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@lalalyanne:  I would say that I’m pretty uninformed on the flu shot specifically. Sometimes I get one, sometimes I don’t- it mostly depends on circumstances. When I was in college, I got one pretty much every year, because I was around so many overworked people all the time. It would have been a huge deal if I got the flu, or if I gave it to someone else.

Last year, I didn’t get around to it in time. They ran out by the time I got there and I didn’t feel like calling everywhere to track one down after the first 5 places were out and told me everyone else was probably out, too.

I haven’t really decided about this year yet- maybe this thread will help me decide!

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I’ve never had a flu shot. I work with kids, as a nanny, and have a very well-built immune system. Over the past 10 years I’ve been sick maybe 3 times. Every fall I get a cold but it’s usually just a scratchy throat and a slight sniffle. From what I understand flu shots don’t always work, so I figure, why bother getting one. I’m likely to fight it off naturally while keeping my immune system strong. 


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Never had a flu shot and never had the flu. I take precautions to reduce my exposure when folks tend to fall ill, but other than that I leave it up to my body’s defenses. I’m pretty satisfied with my informed decision not to vaccinate yearly.

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Oldtimer here (over 50)

The whole flu shot scenario (all the publicity) is relatively new.. I’d say about 10 or so years.

Before that it seems to me that no one really got a flu shot.

The flu shot gets a lot of press here in Canada (Sept thru Jan)… because in most Provinces, with our National Health Care it is FREE

I have gotten it and not gotten it.  Sometimes I’m just lazy and never get around to it.

At my age, it still isn’t a HUGE issue (for my own health)

I did get it the year (and the one after) in particular that there was that HUGE serious outbreak in Mexico of H1N1… 2009 and 2010

I am a big believer tho in the concept of vaccines… having been a child of the 1960s and therefore having either experienced some childhood illnesses (now virtually extint… like Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox) or have seen their residual effects (Polio in particular is a shocking one… have a friend who is in their 70s and is deformed due to Childhood Polio)

As I age (and Mr TTR too, who is 10 years my senior) I become more and more aware of the Flu Shot and WHY it may be a good thing for us

More so than say if I was in my healthy 20s, 30s, 40s…

PLUS I am the sandwich generation now… I have Elderly Parents… and so altho they get the Flu Shot, if I don’t there is a possibilty that I could spread my germs onto them, and they with their weaker immune systems could contract the flu… which for them would be much much worse than me… and could potentially make them quite ill, give them pneumonia and eventually they might die

So if I am going to interact with them, it now would be pretty irresponsible for me to forego the flu shot

Same thing if I had grandkids (which I don’t) babies don’t have the necessary antibodies to protect themselves either

It is that old herd mentally… vacinate those that can to protect those that cannot

I am all in favour of that

Hope this helps,

PS… My Flu Shot is scheduled to happen before the end of the month.  And they’ve made it even easier to get this year in Ontario… not only are there regular medical walk in clinics there are also flu shot depots (set up weekly in public spaces)… but now even the Drugstores are offering a Nurse on site to do the deed.


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I started having the flu shot 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with asthma. in the UK you have to pay for the shot, but if you elderly or suffering with certain conditions (including asthma) you get it for free.

I’ve never been ‘made’ to have it but it was recomended since I have asthma, I was told that flu can lead to chest and breathing complications.

I so feel slightly naive now since I have never actually read up on the flu shot or made an educated decision as to whether I should have it. I suppose the reason is that I don’t have any medical knowledge therefore I have to trust my doctors recomendations.

I have also always seen it as a privilege since not many of my friends would get it for free so I have just gone for it since the offer was there.

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@lalalyanne:  I get one every year. I’ve never had the flu thank goodness, and I rarely get sick. I don’t know if it’s because I have the flu shot or I just don’t get sick! My work offers them for $10, so I feel it’s a good investment. It’s also less if a hassle than me going to the doctor, getting a prescription, going to the pharmacy to get it, going back to the doctor to have the shot…I guess it’s just a lot more convenient to walk across the road at work, pay my $10 and have the shot. I’ve had such a good few years if not catching anything that I don’t want to chance it by not having the shot and getting sick.

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I am a nurse so I’m required to get one. Before nursing school, I never did.

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@lalalyanne:  We have the NHS in the UK, as I’m sure you know. Over here, only those who fall into certain groups are entitled to a free shot on the NHS, namely, the elderly, people with certain medical conditions inc asthma and heart problems, and pregnant women; basically, those who would be most at-risk of serious complications should they get the flu. Those groups are strongly encouraged to have it.

In my personal case, I have mild asthma, diagnosed 2 years ago, but have never had the flu jab; nor, for that matter, I have ever got the flu. I did mean to get one this year, because I can, but haven’t gotten round to it yet.

TBH I don’t get why in some places there’s pressure for everyone to get it; for me, it makes more sense for those who are most at-risk to get it. But, I don’t know enough about it.

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@lalalyanne:  I don’t think I’ve ever had it. I live in Australia, where pretty much everything* is covered by public health/medicare. Of course, by pretty much everything I mean only stuff that the government deems worthwhile since they are the ones paying for it. So, the flu shot is only offered/pushed to key groups such as pregnant mothers, the elderly etc as these are the only ones at real risk. You can then choose to pay for it yourself if you still want it. I don’t think it is much- maybe $30ish? Many larger workplaces also offer a free flu shot to employees. Not because most of the employees are at risk of getting very sick from the flu but because they have worked out that the costs of the flu shots (prevention) is cheaper than the costs of sick days for staff. So most people here don’t have it unless they are an ‘at risk group’. I just thought you would find it interesting since here it is largely about the economics.

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@barbie86:  Oh, that’s funny. I was typing pretty much the same thing at the same time as you lol. I’m pretty sure our healthcare system works similarly to yours.

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I have gotten one every year since I was a teenager. My mom has medical issues that significantly affect her ability to fight infection and require her to visit the hospital every week for IV medication. I have never gotten the flu, but I did not want to pick it up from someone at school since it could be devastating to my mom, or any of the people she interacts with at the hospital. 

I am now in medical school, and we are required to get the shot or wear a face mask. Even if it was not mandatory I would still get it and encourage anyone else to. Flu might be miserable for someone in their early 20s like me, but it can be lethal to those with a compromised immune system (infants, elderly, on certain medications, or already sick), many of whom cannot get the vaccine themselves and must rely on “herd imunity” to reduce their exposure.

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The one and only reason I got a flu shot this year is because my husband wanted me to. Like, really really wanted me to…because his doctor told him everyone should get one and he’s a borderline hypocondriac. I’ve never gotten the flu and never gotten a flu shot before this year. I did, however, refuse to pay for it and went to my mom’s office and got one of the nurses to give it to me. Silly, but true.

It did make me feel like I was starting to get a cold for a couple days, but nothing crazy.

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I’ve never gotten a flu shot. I definitely haven’t had the flu in the past 15 years or so, and I can’t remember having had it at all but it’s possible that I had it when I was younger and have forgotten. My son and Darling Husband both had the flu a couple of years ago and I didn’t get it. I have a lot of allergies and my theory is that my immune system is sort of in overdrive; usually, if I start to get sick, the initial symptoms last a day and then it never turns into the cold/virus like it does for other people.

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I was informed that I had to get it (or was “strongly advised to get it”) for the sake of my unborn child.

I have an extreme needle phobia, so it was a very unpleasant experience.

But aside from some tenderness the next day, I had no negative reactions.

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