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1) yes you can still get pregnant without him cumming, pre ejaculation still has sperm

2)with condoms and bc you should be pretty safe, but nothing is perfect, if you have sex you are slightly slightly at risk

3) only 25 percent of women actually orgasm during intercourse, most need some other kind of stimulation.  You should experiment with different positions or stimuli to figure out what works for you

Hope it helps.

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If you are actually using birth control religiously, the liklihood that you will get pregnant is something like, less than 2% I believe. People get pregnant while on BC don’t take it properly. If you’re on BC AND use a condom I would say the chances are so miniscule that you’re more likely to be struck by lightening from inside your hotel room, than you are of getting pregnant; although, PERSONALLY (and I know everyone is different) the only reason I would use both forms of contraception is if I was worried my partner had an STD. 

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BC like the pill?  If you take it properly, that is all you need. Condoms are not really necessary.  Either way he can cum all he wants and you are fine if the methods work as they are supposed to.

Most women do not cum from just plain old intercourse.  Get him to tongue or flick your clit with his finger before and preferably during interecourse.

After some practice you might come from pen alone, but it’s more common not to.

And it will take a hell of a lot more time and effort than they show in the movies too because your nervous usually at the begining of the sexual learning curve.

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It will probably take several times of having sex before you orgasm. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky and it’ll happen sooner than that! Foreplay definitely helps…

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@MissHobbit: Ok, NO. People can get pregnant on the pill while taking it properly. That 2% failure rate is the pregnancy rate taking it PERFECTLY. The actual average effectiveness rate for women is around 90% because of imperfect taking of the pill.

I took the pill perfectly. I got pregnant. Hello, 2%.

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If you are having sex, you can get pregnant. Period. You can decrease your chances with BC, and condoms but you can never gauartee not getting preggers.

That said if you’re on the pill and take it well, he doesn’t cum in you, and you use condoms I’d say yes, you’re pretty safe. You’re just not 100% safe.

As for the big O. I have one from intercourse nearly every single time. That said I know how to get there. So for you, it’s extremly doutful you’ll know yourself well enough to get off on your first night having sex (I’m assuming you’re a virgin). It takes time to learn what works for you… and the chances you’re going to nail it on the first night are slim. A lot of women agree first time sex isn’t magic, quite the opposite is the general consenus.

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If you take your bc exactly how you are supposed to you should be fine but if your still worried a condom is always a good idea, as for the big O some women do and some dont you wont know until you try

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A backup birth control method is always a good idea although we have been using birth control (the pill) for years with no issues. Like PPs have said, most women need some sort of other stimulation in order to climax. The easiest way to increase your chances of orgasm is to do kegel exercises. Start squeezing those muscles every day for a few minutes. It strengthens your muscles allowing you to reach a vaginal orgasm much easier and makes it about 1,000 times better. I think a lot of movies/books/media portray sex as you just lay there and wait to have an orgasm. That is NOT the case. I wish you luck, and lots of practice with your DH! Smile

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As other PP said if you are having sex you can get pregnant. Doesn’t matter what kind of precautions you use.  As for orgasm, very few and far between do women orgasm with intercourse. There is more chances of that if it manual stimulation.

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I would recommend he use a condom in addition to you taking the pill. It is a highly effective method of preventing pregnancy so you should be fine. As for the big O. it’s a sad fact that most women don’t. However, you can get closer to having the big O via penetration if heavy petting and oral sex occurs before hand. Or, don’t worry about getting there via penetration and make it happen during foreplay. Doesn’t matter when it happens 🙂

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