(Closed) I have gained 20 kilos in just under 5 months..

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I think there are 2 ways to lose weight. 1 is to count your calories and exercise as much as you can, and the other is to cut out all carbs/grains and eat protein, vegetables, and good fats. I much prefer number 2. I have gotten much better results personally that way vs counting calories nonstop. Honestly, that only causes me more issues with food psychologically. I recommend the book wheat belly to learn why that lifestyle works. It is a commitment, but I much prefer feeling confident about myself over eating cake. I am working on losing the weight I gained after I stopped eating that way. 

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1)  Start cooking for yourself…a lot. 

2)  Learn about the joys of fibre rich foods like oatmeal, and start to eat more vegetable proteins rather than meat.  For example) chickpeas.

3)  Pick whole grains over processed ones.  For example) brown rice vrs. white  My personal theory is that carbs aren’t bad as long as they’re a whole food and not a processed entity. 

4)  Stop eating junk food and sweets, and drink water or tea, no more pop or sugary drinks. Be logical about it.

5)  Start doing a mixture of exercises, otherwise you’ll get bored with the treadmill/weight routine.  I find that mixing things up works out different muscle groups and doing classes like dance fit/zumba can be tremendous amounts of fun and a source of support!  Before long, you’ll make friends who will expect that you will be there at the class!!!!

6) Start visualizing your goals.  The biggest difference between professional athletes and normal people is the fact that the former can visualize themselves ATTAINING their goals rather than failing at them!  Want to get a six pack?  Start visualizing yourself with one while your working out. When I am on the treadmill this is what I think about to keep me motivated.  Laughing

7)  And always, remember to allow yourself to be human.  If you have a halloween candy now and again don’t beat yourself up. Just start off where you left off and keep on trucking on at the gym and with your diet. 

8)  HUGS!!!!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! 




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From the example you’ve given us, it looks like you’ll be eating too little, especially if you’ll also be exercising. You can look up your Basal Metabolic Rate online- just google “BMR calculator” and add in your age, height and weight and it will calculate an approximate. The amount of calories it comes up with is the amount of calories your body burns each day just by living- so you should be eating that at a minumum. Then you can find all kinds of calorie counters online to look at what combinations of food each day will make that up.

I’d include some nutritious snacks in there, too, like a piece of fruit, nuts, crackers and cheese/hummous/peanut butter, yoghurt, popcorn, small can of tuna, veggies and dip etc. Maybe two a day to keep your metabolism up. 


Good luck!

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Okay so you ad a set back. that is fine! but you are stonger than this! you are, or you wouldnt have written this post!

I totally understand puttng on 20kgs in that small time frame. It hapens. But i think its because you went on a low carb diet. they are sooooo effing hard to stay on! and your body needs carbs for fuel. you just have to chose the right type of carbs! and the right times to eat it andthe amount of foods to eat. Honestly weight loss is 80%diet (if not more) and 20% exercise. When i say diet i dont mean restrictions and limitations i mean a nourishing diet that fuels your body so you can not only be healthy but have optimum performance. 

So there are a few ways you can go with getting on to the right diet.

you need to learn portion control and how to nurish your body! What foods, how much and when to eat. It really is important.

I noticed you live in sydney. Have you thought about light and easy? it may seam like a cop out but they do provide nutritious meals. It takes the thinking out. and after a few months you will know what you should eat and when. This program focus’s on calorie controled diets. You should be aiming for NO LESS than 1500 calories. seriously anything else and you will put your body into starvation mode and wont be able to stay on the weightlos wagon. If you cannot afford this you need to look for other options that help with what to eat. Perhaphs go to a nutritionist. if you go to a public hospital they have them there. you can go to them for free.(at public hosptals).

Exercise: dont get into something too hard. youll burn out. get a buddy. also you dont need to go to the gym to work out. Personally i hate GYMs i love to run outside. Jillian Michaels also does great workout dvds get them from target. (cheap!).

here a link to a blog where a woman talks about her own weight loss issues. she works full time and has two kids.http://www.mamalaughlin.com/

Heres another about a woman who came bac for around 120kgs http://missmadisonscharmedlife.blogspot.com.au/

MOST IMPORTANT: dont go to bed not knowing what your going to eat the next day. you have to be prepared.

Good luck. You are capable of becoming the best version of yourself! you can do it! you may feel rotten now, but one day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time, and youll get back! Its not going to happen over night. you didnt gain 20kgs over night. But you will get back to it! good luck! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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