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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Definately RSVP’s.  They were due 2 weeks ago, and now we have people telling us that they will “try to make an appearance”.  Um, no, it’s yes or no.  So they’re getting ticked at us because they can’t crash the wedding.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

  • Vendors being slow to respond to emails.  I hate having to wait on them to do things, namely my officiant.  I want to discuss the ceremony with her so I can get the programs done!
  • My mother complaining to me about shoes – I have more things to worry about.  I think she just wants me to tell her to wear her flippin’ slippers!
  • My mother sneaking in more friends than she initially put on the list.  She invited Friend A, with guest.  Friend A RSVPs yes and Friend B will be her guest. doesn’t affect our final numbers but it’s annoying that she didn’t just ask us to invite Friend B in the first place, rather than being sneaky about it.
  • People asking me questions when the answers are on our wedding website.
  • People complaining about the shower and B-ette party being on the same day. Sorry I’m an Out of Town bride and can’t come back 2 weekends to do them seperately.
  • Just a general feeling of being overwhelmed.   I need a mental health/work on wedding things day, BAD.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Take a breather hon everything that is going wrong will not bother your day. If your friend doesn’t have a hotel room, well too bad for her. If the groomsmen doesn’t get the tux, well he is out whatever he put down on deposit and he kicked himself out of the bridal party. I am certain your mother will find something to wear, a Mother would not skip her daughters wedding because of attire. Our due date for rsvp’s was earlier this week, we are still missing 20 people, I like to think that they are in the mail. If they aren’t then Fiance has to call them because 4 people are my side, ther other is his. 

I hope you feel better soon. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2013

That it’s not 5PM yet. lol Also, the weather is driving me nuts. It does not need to still be in the high 70s and 80s here. It’s mid-September ffs. GIVE ME FALL WEATHER DAMN YOU. Oh, and some of the people who call here. I say my name when I answer the phone as a courtesy. You do not need to ask the person to whom I transfer you what my name is. You don’t need my name at all, in fact. It’s weird when the guys pick up a call and I hear, “Oh, Brandy?” ARGH.

However, GIANT hugs,  @Bostongrl25. Those things would really irritate me, too; I HATE having to repeat myself, especially about important information that I expect people to remember.

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Busy bee

I’m not panicking just yet, or going crazy.


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Busy bee

I just thought of what is driving me crazy. It’s my daughter the bride. She isnt nervous or stressed at all because Mom is handling all of this for her.


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

Sounds like you could use a nice big glass of wine 🙂  I have similar stressors, just not that intense yet… but I’m a little further out than you- I’m sure I’ll get there!!! You don’t know your friends until you need to depend on them and then you realize how irresponsible they really are!! lol

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: April 2018

…I’m so jealous!  It would be lovely to be planning a wedding just now, or a celebration of any kind….I’m sorry your so stressed out, please take some time for yourself and find your smile in all of this…it’s a wonderful time in any woman’s life, and it’s those shining moments that carry us through darker days…I speak from experience, the things that are bothering me this week are far more frightening and harder to fix, I envy you!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

My FIL’s…all of them really at this point.

My guestlist that I finalized months ago being adjusted by everyone else but me.

Random people getting angry because they weren’t invited. And I do mean random. And really angry.


Take a (well deserved) break, cut off communications for a few hours if you have to, and enjoy yourself with whatever you want to do! Hang in there!!

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