(Closed) I have baby face, everyone thinks I'm way younger than I am! Anyone else?

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Yeah, no. I don’t get that all. I’m only 21, so I guess it’s a good thing.

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@phoebephoebo:  I complain about it because it is beyond irritating to be talked to/treated as an underage teen when you are close to 30!


It means getting less resepect automatically, and you have to work harder to seem authoritative in a career. I have it doubly bad because I am VERY short and appear to be 16 unless I am dressed in a buisiness suit and wearing makeup.


There have been many instances when people talked down to me or straight up ignored me because they thought I was some teenager, not an adult woman.

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It’s the worst although I am finally getting old enough that I am enjoying it a bit. I am almost thirty and for many years have worked in restaurants/bars. At the end of the summer i always get asked by older patrons if I am excited to go off to college. When I was younger I would always say that I was way older than I actually was just to put a stop to it. Now  I am a little more graceful about it. In my current job working for a small company people assume that it is a family company and ask if I am working for my parents. In fact the entire company consists of early 30 somethings and often older folks will react to that as well. I want to make sure that I am never that person that harps on how young people are, I try not to do it to people in their early twenties. Someone will always be older or younger than you, don’t act like you have some unique perspective just because of your age. You think you can patronize me because your 45? Lemme sick a 60 year old on your ass!

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My BFF just turned 30 but works at a school and constantly gets stopped asking why she is out of class. A middle school. She looks 14-16 if you don’t know her.

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I’m 24 and, on a recent trip to the ER, was asked if I needed to go to the children’s side. 

I was offered the kids’ menu at restaurants until I was about 17.

When I was getting my hair done for my high school senior prom the hairdresser asked if I was excited for my grade eight graduation.

I still go to class/work at my university, and people are always assuming I’m a first year. (Every single September at least one stranger asks me how I’m liking university. I reply “Well I’ve been here for six years now I guess I like it well enough” and oh the looks on their faces)

Everyone says “you’ll be thankful when you’re older” but for now, like others have said, it sure is annoying to get any respect. Especially in today’s cutthroat job market.

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It’s a running joke in my family that I still get carded – I’m 33 and the legal age here is 19.

But when I was 12, I’d get mistaken for 18. So I guess I just haven’t changed in 21 years! lol

I agree with a PP – it’s all about the cheeks. I have baby cheeks and I’m SURE that’s what makes people think I’m younger than I am.

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Yeah. I’m 20 and people assume I’m 15-16. DH is 30 and no one believes that he’s even in his late 20s, much less already past 30.

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I’ll be 26 in two weeks and still get carded occasionally for rate-R movies… ridiculous!  If that is a concern of yours stay away from the pouffy princess look and opt for a more mature elegant gown.  

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I’ll be 37 in two weeks and I still get called “young lady” at least several times a week. Better than “old lady”, but still!


I’ve been in my profession for 13+ years. When I mention that, people look at me like I started when I was a child (you have to be 21 or older to work in my field). I get carded for alcohol all the time and had to show my ID recently to collect winnings at a bingo game -lol.


I wouldn’t say it bothers me to get mistaken for early to mid 20’s. I’ve been blessed with great skin from good genes and I try to take good care of myself- no tanning, smoking, etc. Still though, I had to laugh when I met FI’s friends for the first time- I got a lot of “he’s robbing the cradle” comments, even though he’s only 5 years my senior.


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I’m 23 and look 16 on an old day. I totally understand, and while I will be happy when I’m 40, it’s just ridiculous how presumptive people can be. I totally do not mind getting carded, as it’s the law and I’m just 2 years past the limit anyway, but I DO mind when I present my ID and I’m told it’s not good enough. I look exactly like my picture too. I was once even called jailbait in a bar! Weird!! I also get dirty looks when I take my baby nephew to the market because they think I had him when I was like 14 and when wedding shopping with my mom I was asked if I was looking for homecoming shoes. When we said wedding, they asked whose wedding. Oh well though! My face is my face :). One perk is not being stopped in the store to sample anything because they think I’m somebody’s kid. 

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@boogiewoogies:  It stopped for me too around 24-25! Everyone thought I was sooo young then BAM…gravity caught up! lol

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Oh it happens to me all the time.. I’m 22 , wile people usually think i’m 15-17 tops..

It is frustrating since i’m a medical student, so patients have a hard time believing i’m a ‘trustable’ doctor..

But then again i think it will play in my favor when i’m in my 40s.. Lol:)

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Me, I’m nearly 25 and get ID’d all the time, I have people struggle to believe I’m even 20 and I’m dreading dress shopping 🙁

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@allinoelle:  I’m 25 and I always get mistaken for younger than that. Asian genes lol. My mom is 57 and people freak out when she tells them she has 4 grandchildren and that her oldest son is 37. So I blame it on her 😛

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@allinoelle:  I’ll be 30 in a few months & I get asked ALL THE TIME for/about my age! Even for something as little as getting my nails manicured! The most recent was 2 weeks ago, the night before my wedding none the less… We were staying in one of Sydney’s finest hotels! Sisters set of the fire alarms in the hotel, blow drying their hair… multiple fire engines screaming down the road… guests being asked to ecavuate the building etc etc (I’m dying at this point & sooooooo angry)… Anyway manager comes upstairs… takes one look at me & my sister and asks ‘Where are your parents’? (we are 25 & 30) Hahahahahaha – Makes for a great laugh though!


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