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I don’t have any stories but that’s wonderful!

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I went supply shopping for work one day (30 pints of Ben & Jerry’s, my job was kind of amazing sometimes), and somehow I was in such a hurry to get the ice cream in the car and back to the office on this hot July day, that I managed to leave my (going to sound like a snob here – but I was a baller 20 year old) brand new coach bag, containing my brand new pink razr (throwback 2005), my brand new $500 digital camera, and roughly $150 of company cash in the cart.

I got back to work and nearly shit my pants when I realized I didn’t have that bag. After 45 minutes of repeatedly calling Stop & Shop and the police department, I get a phone call saying that someone turned it in. I was sure it was going to be empty, but it had everything in it! P-H-E-W!

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The person before me left their card in the ATM with their session still logged in. Easily could’ve stolen thousands of dollars, and believe me, I need it! But I extracted the card and chased him down on foot across the parking lot and down the street and gave it back.

It was my act of kindness 🙂 He was so surprised and thankful. I felt really good after that!

Eerily enough, we were on our way to the same wedding (yes I did this all in a dress and heels), and I saw him again that night! He bought me a couple drinks as a thank you!

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@MrsMaine: That is CRAZY!

I don’t have a story like that today, but that’s great that some returned it. I guess there is hope!

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I forgot my wallet on the toilet paper dispenser of the Shedd aquarium in Chicago during an outrageously busy Saturday.  I didn’t notice until I went to go get my parking ticket to pay it… I had gone to the bathroom a full 45 mins or so earlier.  My cards, licesnce, iPhone, LOTS of cash, etc. would have been gone, including some sentimental things like pressed pennies from my travels and little good luck charms I have picked up along the way.  I RAN back and someone had turned it in.  I sent tons of good karma waves into the universe for the person who turned it in 🙂

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February of last year we went to get a bite to eat at a local restaurant before going on vacation the next day. I paid, and only brought my wallet in with me. While I was getting the little one into the car, I put my wallet on top of the car and… you guessed it. Drove right off.

Next morning I’m panicking cause I can’t find my wallet and my flight for vacation leaves in 3 hours. I dig out my birth certificate, work ID, expired license and hope for the best. Called and cancelled everything I could at the airport cause TSA was great and let me through after providing every form of ID I could. I lost a $25 Best Buy gift card, a couple bucks and some other stuff I can’t remember, but thought was super important at the time!

My mom called me 4 days later saying that someone had actually gone to her house to drop my wallet off there. They found it on the side of the road, picked it up, punched the address from my license into their GPS and returned it.

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That’s awesome. I left my purse in a cart at Roomful Express when we were shopping for furniture. We left the store and I didn’t realize it until an hour later. I had $900 in my purse, plus my bank cards and savings account cards. We flew back to the store and someone had taken my purse to the customer service desk and nothing was missing out of it. I seriously almost fainted at the desk.

These are the stories we should hear about in the news.

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Awwww yay!  Nice people on the subway make me happy.

A few years ago, I wasn’t feeling well but I HATE missing work (and I was clerking for a judge at the time, so I REALLY didn’t want to call in), so I tried to tough it out.  I was at work all of 15 minutes before I started vomiting.  The judge told me to go home, and I got back on the train (I was all the way downtown and lived all the way uptown, and there was no way I could afford a taxi then).  I felt like I was done throwing up for a while when I got on, but halfway between two express stops the nausea came back full force.  I tried with all my might not to throw up on the subway, but when I knew it was inevitable I went over to a corner, as far away from everyone as possible.  I felt awful about it, and I must have been quite a sight, throwing up and gasping “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” between heaves :/

As soon as the other riders realized what was happening they all darted to the other end of the car (and quite justifiably!).  But one kindly middle aged man scooted just outside of the splatter range, and offered me tissues as soon as I stopped hurling.  I responded with something that I’m pretty sure amounted to a babble of thanks, apologies, and self-beratement about how I shouldn’t have come to work but I should have taken a cab.  The man was so nice, kept telling me it was okay, and as I was walking out of the car at the next stop, handed me a pack of tissues with $20 in it, telling me to take a cab.  It was one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. 

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I dont have any stories, but that is awesome that someone returned the card. There good honest people out there, like always there are just a few bad apples that ruine it for everyone. In our cases believing there isnt good people out there. So Im glad you posted. Its always nice to have a little reminder like this.

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Wow Thats nice and surprising! I on the other hand got my purse stolen from me while I was holding it!! He seriously snatched it from my hand and ran off.. But I guess there are good people out there to balance out the bad people.

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These stories make my day!

@sarahbabs: Wow that story brought tears to my eyes! That is beyond kind!

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