(Closed) I have an Arch-Nemesis…anyone else?

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@Spaganya, right????   Well I made the mistake abut asking Fiance if we could forego the invite so much that he said “VM, I expect that they’ll receive an invitation, AND that it be on time”.    Ughhhh, he was on to me!  I should have shut up and then claimed it got lost int he mail.   

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are they like old family friends or something?! why would he even want crazy lady there?! lesson learned on the invite thing 🙂 lol you poor thing. hopefully even if she DOES decide to come, you wont notice her there. SMH…

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I have an arch nemesis. TWO actually. The female is usually called Biscuit. The male, we call him Free Willy. And yes, I mean willy as in penis.

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What a psycho!! I have dealt with this after fighting with an ex friend. She sent me nasty texts and calls and spread rumors, so I definitely know how it is.. GOOD LUCK

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I also have an Arch Nemesis as you put it.

My Little Miss Nutso was a fling my Fiance had after we had a huge fight and broke up to get some distance, they were dating for about 5 weeks.  She is a psycho freak, and I don’t think her drug habit helps that much.  (seriously)

She tried to manipulate him by saying that if he ever left her she would throw herself and her 7 year old son in front of a bus and kill them both.  My Fiance currently has 2 jobs, one of them is as a the resident DJ at the local Pub, where he has been for almost 10 years.  Well when she was with him she attacked 3 girls with Pool Ques at the Pub because she thought they were chatting him up when they were making requests.  She was barred for 3 months, the pub didnt get the police involved as a favour to him.

She used to follow me around in her car and watch me, and I used to run a mobile dog grooming business and she would circle the block watching me as I was working at a Clients House.

After they broke up she told him that she was pregnant, then 2 days later she told him that she miss carried and couldnt survive without him.

Several months after they broke up, I was pregnant and moved in to live with him and she walked into the house (which I used to always leave the door open as the neighbour would come and go as he pleased, but not anymore, now its always locked), anyway she walked in uninvited demanding to see him and she started yelling at me.  I retreated to my room to get my car keys to get out of there and she followed me and had me cornered and told me that I had ruined her life and stolden her best friend.  She screamed that she “knew” people and was going to have me and the baby killed, and then she would laugh becuase he would hate me for it.  After I got out of the house and locked it, she followed me in her car and then dissapeared.  She doubled back and broke a window to get back into the house.  Not exactly the encounter I needed when I was 7 months pregnant…..I went to the police about that incident, but there was no prood as I had been the only one hiome and none of the neighbours witnessed it either.  The next day she rang him and told him she was in hospital and had tried to overdose herself because of the way I had spoken to her.  I was there for that phone conversation, he was like well I don’t care, what about my window in my house.  her excuse….she thought she had left her phone in the lounge room…….yeah right

After our child was born she kept contacting him to talk about her new boyfriend, and to say how sorry she felt for him that he had no family close by….(excuse me what about me and his child???)  Then she arranged for him to have christmas day at her Mums house and rang him and told him she had arranged it and he had to turn up as her mum had bought food for him, she wouldnt be there was she was having christmas with her new boyrfirend, but she couldnt bare the thought of him being alone……again…..umm excuse me what about me and his daughter????  needless to say, he didnt go there for christmas.

And now she is on facebook leaving him cutsey lovey dovey messages.  I hate it, I can’t stand it.  I feel she has no right to talk to him about our child after the way she acted.  I have told him how I felt, and while he doesnt seek contact out with her he wont block her on Facebook because he says thats not his thing, he doesnt cut people off like that.

Apparently she recently moved from the local area, so its a relief not having to worry about walking into her at the supermarket.  Facebook is bad enough!!

So I totally understand where you are coming from.  Why do these Exs have to pop up that just can’t let go, and can’t get their own life.  I have Ex’s and I can’t say that I have ever stalked them in that manner.  There is definantly some crazy out there in this world.

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@Firie : Wow. The fact that he won’t block her isn’t cool at all. She’s proven to be a danger to you and it may not be “his thing” but if anything were to happen to you how would he feel about it? Why would he want her in his life anyway?

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To Potatoes

It is one of the rare times we have had a fight about something recently.  And it was a doozy of a fight. I posted on WB before about it looking for others opinions.  When we both calmed down we spoke about it quite openly and he made his reasons clear.

At this stage I made the choice to let the whole FB issue rest and not stamp my feet about it.  But that said I made it quite clear I expect to be informed of any and all messages, and she is to come no where  near me and our daughter.

I made my opinions clear, I deleted my facebook account so I don’t have to deal with it in my face. And so far I am dealing with with the facebook thing as long as there is no chance of it turning up unexpected on my door one day!!!

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Wow I am sooo sorry you are dealing with this. So sounds like a raging loon! You would think that after 5 YEARS so would move on. Wow! Just wow!

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haha i did, or at least i thought i had an arch-nemesis until i read this post 😛 mine is NOTHING compared to yours…

well good on you for sticking through it all.

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yup this girl is a super nutjob. She’s clearly still in love with your fiance and will go to great lengths to make you look bad in front of him, and to others. This girl needs a reality check. Someone needs to pop that bubble she’s living in. Seriously.

And yes, I have an arch nemesis as well. She’s always trying to create drama between me and my sister. She’s the same age as me and doesn’t have an older sister like I do. She only has a brother. Her personality is horrible. The way she treats others is more disgusting. I really hope I don’t ever bump into her ever again.

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crazy! the very fact that she hasnt given up would cause me to worry.  I’d phone the police I really would, my fiance is a police officer and the amount of things that happen that have similar circumstances you wouldnt believe.  Get an harrassment order or something like that! She is obviously besotted with him and you know what women like that are like.  I hope everything works out for you and she backs off, must be a nightmare.  But in my opinion you do need to do something to put a stop to it once and for all and show her she can’t get away this this mad behaviour!

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My goodness hearing yall stories made me realize that some ppl are CRAZY!! Good luck I hope you find a real solution soon.

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Wow… there are some SERIOUS crazies out there!! I dont have an arch nemesis.. thank goodness!!

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Holy crazies! I’m sorry that you all have to go through all of these ex’s contacting your FIs and husbands! I hope they leave you all alone soon!

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