(Closed) I HATE people who steal!!!!…. A Little Vent!

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missnicolemcg:  There are a couple things here I would suggest for you! First, I would start using a CREDIT card for all transactions. You can immediately go on to the website to pay them off – credit card companies are much better at refunding money immediately and then your bank accounts arent compromised. 

Second, I would suggest on an alarm system for all future homes. Home thefts can be prevented if as soon as the burglar kicks in the door, etc. the alarm starts blaring. Just a suggestion for feeling safer – I’m sorry all this has happened! 

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missnicolemcg:  Thieves are the worst. I mean, we don’t make much money so what we have is hard to get back! My car was broken into when I lived in FL, I was at a park. They smashed the window and stole stuff in the car, and I had to pay my deductible. My then husband had been out of work for 8 months. Thanks, thanks a lot.

Fast forward, (I’m divorced now and my) boyfriend’s car was broken into, window smashed, nothing taken because there was nothing to take, but we had to pay the deductible. And sometimes in my neighborhood cars get rifled through. It’s extremely annoying. Go get a job, people!!!

ETA: My debit card was used when that whole Target fiasco happened, but my bank took care of it right away. And my husband’s debit card was recently used I’m SURE by an employee of a company I tried to buy sconces from online. The bank also took care of that.

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I hear you! I’ve had stuff stolen as well, in college it was my dirty laundry in back of my parents car. There went all my clothes. The next time I had jewelry stolen by the people who were putting in our alarm on the house . How’s that for irony ? They wound up stealing from a lot of other people as well. I lost a tennis bracelet, so I wasn’t really upset about that but I’d had a special tie tack made for my husband. That really made me angry. The last time I had anything stolen it was by someone cleaning my house. He was the son of the man who owned the service. I’d stupidly left out a pair of earrings. I went to go put them on and there was another cheap pair of earrings in their place. I realized immediately what had happened and fortunately the son was still there . I told him that he must have vacuumed them up somewhere and he needed to check his vacuum cleaner. Sure enough they reappeared. I called the father to let him know why his services were no longer required and he was very upset with his son of course. Turns out the son was getting married; my guess is that he needed a wedding gift for his wife so he went shopping at my house.

This is why we got a safe for jewelry I’m not wearing. Although we live in a very upscale area, I almost expect to come home one day and find that someone has cracked the safe. When thieves want something they stop at nothing.

We have also had an episodes of credit card fraud, probably due to my husband’s name and SS# being all over insurance papers. The last time it happened was when I handed a waiter my credit card to pay for dinner. That night a bunch of charges appeared on my bill. It’s always a mess to fix this, as you have to get a new card and cancel the old one. I always pay cash now; live and learn.

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I had my debit card information used online by some guy in another country (buying cellphones) during my friend’s wedding! I was a bridesmaid and I needed to finish paying for alterations to my dress and hair and makeup and my card was declined out of the blue. I immediately called the bank but it took them days to get my money back because it was a holiday weekend (which is probably why the thief choose to do it when they did) but it was so embarrassing and I had to have one of the other girls cover me!

I work in retail and we see check fraud people come through all the time, I think they are just scum. If they applied any of their planning and forethought on how to steal to a real job they could make more money easily!

They will live fast and easy for 5-10 years and then they’ll get caught and spend the next 20 in jail. 

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Wow that’s a lot of bad luck. 

Sign up for one of those sites that monitors your credit score and all your accounts for you. They handle the legal side of it for you if your identity is ever stolen. I just signed up for one through my benefits package at work and it monitors everything including your passport number, drivers license number, all bank accounts and cards, and even insurance IDs 

Invest in a home security system and some video cameras. Put the home security signs really visible in your yard. The sign alone will make potential robbers rethink hitting your house. 

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missnicolemcg:  We had our own mower stolen from the garage only a day after buying it. We have an alarm system but didnt choose to have it on the garage at that time. I had fraud charges on my bank account twice which the bank fixed but I ultimately changed banks.

It sucks but we moved on each time. I don’t hate the people (I don’t know them). I know every person has their troubles and people whom usually steal typically weren’t brought up to have the best start in life. If anything, I try to send good thoughts to them and hope that they can turn themselves around. I realize it’s more fruitless to hold on to the anger. 

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I hate people who steal! It is such a pain to get everything taken care of. One time while my Fiance and I were living in an apartment, she dropped her wallet on our way out the door and we didn’t notice until we had already left. We rushed back as soon as we noticed but it was gone. We jumped on our bank website to check things out and in the 1 hour we had been gone, they had already spent over $1,000 on various items, including their cable bill. The bank luckily took care of everything but the cable company refused to tell us the name of the people who paid their bill with our money…the bill was over $500 (assuming they had late fees). It was such a pain to have to cancel everything and start over.

Hopefully everything gets figured out soon!

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Ugh, a year within of moving to our new house, our front door was kicked in and all my jewelery was stolen too.  My favorite watch that I’d had for 10+ years that i bought myself as a graduation present, beautiful tanzanite ring my mother gave me for my birthday, a ring I had bought in Thailand and much more.  It totally sucked to have someone invade my personal safe space like that.

And a few years before that, my Citi bank account was hacked and I had over 5k stolen from my account before I noticed.  It was an account I never used and didn’t think to check, and for some reason Citi fraud department was lacking.  An account not used for years suddenly started having a few hundred at a time taken out to a location in Brazil over months, and they didn’t flag it.  After a complaint of fraudalant charges, they did return all my money.

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missnicolemcg:  I’ve had both a credit card and debit card compromised. Luckily, both times, the bank caught it right away and refunded the money. (Their quick response made a loyal customer out of me, for sure!)

I agree with you, though. I cannot understand what makes anyone feel they are entitled to take someone else’s property, money, or possessions. This isn’t a person stealing food from a grocery store to feed their kids… there is no (moral) justification in these cases.

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missnicolemcg:  yup.

In college my walkman was stolen and a bracelet my mother gave me for graduation was stolen. I know it was my shity roomate but no one could prove anything and i had to move dorms.

I had my home broken into while I was away. they stole all my jewelry. I didn’t have the hope diamond in there but I did have some of my great grandmothhers jewelry in there.   That was depressing and I felt so violated.    I was interviewing contracters and I have a feeling it was one of them but they never found anything. 

I used a debit card in Mexico to get money and apparently they had something to get your number.  My bank caught it right away so minimal damage. 


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I’m sorry all of that has happened to you! That’s so sad about the rings 🙁

I had someone try to break into our apartment a couple of months ago while I was home alone after Fiance had already left for work (5am), and it was probably the scariest time of my life. Who knows what they were trying to do..

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Ugh, I hate that too!  Last year, I got an email from Groupon that my password or email had changed.  I hadn’t even been on the site/app for months.  I was suspicious so I checked both my credit cards, and sure enough, one of them had a charge for over $300.  It was back and forth with Groupon, when finally realized someone hacked into my Groupon.  They cancelled the order and then I got in touch with my bank to cancel my credit card and issue me a new one… it was a mess.  I reported it to the FTC and to the local police, but the latter told me since the suspect lived in California (at least where the stolen items were going to be shipped), there probably wasn’t anything to be done.


At least I was aware of this kind of stuff to get it taken care of before I was out a lot of money or the thief got their stolen product (and it 5 Apple earphones or something stupid?  I’m like Really, you steal my credit card information for that?)… I just think of little old ladies or people who may not be as cautious or aware and that would get taken advantage of and be none the wiser.  It’s crazy.


In college, my freshman year, my roommate would often leave our dorm door unlocked (or open!) and someone kept stealing my food.  My parents bought me a locked file cabinet so I could lock my food up.  I kept talking to my roomie about it, but she kept forgetting.  It made me so mad that someone would take a full box of Cheese It’s.  Sheesh.  If you’re that hungry, just ask and I don’t mind sharing…

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Me & Darling Husband had not one, but TWO barbecue grills stolen out of our fenced in yard. The theives came right through the gate and took them, separate times.

We also had a lawn mower stolen off our grass, while Darling Husband was mowing the lawn, when he went away for a few minutes to get a bottle of water.

A coworker told me “times are really tough, maybe someone needed it” Right.

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missnicolemcg:  Ooooh I think we hate thieves the same amount! They just bring me so much rage and I’m not generally an angry person.


A couple years ago someone broke into our condo and stole a ton of stuff including FI’s wedding band and a couple of my rings that were worth nothing to anyone but me.


I’ve also had a little bit of credit card theft , but my bank was very good about catching it. It’s annoying when they shut off my card because I forgot to tell them I was going out of state, but I love that they are so protective.


I also had my credit card info stolen by my coworker at my last job. That was weird, but again, my bank caught the fraud and I was reimbursed.


I’ve read a lot about people who steal packages around Christmas and I just think that is despicable. I don’t care how hard things are for you financially, you can’t justify stealing from someone with any excuse other than “I’m a shit person who has the morals of a clamshell”.

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