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@Pear85:  I hate college too but just remember why you started!!!! The only reason that I haven’t quit is because I think about ALL the money I have spent and know that if I drop out, it would have all been a waste. You’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when you finish! Get a part-time job and try making friends. It’ll get better 

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I hated school but ended up with a well-paying job. It isn’t my passion, and I don’t want to do it forever… but I would say it paid off.

It’s hard to know what advice to give, because so many people don’t get anything out of school these days. It isn’t a guaranteed path to a job.

Then again, I’d be nowhere without my degree. I did a lot of networking, I worked throughout school, and at the end of it, I got lucky and had a great job opportunity… mostly because of my networking (but without the degree I would not have gotten it).

If you quit, what else are you going to do? Are you just having difficulties adjusting? College isn’t supposed to be easy… and no, not everyone parties through it (I sure didn’t). If you stick it out, do you have a plan to make it pay off? It’s more than dumb luck and a degree to get a job. You need to ask yourself those types of questions.

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@Kimber_bee:  Agree that she’s in an unfortunate position, but I’d suggest that even though she’s a Stay-At-Home Mom, her education will pay off in many ways. Education isn’t just about making money. You know the old saying.. educate a woman and you educate the home (i.e. the kids). Maybe next time she mentions it, you should say that it’ll pay off.. even if it’s not in the ways she expected. My mom stayed at home with my sister and I and her education/knowledge/life experience helped shape us too. And you never know.. maybe she will get a job if she keeps trying. No one can ever take away her education, and that’s something to be proud of.

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I felt just like you. I hated college but I stuck it out and I’m happy I did because it has helped me out in my career. I would recommend sticking it out for at least the first year. It’s a huge adjustment and a lot of people have a really hard time in the beginning. I know a lot of people have already said to get out there and join clubs or whatever, but I just want to emphasize that the point of college is to NETWORK. You have so many amazing opportunities to be exposed to just about anything you want as a college student, so take advantage. 

Also my mom is my best friend too. I told her I was miserable every step of the way and she never once through it in my face that it was my decision or that she was paying a lot of money for my education. Please talk to your mom. That’s what she’s there for. My mom’s support really helped get me through it.

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That’s actually really cheap!

College has a whole new realm of expectations. You really are expected to be reading up on things outside of class, to broaden your horizons, etc. Branch out beyond your roommate – start talking to more people, and you’ll get the hang of it. It sounds like you didn’t exercise your social skills that much in high school, so you’re probably just a bit rusty. I was awkward, too, and the girls living on my hall in my dorm are still my best friends 12 years and 2000 miles later.

Study study study, chat, chat, chat, and you’ll get over the hump and love college :-).

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I work with college students and have a degree in student affairs. Let me first tell you that what you are feeling is beyond normal. I can bet that if you walked down the halls of your dorm, at least a quarter of the students in your building feel the same way that you do. Homesickness is a major cause for student drop outs. 

But do not let it get the best of you! 

What I always tell students is that they should envision the college life they want to have. How do you see yourself? Or, before you got here, what did you want to do with your time? Did you want to be more of an intellectual loner? Great! Hang out at the library, get a job in the archives, and find a sweet coffee shop! Are you one to join clubs? I’m sure there is a history based one. And there’s more than sports. There’s music, drama, literature, volunteering, etc. The possibilities are endless! Explore! And do not be afraid to make a fool of yourself and ask a lot of questions. All freshman do! 

You are going to be lonely. You are going to be overwhelmed, but it will get better. And if it doesn’t, there’s always the ability to finish out the year and do a year in community college. 

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@Pear85:  How long have you even been at uni?? A week at most? Why making such a rushed decision? I’d at least stick out the semester and see if things got better (I bet they would). And really analyze what you want to do with your life and whether that requires a degree.

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@Pear85:  I saw that you decided to leave.. I’m sorry to hear that.

I was really depressed the first few months of college too.

BUT let me tell you about my friend. She didn’t go to college right out of high school. Because her parents didn’t let her because she worked for the family business of cleaning out forclosed houses, but she also didn’t mind because she was making decent money.

4 years later now, the family business has died and her parents have changed their minds and see the necessity of college. My friend is really frustrated because now shes too old to get the state scholarship for good grades, but she’s going back because she knows its the right thing to do.

It sucks that its a money sink, but I advise you to start out at a local community college. 1) you can live at home and gradually leave your parents home 2) you will know more people, or at least be able to relate to them better 3) its a lot cheaper, and you can focus on how you want to spend the rest of your life. 

Research a field thats something that will interest you, but also pull in a good salary. Most people regret college because they dive head first into an out-of-state liberal arts college with a degree that has already oversaturated the market.

I saw that you liked history… you could turn that into being a lawyer, or a history teacher, etc..

Anyways, I dont know if I’m making you feel better, but I’ve definitely been in your shoes being a shy person (still in college, I have to stay an extra year and all my friends are graduating, its like freshman year all over again). PM me if you want! 

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How are you paying for school? Cash, student loans or is someone paying for you?

If your paying for it and its close enough then by all means, live at home. Save yourself some money! Living in the dorms was the biggest waste of money i’ve ever spent and I hated living at home but i hated the dorms more. 

Idk… I did that whole living on campus going to a college 3 hours from home thing for 1 year…. By the end of that year i had made one friend who was a senior so he was leaving… and my roommate was the biggest bitch in the world. I never used that darn meal plan more then maybe one or two meals a week. By the second semester I got a job and atleast got to spend some time away. I went home or to my sisters house (an hour and a half away) every weekend. It SUCKED… it didn’t get better, it got worse.

Then I moved closer to home and transfered to a private college… lived on campus and made 0 friends because as it turns out EVERYONE who’s anyone was in a sorority and i didn’t want any part of that. I went there because it was a really good school for my “dream job” which i took one class in and discovered i wanted nothing to do with it. Dropped out and wasted about 25k.

Finally I went to a state school and lived at home for the next 2 years until i moved out of state with my DH. I wish I would have just done that from the beginning and saved myself 50k…. but noooo.Living at college was by far the most miserable time in my entire life and its my biggest regret hands down. I still got my degree tho and I’m working with it but with the student loans i have… it wasn’t even worth it.

Theres a million other options to get your degree… If you don’t like it…. transfer. (just make sure you get to keep your credits)

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