(Closed) I got my widsom teeth removed today.

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*shudder* it was horrible.  I didn’t get off the floor for a week I was so sick from the anesthetic, couldn’t eat and keep anything down, they threatened to hospitalize me.  Crazy part when I started feeling better all I wanted was this cereal I’d never really liked before!  My dad went out and got it ASAP they were so happy I was wanting something (I was 16).

They also left an air hole to a nerve open (ouchy), and sewed a tendon that belonged to the bottom jaw up at the top which misaligned my teeth and took 6 months before I could chew without biting it and a good 3 years before it moved itself where it belonged (and was before!).  By then the damage to my teeth being misaligned for so long was already done.

I have a healthy fear of dentists!

I’m really glad yours went well!

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The fact that you can write a coherent post/paragraphs is amazing!!  I don’t know when you got it done today, but when I got my wisdom teeth out (all 4, about 10 years too late).  I was miserable!!

When leaving the  surgery chair, from the anesthia, I galloped down the hallway because I thought I was in medieval times… Then I asked for my teeth, because god damnit, the tooth fairy, my mom, was going to give me 50 bucks!!

And then I went home to promtply puke my guts outs for the next 48 hours for mulitple reasons, anesthia, advial, gross stuff to my gut, etc…

I am also a teacher so had Parent/Teacher Conferences about 3 days after, I went home crying because it hurt so bad.

I wish wisdom teeth removal on no one!

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I was surprised by how non-traumatic it was. I had mine done under general anaesthentic (I had one other non-wisdom tooth removed under local, and that was horrible so there was no way I was doing it again!). Basically went to sleep, and woke up in a happy daze. My recovery was pretty uneventful, I was puffed up like a squirrel for about three days but that was about it. I was careful not to rinse too vigorously, I was so scared about dry socket! And I was able to eat more or less normally, my mum made porridge and soft foods and it was fine.

My surgeon had prescribed some super-duper strength painkillers but I didn’t even need them, I just stuck to normal paracetamol and was fine. I have to say I had an amazing surgeon, the extraction site recovered so quickly and I was never in more than mild discomfort.

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@AcheneMalefic:  Then you are probably good!! I think that I was unusually sensitive to the anesthia!! I think the rest would have been fine.. It was the first time I had been put under for anything, and I am very sensitive to any medication.  They gave me codeine, but I ended up opting for just plain old advil because it didn’t upset my stomach!

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I had a smooth recovery. Mine were taken out surgically and I iced on and off every 10 minutes or so for days. No chipmunk cheeks here, and almost no pain.

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So glad your experience has gone well so far. I did mine in the chair, only had two out. I spent more time in the chair while they numbed my mouth up. I was dazed from two sedative pills and was off in my own world. They came out easily, stitched me and and sent me home. I was asleep once I got on the couch, woke up in horrible pain and blood everywhere. Once my fella helped me get cleaned up and took pain killers, I was fine. 


I was only going to take 5 days off work, but it ended up being a week. The pain didn’t subside and I was waking up with my mouth throbbing. I couldn’t sleep and I was having more difficulty talking. Sent home from work and the dentist rushed an appointment for me. I didn’t have dry socket, but the blood clot was breaking up, food was stuck and just a barrel of laughs really. Once they took my dissolvable stitches out, cleaned the gaps up and packet it with some antispectic gel I had instant relief. I was back to normal in a day or two. 


Hooe your recovery goes smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I waited too long too. My bottom teeth were impacted which means they grew in sideways toward my other teeth. That means my dentist had to cut my tooth in half before taking it out  Apparently, my bones are quite strong from running all these years and it shattered. They had to remove it bit by bit. Then they discovered that my roots were hooked. Most roots just grow straight so they had to dig in to get them ouwas this whole process took about 3 hours. I was awake the whole time and the medication did not completely numb me. They kept having to add more. They only took out one tooth in those 3 hours and it took me a year and two valium to go back for the second.

I didn’t get sick or anything, but the pain did not go away for a while. I was getting strange nerve pain in other parts of my mouth for about a month. And my jaw hurt for about a year. Im a singer and couldn’t open my mouth enough to hit the high notes for a long time. They told me it was because my other tooth was still in and my jaw was uneven. Thats eventually why I finally went back and got the other one out. The Valium really helped and I healed so much faster. That surgery wasn’t anywhere close to 3 hours either! And of course my jaw is all better, thank God!!

I sure wish I got them pulled way back when I was a teenager and they told me they were just starting to grow in!! 

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Yay! So happy your’s went smoothly! I also had a totally uncomplicated removal. I wasn’t put under, just numbed, and while I could have gone without having to watch them drill each tooth in half before removing them, it was easy! I also had some of my stitches come out quickly and I never had a problem… I found that I used the Oxycodone the first two days and then after that, I stopped. Mainly because 3 days after I had to work and the pills were just making me not able to concentrate.

FH on the other hand, was knocked out for his surgery. Also like you, woke up talking crazy. He kept telling the doctor how he needed to find some of the meds on the black market hahah And (at the time we weren’t engaged) how “I kept saying he wasn’t going to marry me but he was soon”! He was a pain in the butt to take care of at first lol He wouldn’t sit still, kept spitting out the blood so it wouldn’t clot, etc. He also had issues with total numbness in one side of his mouth several weeks after the procedure.

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Mine was terrible. I got all four out, and the two bottom ones had to have jaw bone cut away to be removed. I ended up getting dry socket in the bottom holes, and my pain is now just starting to fade. I didn’t swell or bruise, but my surgery was extremely difficult. I insisted on taking video of me messed up on sedation on the ride home. I’ll link below. Make sure you skip to me putting on Chapstick. I was confused about my face being numb, so I thought it was huge. I also wanted a hamburger and called the nurse a bitch. I don’t remember the car ride at all.



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Mine was problem free! Only thing I remember is bloody drool on my pillow. How’s that for imagery?

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