I hate the gym!

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I am a group fitness girl through and through. I have en extensive knowledge of fitness and exercise and I STILL hate the gym. I get so bored on my own. I belong to a studio that specializes in HIIT and Functional Fitness I belong to a yoga studio as well were I practice traditional vinyasa as well as a more modern sculpt yoga with weights. I love to be pushed and I love the community. The trainers keep me engaged. 

They’re a more expensive than a gym membership but it’s money well spent because I see the results. 

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I always had a hard time getting myself to the gym – once I was there, I was fine but it always so hard to stop whatever other thing I could instead (especially in the winter!). I pay for the tone it up app now and I LOVE it! So many classes to choose from (ex barre, kickboxing, weight training, etc) that it’s hard to get bored from. There’s no excuse not to work out because I don’t have to leave my house so I usually work out before getting ready for work now. I’m 19 weeks pregnant and still working out 4-5 times a week – they have a whole section dedicated to pregnancy workouts. Couldn’t recommend it more! Classes are fun and can definitely kick your ass depending on the effort you put into it 

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I prefer running outside, but I have learned to love the gym also. (And my gym is cheap and kind of sucks, and when I’m traveling, I’m at a hotel gym, so that’s saying something, haha.) I can’t stand group classes & always work out alone.

How I did this: like you, I like the results, and I’ve trained myself to like the way I feel during and after a workout, too. I work out (either at the gym or outside) every day without fail, except the day before a race.

I’m more of a cardio-focused girl myself, but I think in any context, it’s better to do higher-intensity workouts for a shorter time than a long boring one forever (think, jog/sprint intervals on the treadmill vs. a long slow run, high resistance intervals on the elliptical, circuit workout for weights, etc.)

And finally, what has really helped me is my audio selection! While running, I listen to audiobooks (so productive) or podcasts, or a very carefully curated running playlist. (And I’m definitely guilty of Netflix & elliptical as well 😉 )

Finally, it’s good to have a goal that you know your gym sessions are helping you achieve. For me, I’m a trail racer, and those treadmill interval sessions etc. definitely help with my endurance and speed.

Good luck!

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I tried going to the gym a few years ago and I hated it too. I practice yoga. I used to go to a studio regularly, but now I just practice at home, as I’m not challenged enough at most studio classes.

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WillowBee33 :  you’re probably better off figuring out what exactly it is you don’t like about the gym. 

If it’s working out publicly that you dislike, then start accumulating some eauipequi for a home gym. 

If it’s that you find working out monotonous or boring or unenjoyable, then maybe take fitness classes like Zumba or Barre instead. 


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Ive always had a home gym. So much better! All you need is one cardio machine and then you can just do conditioning exercises or use small weights if you’d like. 

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Another home gym-er here. I predominantly lift weights, but have just started doing more CrossFit style workouts designed to be done at home with minimal equipment. I’m TORCHED when I’m done. I hated going to the gym because it was a constant battle for the equipment I needed and I’d be there way longer than necessary just to get my workout done. So I pieced together a home gym and it was the best money I’ve spent. I do go to a yoga studio here and there, but not as regularly as I’d like. 

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Helper bee

I also hate the gym, but I like being outside.  I got into long distance cycling, which is great in the summer months.  Unfortunately it’s only good from Aprril to Oct.

I recently got into running as well.  Running is nice because it’s faster than cycling and better for weekdays.  I run on weekdays and cycle on weekends. I dont like long runs, but 30-45 minutes outside with an audiobook or music is enjoyable. I even go to the gym in winter to keep up with running so that I dont start from scratch at the beginning of spring. I don’t improve over the winter, just try to maintain. 

I also hate the gym, a lot.  Once I started exercising outside, I really enjoyed my workouts.


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I love love the gym. I feel so wonderful afterwards.

When I didn’t go for a month due to a holiday, I walked in and felt so at peace.

Then again my gym is also a health club with pools, tennis courts etc so it’s much more than a gym

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I had never found a gym that I liked, or am exercise program I stuck with, until I started going to an Orange Theory Fitness studio a year ago. I go 5 days a week, I am totally hooked. I love the workouts and the coaches and the results! I love that I don’t have to fight or wait for the machine I want and that I don’t have to think about what exercises I’m going to do, it’s all planned for me. I am so happy that I found these classes and definitely intend to stick with them! Maybe find a studio near you and see if you like it too? 

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Although I don’t like getting ready for the gym, I do like going to gym group fitness classes. I enjoy it once I get there. One of the major pros of going to the gym is I don’t have to worry about the weather because I will be indoors. I find going to the gym classes makes me push myself harder than when I workout by myself. 

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I have a home gym, I run outdoors, and I go to the gym! So I have my home gym for convenience. I have a fully equipped home gym with a treadmill, a workout bench, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. which I use frequently but I also enjoy going to classes at the gym. There are also times I just feel like going out for a nice distance run. 

I don’t necessarily like working out, but I do like the way it makes me look and feel. My job is stressful so working out keeps me sane by letting me release anger and tension. I’m also quite vain, so looking good, and being in great shape is another motivator for me.

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I’ve been going to the gym for the past month. 

I don’t like it, as I expected. 

The  #1 reason I don’t like it is how boring I find it.  IMO, there’s nothing to really fix that aspect. I find physical activities boring and find group activities boring *and* stressful. 

I think the best thing for me is to kind of wipe my mind and go blank for a bit–something akin to meditation or disassociating lol.

I don’t think about what I’m getting up to after or what I need to do. I find a playlist that I like and stick with that. 

It also helps to chose exercises I don’t hate, like swimming, the elliptical, or lifting. 

I also keep my sessions realatively short–I’ve never spent more than an hour there and most often leave after 30 minutes. 


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Group activities keep me going. I like competition (they have group heart rate monitoring on the tv so you can see how hard you’re working vs others) and being told what to do and when. Kickboxing is also very fun and makes you feel bad ass :-p  

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