(Closed) I have a Renter from hell… *Warning, vent ahead!

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Honestly, I don’t know if I would want to put up with her for a year.  Did it say in the lease about whether she is responsible for utilities and such?

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I’m not an attorney, but if I were in your position I would be meticulous with my records. If you contact her, put it in writing. If she pulls any nonsense, take notes about who/what/where. She sounds like trouble.

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that sounds terrible. i’m sorry you’re going through this! maybe you could set up a meeting with her and literally walk through the renter agreement line by line so she can’t argue about it anymore.

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@SquidWeds:  DEFINITELY agree with this.

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@Mrs.DsBeeloved:  I’d stop texting and move to emails so you could keep a record of all this stuff. Also, if she is getting you in trouble with the HOA, I would send her a copy of the rules and let her know that she will be removed from the property if she disobeys the rules again.

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agree w/ all the advice so far, especially moving to email! My partner and I had an awful renter until a few months ago. he quit paying rent (I can’t believe that he explained he’d be late b/c he owed child support, and then got TWO separate DUIs in one week). We had neighbors telling us that he and his girlfriend would argue loudly late at night. In the end, he owed us a few thousand dollars and left teh house in terrible shape. I was in process of evicting him (which in our state can take a few months) when he moved out. There were all kinds of problems with him. Just (as hard as it is) try to remain sweet as pie to this tenant, no matter how mean she is. Give a copy of the lease to the HOA. How long is the lease for? What does it detail if she ends it early? If it is really awful, you can always tell her that you’ll let her break the lease.

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Everything that PP is good. 

I’ve gotta say that I don’t quite understand what the conditions were with renting–ie, why were you in a rush to move out and all that? SHE shouldn’t be able to push you to move out at all. If she couldn’t wait and you needed the time, then you should have passed and found another tenant. My point is that some of this seems like it’s arisen from the fact that you didn’t have enough time to get all your ducks in order and there were some dropped communications that have caused problems. 

I’m a landlord myelf, so I’m going to approach this from an overriding bias: it will generally be MORE expensive to evict someone AND have to find a new tenant than it will be to deal with the one you have, if the issues are personal and small (versus she’s constructing a meth lab or starting a doggy daycare or otherwise damaging your property etc. etc.) I know this kind of thing is unpleasant and annoying, but in the end, ask yourself: is this worth losing several months of mortgage/rent? 

1. Re: trash can. I don’t know how it works in your state/area/whatever, but in ours, landlords are generally expected to provide a trashcan. What’s more is that if she came and saw the place and saw that trashcan, technically, she can say that she was under the impression it would be hers and that her renting the apartment was partly because it included the trashcan. That’s not something that can circumvent the lease agreement, but it is one of those things that it’s worth your while to fix. Rather than deal with her bellyaching, you don’t need to pay for the service, but just get her her own trashcan–it’s not going to be that much. 

2. Re: mail. Apologize. Seriously. I’m not saying that her manner was appropriate–it wasn’t–but honestly, you as the landlord should not have your mail be her problem. So don’t grovel, but apologize and then solve it–tell her that you’ll come by once per week or something and pick up whatever she has for you. She can set it aside in a pile. You can show her the forwarding and tell her that you’ll go through whatever’s still been showing up and you’ll call the people directly to change it. Yes, her reaction makes NO sense because if anyone’s ever been a renter, you’re constantly receiving mail from previous tenants anyway, BUT look at the big picture: we still occasionally get mail that’s actually important at our former residence (now a rental). Do you really want the person who has control over what happens to it to be angry with you? 

On a general note, always defer to the lease. That’s your legal document. So, whenever she contacts you, take a deep breath and try to assess: is this something that is resolved by deferring to the lease? Probably it is. So the next time she emails/texts you over something (like the trash services), then do NOT engage her emotionally, just refer her to the lease: “In our lease, section X, it states blah blah blah.” That’s’ all you really have to do. And again, it’s not respectful or appropriate for her to behave the way that she does, but your best recourse to that is to be business-sober. Don’t respond to everythign she writes immediately (unless it’s like a leak or the heater’s broken or something relevant); take a few hours to calm down and objectify the situation. 

I’m guessing that if you are first time landlord, some of the thigns that are coming up are probably oversights that you don’t have in the lease–which is totally normal and every landlord goes through that, forgetting that they need a clause for trash services or cable lines or whatever little things come up. For now, deal with teh gray areas as they come up as best as you can, but keep a record of them so that you can revise the lease for next year. And ITA with a PP–if this keeps happening, it’s probably worth a face-to-face meeting. 

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I’m having a tough time at this moment with a tenant as well.  As PPs mentioned evicting someone is a pain, however our tenant mentioned she was interested in breaking her lease.  I took that and ran with it.  We wanted her out she wants out so we are working with her right now. 

In your case, OP, maybe you can ask if she wants out of her lease since she wasn’t aware of the details (not totally true but if you want her out, make is seem like it was your oversight and blah blah that’s what we did bc we just want her out even though she’s the issue not us).  Perhaps she’ll bite.  It will be a pain to go through the process of finding another tenant but at least you don’t have to deal with her for a year or the process of getting her evicted.  And you could revise the lease for the next tenant.

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Sorry, I don’t have any advice but I just wanted to chime is that she’s quite the bitch. She’s living in YOUR house and she has the audacity to talk to you like that? Not cool! Unfortunately, I don’t know if you can evict her since renters do have rights but maybe you can find a loophole in her lease. Personally, I wouldn’t want someone with that attitude living in my home, renter or not. She doesn’t exactly seem like someone who is going to take extra special care of your property. 

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