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I’m in a similar situation…but I’m getting back on track today! Just don’t think about what you have done because you can’t change it πŸ™‚ Just remember how you felt when you were on track and that is enough motivation for me at least πŸ™‚

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Remember that falling off the wagon doesn’t mean you should quit completely.

Unfortunately when most people diet, they have a bad few days and think “well, I might as well give up then!”

DON’T GIVE UP. Get back on.

Also, when you’re feeling ill, the things you want the most are the bad foods, but it’s the good foods that will make you feel better. When I had a cold I ate crap for a few days, but then I picked up a salad, ate some leafy greens and my whole body let out a sigh of relief! It was sooooooo goooooood eating that arugula, avocado and falafal… yum!

Get all that unhealthy food out of your house, and stock up on good food. If it’s not there, you’ll be less tempted.

Good luck!

OOOH and get on the scale EVERY DAY. as soon as you wake up. do not avoid the scale. The worst thing you can do is hide from it, and when you see that number go down every day, it’ll encourage you. And as soon as you see it stay the same, or get higher, then assess what you ate and change it. Believe me, seeing that number every day is much better than once a week if you’re having trouble sticking to the diet.

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I was just about to post some fitness pics that I use for my motivation, but actually theyre pretty harsh and I don’t want to be that much of a bitch. Get on pinterest, have a look at “reasons to be fit”. I’m really sorry to hear about everything that’s happened but honestly I think the worst modern words are “comfort eating” I mean what the hell? That only makes us feel worse and they sure as hell didnt do it back in the day, when life was harder and tragedy common place.

Don’t diet. Change your lifestyle!

And exercise- you must exercise- then when you log your progress and even if you’ve only burnt 250 calories- that’s the equivelent to a bar of cadburys and would you want to undo the good effort?

My mum (who lost about 5stone on slimming world and kept it off) always says “think like a skinny person” and what she means is if you have a shit lunch and a crappy snack, you don’t have to think sod it I’ve messed it up now- just eat a light dinner and put that day behind you, it does not need to carry on. -Not the same but about a week a go I went out with friends and got blind drunk, spent the next day eating carbs and didnt gym- I felt like my insides were rotting and I regretted that day so much- but the next day I was in the gym and eating clean, elt a million times better!


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@gettinghealthy38:  This happened to me when Future Father-In-Law died, and I’ll admit that I was feeling sad and totally comfort ate.  You can’t beat yourself up over it.  Just start up where you left off.  You were obviously doing something right, and the fact that you can admit why you put weight back on means you’re on the right track.

@Miss Jackrabbit:  +1 to the scale thing.

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i agree w/miss jackrabbit. you can’t give up.. you can have a bad meal, a bad day or even a bad week, but jump back on and stay with it. you owe you body that, otherwise all your hard work goes without reward πŸ™‚  I find that its easy to have a bad meal, and then say well, I might as well let the day slide, but that is what gets you, just get your motivation pics or stories or songs on your phone or handy and refer to them in times of weakness. you can do it. It really ends up being a lifestyle change and not a diet. 

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I slipped up a bit too, and so I can appreciate where you’re at right now.  I took my frustration yesterday and channeled it into my workout and I felt great afterwards and I feel even better today.  I’m paying attention to how my body feels after I eat certain foods and on days when I do or don’t workout, and I can honestly say I love working out now (I sleep better, I eat better and at regular intervals now, I feel accomplished).  Keep your head up!  

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I feel your frustration.  I’ve gained 10 pounds since my wedding, only 3 months ago! I always fall off of the deep end on the weekends when I’m just lazy and don’t work out (or we’re traveling which we do almost every weekend), and eating bad is soo soo soo easy to do, it sucks. 

I’m determined to get back on track with you.  I’m not familiar with the beegest loser program, but do you write down everything you eat during the day?  I’m starting that again today and use Spark People to track my calories and exercise. 

Overall, I just feel crummy (about myself as well as tired, lazy, unmotivated), so I’m hoping that alone will help get me on track.  I hate being tired all the time and not wanting to do much but go home and sit on the couch with a glass of wine. 

Keep your head up!  Today and tomorrow are brand new days!  Once you get over the hump and into the groove, it’s much smoother sailing. WE CAN DO THIS!! It’s go time! πŸ™‚

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@gettinghealthy38:  We’ve all been there! Trust me… get back on the horse and you’ll be okay! I have tried every fad diet, excuse, etc. The ONLY thing that has finally been working is… eating better, and actually working out 6 days a week! I was tried at first, but  now I have SO much energy and look forward to working out. And in only 2 weeks, I am down 8lbs!!! Get back at it! You can do this πŸ™‚

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I use My Fitness Pal to keep myself on track now. It helps hold me accountable for what I eat and make better choices. I love it. Don’t get down on yourself. We all have bad days, and it takes the strongest of us to get back on the plan and stick to it. Don’t focus on how many bad days you had. Focus on what you can do to help yourself now.

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It’s okay, don’t focus on the past, you can’t change it!  Focus on today, and then tomorrow focus on that day, repeat Laughing You can only succeed one day at a time – so just take it day by day.  If that day doesn’t go as planned, or you have a week, or a month that doesn’t go so well, you can change it because the next morning starts a brand new day!  It’s better to start on the upswing than continue on the decline, right? 

Just start counting how well you are doing today, and go from there!!

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Everyone falls off the wagon. The ones who succeed are the ones who get back on!


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Just get back on track and keep doing what was sucessful for you up until the weight gain. Listen we didn’t put on the weight in a day, week or a month. So its process and its not going to be perfect one. There WILL be set backs, and that’s okay. It matters that you don’t get stuck there.

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You can do it! We all have times that get away from us but we have to keep going to make healthy changes into habits!

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