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Normally I’d say “let it go”, but in this case I think mama and papa are totally unacceptable grandparents names.

That being said, kids always end up picking their own names for people. My sister was a classic case of that. Her grandfather’s name is Bob, and instead of grandpa she somehow started calling him “Bob-O” and it just stuck – now we all call him that. Same thing with our dad, she started calling him “Dad-O” instead of daddy and it just stuck. She could never say my name correctly, and it came out “Hoy” (my name is not even CLOSE to that, doesn’t even start with an “H”..lol) she’s 15 and still calls me that as does the rest of our family.

My grandparents are Momaw, Popaw, & Nana. My great grandparents were Grandmomma & Grandaddy. I was basically the last grandkid so all my names were picked for me. 😉

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cora_123:  I dont have children yet….but i have the feeling we will have this issue as well….because my Mother-In-Law likes to make drama….but as far as me and my sisters….we had 1 grandma who was grannie, and one who was memaw….and a step one we reffered to as her first name, and one step grandma was was nana….i have never heard a grandma being mama….ever….but that may be where im from….but my grandads were always papa, and memaw/nana/grannie…

i cant belive that it is such a big deal for her…hopefully you guys can work somthing out…

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Ok I only read the original post but this stuff makes my blood boil. I hate when grandma and grandpa think they can just come up with some stupid name to call themselves or have my child call them. I straight up am rude to my parents and say nohew call you grandma and grandpa and that’s it. My son will also call u grandpa and grandma or whatever he ends up saying when he’s learning to talk. My rents think they can just pick names and I think it’s just plain weird. I have aunts that are grandparents and they have their grand kids call them chief and honey. I’m sorry but no! Ugh I would flip if my mom or mil thought she could call herself mama to my son..um no, I’m mama! I say be the b**** and straight up tell them no.

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  • Number of children I can think of off the top of my head where grandparents said “I want them to call me [some gobbledygook they came up with]!”: 14
  • Number of those children who call their grandparents that: 1
  • Number of those children who came up with their own name for grandparents (including such classics as “grandma” and “grandpa”): 13

Tell you Mother-In-Law that words have meanings. Mama = mommy = mom = ma = mother. Would she expect your child to call her “mother”? Then why in the world would she expect it to call her “mama”? Why does SHE have to come up with anything at all? The cuteness and joy of “nana,” “gammy,” “meemaw,” etc is that the KID comes up with it themself. “Nanma” is absurd. If you feel like indulging this crazy lady, maybe try using “namma”, which is the closest to “nanma” any child (or adult) is likely to get. Me, I’d tell her flat out, “I use the word that represents the definition of what I want to say. The word for a parent’s mother is grandma. So that’s what I’m going to say. You are free to use a different word if you prefer. I won’t object. … So long as it doesn’t straight up mean something else, like “truck” or “rhubarb pie” or “mama”.

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