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Busy bee
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I am a devoted nail-biter who has sucessfully quit, though with occasional relapses. I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, and I find great pleasure in it. I finally stopped with I met my fiance because he LOVES nice long painted nails. I have had 3 relapses in the 4.5 years since I quit, one of which I just recently experienced but am happy to say I’ve stopped again. What helps me are what people mentioned: getting maincures, fake nails (though I hate them), and bad-tasting polish. There is stuff you can buy at CVS that you paint on and it tastes like sh*t, as Mrs. Champagne mentioned. I forget what it’s called but it did work for me. I think like anything, quitting nail biting is about WANTING to quit. When I am stressed I could care less and I usually give in. Try to start getting mani’s or painting your own nails and as they gradually grow, enjoy how nice they look. That should help! Good luck!

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Blushing bee
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Nail biters in the hizouse! haha, yeah I have been my whole life. I have gone through periods of no biting, but it is only when I can get regular manicures (like every week). Sometimes that is not an affordable option, but it is the only thing that sort of works for me. Even when I do get manicures regularly, i will bite or gnaw on the sides and this cause them to break. I am in that stage right now, not overtly biting, but sort of on the sides and they keep breaking. I know that if I get a manicure every week for a month before the wedding they will be fine, so that is what I suggest for you!

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Busy bee

@ Niki — Me too!  I didn’t stop until I had fake ones put on.  I had them on for two years.  Now I go au natural, and I’ve been able to kick the habit.  Go get some fakes, Courtney!  🙂

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I’m a nail biter too.
I’ve quit several times, but always relapse.
I always carry nail clippers and a file with me now.
That way if I get a snag or chip, I can cut/file the nail instead of bite it.
If I can keep my fingers out of my mouth, I don’t have a problem.
But, if I bite to fix a snag, I’m every nail off.
Once they start growing and I see how good they look, I have no problems then.

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I bit my nails furiously for years. Anxious? I gnaw. Nail polish? I chip it off. I stop for a month and try to admire how pretty they look. I have to keep thick, colorful nail polish on. I know it doesn’t always work, but colors like black and dark pink I manage to keep on longer than the lighter colors. They look so awful when they chip! Also, I kkeep a file at work. If i get the itch, I lightly round off the edge, then pop a piece of gum in! Speaking of which, I need to do my nails. Green is no longer ok now that st patty’s day is over. Have you tried glue on fakes? i know they look super lame, but they won’t thin your nails out like acrylics. Sometimes I’ll wear them for a week just to get my nails to grow out a little bit. Then it’s like encouragement!

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Blushing bee
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I AM A TERRIBLE NAIL BITER TOO!!!!  I found something that works sometimes, depending  on how stressed I am!  There is a nail polish that is clear called "Kick the habit, stop the bite!"  I used it and it does taste terrible and kept my fingers out of my mouth.  I bite my nails as a nervous habit, most of the time I don’t even know I am doing it!  I feel your pain!

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I am a serious nail biter, to the point where even if I have acrylic tips on, I bite them off. In spite of the tremendous pain it causes me, in spite of the damage it does to my nails, I just cannot keep my fingers out of my mouth. And I hate it….I hate watching other people chew on their nails, and I hate knowing that I do this. When I got engaged, I too hoped the ring would help me not bite. But it didn’t. I got fake nails, but found myslef chewing on them. Only when I am super stressed out, to the point of a panic attack, will I actually pull the acrylics off…and man, that hurts! Even with the nasty tasting polish, I still chew on my nails….For me, it is a compulsive habit that I can’t shake.

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Helper bee
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When my sister was little, my parents used some sort of bitter-tasting liquid that they would brush on her nails (like nail polish). it dries clear, just like water. but it tastes disgusting when you put your finger in your mouth! I’ve seen similar things at CVS and other drugstores. good luck!!

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I just remember that nails are very very dirty.

I read a children’s book once that talked about geting all sorts of nasty things in your mouth from chewing nails. I keep my fingers far from my mouth, except for flossing.

fake nails are a good way to go. too thick to bite. and too thick to pick at teeth or other nails.


good luck.

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