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Sugar bee
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I only did it for 10 mins and I had a 10 min break after 5 mins! that was WEEKS ago i havnt done it sence

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Blushing bee
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Hang in there!  When I started doing the 30 day shred my leg muscles hurt so bad from doing squats that I actually fell down my basement stairs!!!  It gets a lot easier after about a week! 


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Sugar Beekeeper
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@ddw: It gets better, trust me. I’m the same way as you, I don’t work out a lot, so the 30 Day Shred was a big leap of faith for me. Slowly but surely you’ll develop a serious love/hate relationship with Jillian.

1) Personally, I use 2.5 lb weights and they’re plenty. I’m at Level 3 there are some days when the 2.5s are too much for me still because my arms are just SO tired, so I do parts without the weights.

2) I pause the video (I watch on my laptop) and drink water. This gives me a mini-break and keeps me hydrated. I sweat A LOT when I do it, so staying hydrated is really important!

3) Wear running shoes for sure. It’ll give you proper ankle and arch support. I take off my shoes for the cool down.

4) I buy my sports bras from Walmart so I’m no help there, sorry!

If I could make one other recommendation it would be to do more stretches after she’s finished the cool down. She really rushes through them and now that I’ve been doing added stretching after the level is over I’m not nearly as sore any more!

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Blushing bee
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I would drop the weights partway through a set (I know, Jilian’s probably scowling at me) and just keep doing reps without the weights if I feel like my arms are going to die…otherwise I’ll be too sore to repeat the next day! I noticed quick improvement, like I could finish the whole set with weights after about a week.

Also, I have a set of 5# and 2#. I switch between the two based on which exercise. Eg, chest flys are 5# and the anterior raise is DEF a 2# for me.

I’ve found the champion bras at target are pretty good for $20 and under.

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Bumble bee
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I also sometimes put down the weights for the end of the set, and just lift my tired arms and call it a day πŸ™‚  I’m okay on cardio but have never been good about weight lifting and strength training, so I think this is really good for me, but it is HARD! I’m doing it in conjunction with training for a half marathon so I do it on days the training plan calls for “stretch and strengthen” and always do lots of stretching after.  I did the 30 days once and my knees were really sad at the end, so now I just mix it in a couple times a week and that seems to work better for me.

I use 5# weights for most things, 2.5# weights for others, and sometimes just use my body/arm weight as its own weight, cause some of those exercises are still too much for me!

As far as proper support is concerned, I would wear shoes…don’t you get rug burn?!  Also because of the knee issue, but if it’s working for you, it’s working for you.  I like Under Armour sports bras and I buy them at the outlet…I swore by Nike for years but I feel like they don’t give me as much support anymore.  I guess I got old! I’m like a 32C so I’m not exactly ginormous but I like to be strapped in πŸ™‚

You can do it!

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Sugar bee
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I kind of want to do this, but I don’t have a TON of weight to lose…maybe 10 lbs or so. Also, I’m a wuss and terrified…but I admire everyone who can do this!

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Busy bee
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1. I’d say 2 pound weights are fine.  I use 5 pound weights and, while it hurts at the time, I’ll be thankful in the end.

2.  I keep my nalgene beside me and when I get desperate I chug a little water really quickly.

3.  Put on shoes and now, girl! Now wearing shoes could give you bone spurs and shin splints.  You’ll definitely need them in level 2 and three when there’s a lot more jumping and leg moves. 

4.  I wear hanes sports bras.  They’re sufficient for me. 

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I’ve been doing the shred pretty much every day for a month and a half, and I never do it with shoes! My floors are carpet, so that helps.  But it probably just depends on your body. 

Also, it definitely gets easier! It may take awhile if you didn’t work out much before, but after awhile, level one seems super-easy and is nice for a sort of “off” day.  I alternate between all three levels and use mostly five pound weights, but eight pound weights for the back and biceps exercises.

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Honey bee
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I use 3 pound weights, which are plenty! I started with 5s but they were too much for me. I try to hydrate throughout the day before my workout and then drink in moderation after. I work out in my bare feet too πŸ™‚ No worries, it will get easier, trust me!

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Bee Keeper
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I did it for 4 weeks. I used the 8 lb weights, which was probably a little too much… 5 lbs would have sufficed, but I don’t feel like less than that would have done enough. It really does get easier! The second day I could barely walk up the stairs on campus I was so sore. 

But after four or five days, level 1 seemed laughably easy. Level 2 not so much… something to look forward to? I will add that I didn’t lose weight by just doing the Shred alone. I cut down on sweets and portions, and lost about 5 lbs that month. For reference, I was about 115 and 5′ at the time (height of winter weight!) and I feel like it was very helpful more for the toning aspect. 

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Blushing bee
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Arrrg. I just wrote a response to your post and my browser shut down so I am going to try and rewrite it. 

I haven’t started shred yet (it is on my cable and I was going to start tonight.) but I am a reformed athlete who is starting to get back into shape.  I am very out of shape now.  Here is my advice.

1.  I think 2 lb weights are a good choice. I wouldn’t go out and buy lighter.  If you are having a rough day and want lighter weights I would just go get two canned goods out of the cabinet.  (can you say weights ah la green beans?) No need to spend more money.  As for being sore… yep.  It is your muscles getting tiny little tears in it and healing up along with a build up of lactic acid in your muscles.  How to deal with it? Stretch stretch stretch.  I know that stretching your arms can be awkward but if you have questions I can give you some ideas on how to stretch these muscles out.  Also I have found that the best time to stretch is when you get out of the shower.  Warm muscles are looser and stretch more.  Back in the day when I would have an insane workout I would get in the hot tub and jump out and stretch. 

2.  Hydration.  So the fact that you are getting cotton mouth during your work out has little to do with the workout.  It means you aren’t getting enough water in general.  From a coffee and soda addict I know how hard it is to drink more water.  But to set yourself on a goal if you think you drink enough water during the day go ahead and double it.  I used to practice Bikram yoga religiously where it is 1.5 hours of yoga in a heated room and I have never sweat so much.  I couldn’t believe how much water my body really wanted.  So drink more.  And truthfully gulping down water during your workout will more than likely turn your stomach a bit.  If you need water during your workout put the water in your mouth and swirl it for a while and slowly swallow it.  If you are feeling dehydrated after your workout another good thing you can do is slowly drink coconut water after your workout.  Nature’s best gatorade. 

3.  No, wear shoes. 

4.  I have worn everything from a large D to a small B (which is what I wear now… have to love weight fluctuations) and I don’t think you have anything to worry about.  Go with what feels comfortable.  I have been happy with target bras- both traditional sports bras and those with cups.  Go and try them on and if you  want the feeling of more support then get the ones with cups.  This is purely personal preference. 

Last piece of advice.  When it comes down to taking little breaks during the workout do what you need to do.  The important thing is to make it through the entire workout.  That being said any runner will tell you that the hardest thing to do in the world is to run after taking even a few walking steps.  I have no idea why this is but even after those few resting steps your feet feel like lead for the rest of the run.  As miserable as it feels to keep pushing through and how much you are gasping for air I say try as hard as you can pushing on through.  You will see improvement faster than you think!  Good luck and I will let you know how my date with Jillian Michaels goes!

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Blushing bee
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It does get easier! Promise! Your endurance will get better and I PROMISE you will notice major toning. I did the whole Shred, I did it every other day and was sure to take at least one day of a week to recover, and I noticed major toning. My BF even commented on my “guns”, lol.

1)      I think she recommends 2-3lbs for the Shred, that soreness means the workout is working and you will get results from it! Just be sure to stretch afterward.

2)      I keep water nearby and DO take a second to take a drink if needed. I swear the further along you get the less breaks you’ll need and the more excited you will be to finish the workout without breaks.

3)      Jillian Michaels said, on her radio program, to always wear good shoes while working out as to support the arches of your feet which in turn supports a lot of other body parts.

4)      Nike makes some nice sports bras, maybe check out one of their stores.

Hang in there! Good luck to you!

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