(Closed) I have an Arch-Nemesis…anyone else?

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Yes I do…I call her crazy b**ch. It’s my FH’s brother’s gf. I might add that I can’t stand the brother either. Neither of them are invited to the wedding.

This girl in for a serious face bashing whenever I see her. She has kept a lot of drama kicked up with me and my FH and his family since he and I have been together. She is extremely jealous of me and wants the life I live. Everyone sees it and has said it. She lives at home with her mother at the age of 25 with two kids. No job and no motivation to get one. Instead she’s getting welfare. The only thing she does is sit around and stalk me.

She stalks me on myspace and on FB, going as far as making fake FB pages and even using her mom’s FB page to stalk me…now if that’s not crazy I don’t know what is. Oh I know…what about setting up her myspace page to look like it’s been hacked and then telling his whole family that I’m the one who did it. Constantly talking sh*t about me to other ppl. I swear she has it coming. Ever since we’ve been engaged, there has been some drama with her about every other month.


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Bumble bee

This isnt a personal story..

but a friend of mine was back in her home town for her birthday last year.. and she met up with some of her old college and high school buddies and then had her brother and his wife come out with them too. Well his wife wasnt feeling good, but since my friend was in town she went home and told her husband (my friends brother) to stay and hang out. Well throughout the night they all got very drunk. One of my friends high school friends, lets call her “J” is married to my friends ex-bf (which is weird all on its own). Anywho so the last bar they went to my friend was walking to the bathroom and saw “J” and her brother making out. She told them all it was time to leave and about a mile down the road, stop the car and pulled “J” out and told her to leave her and her brother alone and she needed to be done with them. Well my friend goes home and then 6 months later she got a message on her fb from “J” saying that “J” and my friends brother had a 6 month affair after that night but she ended it because my friends brother and his wife were talking about having a baby.

Low and behold this chick is a liar.. she contacted my friend so that she would call her sister in law and rat her brother out and end their marraige. Mind you “J” is married and has a 6 year old son. Well my friend wrote a very nasty email to “J” and told her if she didnt leave her brother alone, she would go down to Florida and handle “J” herself. So “J” calls the brother and tells him if my friend doesnt leave her alone, or in any way tried to harm her, she (“J”) would make the brothers life a living hell. Well things have calmed down and apparently “J” decided to message my friend yesterday and tell her she is now going to cosmotology school (my friend does CND nails and hair) and that she “wanted to be just like her.. in every way”.

Talk about psycho!!

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Sugar bee
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Girls I don’t care what you have to do but submit it all in writing and get it on record somewhere that you are being harassed. This is CRAZY behavior and it’s bitches like these that inspire lifetime movies. I’d start sharpening my finger nails and get my hair pulling skills up to speed if I were you, ha.

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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry you are going through this! I don’t have an arch nemesis, but in the beginning of our relationship I thought that his ex was going to give us major problems. She was a nuisance up until she realized that she wasn’t going to get anywhere, and that their relationship was over. She used to try and text him late at night, and she wanted him to come over to her house because she claimed she couldn’t sleep and she missed him. He also was told by her that she would never have a good relationship with his son if they weren’t together. And then she told him that being in a relationship with me was a bad idea because it was so soon after they ended things, but since their relationship died a long time ago, he wasn’t buying it.

Anyhow, he told her to stop texting his phone and calling unless it regarded their son. And he wasn’t about to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him because of her craziness. Once he put her into her place and she realized their relationship was truly over, everything got better. She is really nice and polite to him, even asks about our daughter (he is adopting my 4 year old after we are married) and even knows we are pregnant and is completely fine with it.

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I have a nemesis and it is a dude. This doesn’t even have to do with boy drama. Hubby’s old roommate (he didn’t get a choice in it) verbally attacked me all the time. One time I was drinking at a pub with some friends, he was wearing a dinosaur t-shirt and we disagreed over what kind of dinosaur it was. I’ve never been rude or unfriendly to this guy and suddenly he starts attacking me, “WTF! You are such a b*tch Kristin! You are so cold and rude to me all the time! You are a stuck up, mean girl!” All this over a dinosaur t-shirt. I was just joking around and he exploded. After that he attacked me on facebook, again in person, and through other people. I tried to find out what it was that I did, what was bothering him, but he never gave me an answer, just that I was an “unfriendly person” who “didn’t want to try to get along”. Ummm, okay. I am the one that has a mature attitude about this, trying to resolve things, you are the one that is being vicious and attacking. So I’m pretty sure I’m not a bitch and nobody has ever accused me of being cold or rude. Finally after he attacked me on Facebook I went off on him, blocked him completely, and cut all our mutual friends out of my life (they were bad eggs anyway!). Now my life is drama free!

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my Fiance had a crazy ex in the beginning…. well, we blocked her numbers and emails, but obviously she just used someone elses phone. so what we did was told her we were changing our numbers. then we made the outgoing message the generic voicemail chick and took the ring back tone off the phone then had the phone companies make our numbers unlisted…the prob went away quick…. and if u wanna add a cherry to the top, one day if she calls have a stranger answer and say she has the wrong number and this is his/her new number. lol, worked like a charm. also, i would just charge it to the game and change the email addresses of you and Fiance….that way one,she cant email you, and two, she cant say your emailing her cause she wont know your email addy. and remeber,above all, keep all the evidence in case one day you need a restraining order…. ole crazy ho…. i promise if u stay one step ahead of her, she will go away.

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oh and if u go to verizon or call them, u can block her number….and AND…catch this, i went up and talked to them and told em she was stalking us, he was so inraged that he wanted to find out if she was verizon too,cause if so, they can block text messages too…but he called and found out she want verizon, but my “we changed our number” thing worked so it ended up being fine. but your best bet is to go talk to someone at verizon or your carrier and be real sweet and try and get em on your side, they can give u options……oh and remeber one thing, keep all evidence…always, and good that your talking with the police, cause if she pulls something stupid you will have the reports showing her previous insane behavior….also, if u have documented reports of incidents…more than likely eventually you will get your restraining order. just keep all evidence and remeber, a police report is evidence….

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I had a similar (much elss intense) situation when my Fiance and I started dating. A guy that I had previously seen went off the deep end, like for real. We were never even officially together, but we had dated/talked on and off for a couple years, and when I stopped talking to him (because I was in a relationship) he couldn’t handle it. He called and text me constantly. When I would ignore him he would get even crazier. He would text me obscene pictures and tell me he was coming to my house in the middle of the night. It got to the point where I would be afraid to come home after work, because I would be home alone and I was afraid he would be waiting for me. I would just keep telling him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. A friend gave me the advice to cut all contact with him, and eventually he did leave me alone. Although, ignoring him completely was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done. He tried every trick in the book to get my attention. He would say horrible things, threaten me, threaten Fiance, threaten to hurt himself… anything to get me to respond, but I stuck to the no contact rule, and after a while he did FINALLY give up. I haven’t heard from him in years. She’s just trying to get a rise out of you. It’s like the kid on the playground that used to pull your hair, you know. It’s no fun to pick on someone when they don’t react. It’s SO hard to let it go and not get your 2 cents in, but trust me, it’s worth it in the end. My advice is definitely to CUT HER OFF COMPLETELY. If she call or texts ignore it. If she sends FB messages, delete them. Do not even read them first, because FB shows you if the person read them. Act like she does not exsist at all, and I bet she will eventually give up…. Good luck!

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