virginia with that dog and the cat. No problems in our first apartment or, later, when we moved to our house.

Then, my previous dog passed away. After a couple of years. we got a puppy. The cat started acting up — mainly peeing on anything and everything that was left on the floor. I got her checked out with the vet. She was in perfect health, and the vet told me she was likely angry because of the change in the household. (My cat did not like the new puppy at all. She didn’t even want to be in the same room with our puppy.) Eventually, our cat got over it, and things settled down.

When our dog was four years old, my hubby got another puppy for me — a Springer Spaniel, like the first dog I had. Again, our cat went through a difficult adjustment period: behavior problems and peeing on anything and everything, including the dog beds. Again, I took her to the vet, found she was in perfect  health, and was told she was having trouble adjusting. Eventually, our cat got used to the second dog and things settled down.

Now, though, every time our cat is annoyed, she shows her displeasure by finding something to pee on: my daughter’s bed … the bathmats … anything left on the floor … the dog beds (a bit more rare) … my houseshoes. She is still in very good health, and our vet says it’s not related to age or any type of health issue. He said she is just angry. -.-

I’m not sure what advice I can give you for stopping this type of behavior. I haven’t been able to get my cat to stop, and it’s been a number of years now. (Dog #1 is 5 and Dog #2 is 2 years old. *sigh*) We have gotten in the habit of keeping everything off the floor, and of making sure our cat doesn’t have access to any of the bedrooms or bathrooms when we aren’t around. It’s not an ideal solution, though. And it’s annoying.

(sorry this post was so long without offering a good solution. just wanted you to know you’re not alone! Smile)

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@moonadea:  You can buy this cat pheramone stuff that you plug into the wall like a glade plug-in air freshner. It’s supposed to calm them and stop meowing and marking behaviors. It takes a few days to work, but I got it for my cat’s non-stop meowing when we moved and it really did work. Good luck!

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@JessicaJupiter:  that’s a very good possibility!  Or a cat in heat in the apartment next door?

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@moonadea:  why not keep the cat in a crate for a night or two?  put in ear 

plugs and sleep well. 


Of course the cat will complain, but worth a try at this point.  

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I have no advice, but I want to commiserate. My cats drive me nuts. The young one beats up the older one all the time. Then she starts “screaming” at him like she’s being murdered. This of course happens mostly while I am sleeping. The young one is almost four years old and just has not gotten the hint. Sigh…


Also this morning I was pouring food in their feeder and the lid popped off allowing me to pour the ENTIRE container of food all over the dining room. We are talking like a three week supply of food. Sigh. 🙁

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For the scratching on the door issue…. I was watching a tv show that was called “My Cat from Hell”, and the cat whisperer used this canned-air device that had a sensor, so anytime the cat would go near the door, it would bust out with a spray of canned air. Not enough to hurt, just enought to scare her away from the door.  It would basically “teach” the cat that this was an area that she should not be in. This could work on your door, and possibly the dog crates (at night if this is when they are crated)…  I’m not a cat expert at all, but it seemed to work on that cat on the tv show, and might work on yours.   I thought it was a pretty cool device…

Here, I found something similar online…. I googled “cat training device sensor canned air”…




I’m not sure what advice to offer about the pee thing.  My cat had a peeing and pooping issue outside of his litter box when I got him, and so we got a 3-story cat cage for him.  He’s mostly an outdoor cat, but when he comes indoors and is unsupervised (like at night) he’s in his cage (it has a litter box, feeding station, and two independent levels for him to sleep and relax on).  I think he rather likes it, because its HIS place, his space.  I’m not saying it works for everyone, but it solved that problem quite nicely.  

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