I hate the gym!

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I LOVE my gym, but I go to a rock climbing gym. It still has a workout area with various cardio equipment and weights, but it also has a lot of climbing-specific workout stuff like hang boards and different holds to practice with. Mine offers yoga (including acro-yoga), pilates, and a couple other fitness classes. And then the rock climbing itself is awesome. I usually go with my husband or bump into friends there, so I have a climbing partner which makes it easier and allows us to climb anything we want in the gym. Even going solo, there’s a large bouldering area (for climbing without a rope), several autobelays (which clip into your harness and will lower you down automatically if you fall or finish a route), and they have a little tag you can wear if you’re there solo but want a climbing partner for the day. The climbing community is awesome, and it doesn’t feel like a normal “gym”. They also do fun competitions, member challenges, and member social events. 

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I don’t think there are many people that love going to the gym, however, there are many people that love the results they get. Most people don’t love their jobs either, but they do love getting a paycheck. Going to the gym (or exercising in some form) is a necessary evil. 

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I hate the gym and I also don’t like group classes.  I prefer walks/hikes with my dog, at home workouts, or swimming with my fiance and stepson.  We have some workout equipment at home, but there are plenty of workouts you can do without equipment.  Pinterest and youtube have ideas.

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I also hate going to the gym. FH and I go together, which makes it a lot more bearable for me and harder for me to talk myself out of going lol. I also do yoga at a local studio, sometime with FH and sometimes not.

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WillowBee33 :  I used to have a hard time dragging myself to the gym, but that was because it was a challenge to get there (taking a bus and then walking another 10-15 minutes).  Now that I drive, I don’t mind going unless it’s during the winter since I feel more exhausted coming home when it’s alreay dark.  What has always helped me is knowing exactly what I’m going to do before I leave for the gym.  I plan out my week of workouts on Sunday morning before my meal prep and write everything out so I don’t have to think about it at all. 

I also make sure to have a killer playlist.  Some songs that I love I ONLY listen to when I’m working out, which probably sounds ridiculous, but makes it more exciting.  For instance, I really love 7 Rings and can listen to it like four times in a row when I’m doing a HIIT run and not get bored.  I do bodybuilding workouts with little rest in between sets and 30 minute HIIT runs so I am constantly moving. 

I echo PP advice to find out what you dislike about the gym.  Maybe you need to mix it up.  My sister hates the gym but loves doing bodyweight circuits at home and running outside.  I hate that kind of circuit training and was miserable when I gave up my gym membership to try doing that.  If you like working out at home, I agree with PP that you should try the TIU app.  I enjoy their workouts when I’m snowed in or didn’t want to schlep to the gym. 

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I hated going to the gym until I found small boutique gyms that are friendly and fun. I go to a small basic gym that does a lot of semi-personal training and group fitness. Everyone is friendly and supportive, we all do the *same* workouts but everybody has their own tailored programs. I like being told what to do, the trainers put together individual programs. we have competitions. in the summer we do potlucks and movies in the parks, as well as bootcamp at the park/beach. it’s a group of people who like to work out and motivate each other, its sooo fun. If I don’t come for one week I start missing people and missing the gym.

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What don’t you like about the gym and what type of gym is it? 

While I absolutely LOVE working out, I have never been a big fan of those big-box gyms. I love lifting weights and I hated that I had to wait for equipment, or felt rushed off of it if I was in the middle of my workout. So I bought a set of those bowflex adjustable dumbbells and do beachbody workouts at home. I also belong to a boxing gym (which I will lift weights at, because it is less crowded and no one bothers you to speed up your workout, or bugs you for equipment. They just grab something else and are super respectful of your workout) and Orange Theory. I personally prefer boxing as I prefer the workout and the gym. The trainers are better, etc. I am sticking with orange theory because my fiance likes it so it is something we can do together, and because I have some races coming up this spring, and OT is the only way I can run and not absolutely hate it – just kinda hate it ;). 

Try some group classes and see if you like those, or find something to keep you entertained at the gym if that is your problem. Listen to an audiobook, or podcasts, or some music you love while you workout. Start building a home gym if that would be more comfortable for you. Take up indoor rock climbing, or running, or sports, or yoga, or boxing or orange theory, or whatever you have fun with. The other thing to do is to change your mindset about it. I lift because I know it helps in other parts of my life. Sure, looking good is a good motivator, but I also workout so I can be better at volleyball, lift my kids eventually, have a healthy pregnancy, etc. I find something that works to motivae me to go that day and I use it! 

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I was never a gym person either but I tried boxing classes at a small boutique studio around a year ago and I really liked them and have been going ever since. I do actually enjoy working out now, which is crazy. The classes are pricey but it gets me to work out and I’ve been feeling better about myself. It’s also nice seeing some of the same people there once in awhile.

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I am also a fan of group classes vs a traditional gym. I got too bored and couldn’t keep myself motivated on my own. I love being able to have a set class time/length, have my phone locked away in my locker (not needing it for music like when I’m on my own because that just led to social media scrolling), instructor telling me exactly what to do, and class full of other people working hard to motivate me more. Right now I belong to a spin studio, but I’ve done different kinds in the past and have enjoyed them as well.

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I do like going to the gym, but only about 2-3 times a week, after that it starts to get mind numbingly boring. Since you’re not really learning a SKILL and it’s tricky to set concrete goals, I end up feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel. 

So my number 1 suggestion is to MIX IT UP

My favourite is long distance running because you can set concrete, achievable goals and since you get to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air while you do it. But a group class once or twice a week like yoga or dance can be great too. They also have a TON of great workout videos on youtube now that you can do at home. Even just adding the structure and having something to follow along to makes it feel like you’re pushing yourself more. 

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I love the gym. I listen to music, and I’m in my own world, doing my thing. If you live near rock climbing or bouldering areas, you could give that a try. I climbed for 6 years, and it’s fun, and challenging, and gives you an excellent total body workout. I’ve never been to a climbing gym, but my climber buddies used to use them when the weather wasn’t favorable. Another sport I love is snowboarding, but it’s seasonal. Snowshoeing is fun, too. Hiking is great, and something you can do year round. 

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I love group exercise classes.   I take barre, power pump(strength training class), yoga, and boot camp.  I hate working out on my own at the gym though so I don’t do that.  I also go to a gym that’s super convenient to me, (a 8 min walk from my house) because I know myself and I know that I can’t pull it together in the dead of winter to drive 15 min or more to the gym.  I actually dropped my previous gym to join a more expensive gym that was closer.  The key to loving any sort of exercise is to know what you like.  There’s so much you can do to keep active so if running or working out on an elliptical or lifting aren’t your thing then don’t do that.  I have friends that never step foot in a gym and are in amazing shape because they bike everywhere or run outside or go hiking.  I can’t do that because I’m too sporadic and lazy so group classes are what work for me.  

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I go through phases where I love the gym and then I won’t step foot in it for six months. 

We got an exercise bike for the house and it’s pretty great – one of the problems with the gym is the hassle (especially during winter in Canada). Now I can workout in the comfort of my home whenever I feel like it.  

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I enjoy going to the gym for these reasons:

1- It’s a way to spend more time with my hubby. We both go to a wroskshop every weekend.

2- I meet new people in workshops.

3- I exercise at home but I take advantage of the equipments

4- Seeing other people exercising motivates me to exercise more

5- I can get advice from other people about nitirtion and exercise

Hoever I have taken breaks form the gym. Whenever I skip the gym, I substitute it with long walks, dancing,dragon boat racing, swimming, and playing with my cat. I also don’t go to the gym when I work in the field as is can be very labour intensive. 

I think that if you hate going to the gym you should I find an activity that you love and enjoy so that it won’t feel like work for you. You could also exercise at home. 

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